Wednesday, December 14, 2011

this made my night

I got the following photo texted to me last night
my DAD's celly!
My dad can barely answer his cell phone let alone send me a photo.
He has recently learned to text, but
it may or may not take him 15 mins to write one reply text.
 But texting photos....WHOAhhhh!
This was big time.

I opened the text to find this....

This meant moma and daddo  had put up their Christmas decorations. Which makes me so sad that my brother and I aren't there to share every second of it with them. #GrowingPains. The mantle is my favorite. You cant tell here, but my mom always puts up a ceramic nativity scene that she handmade years ago. It has been my favorite part of the Christmas decor ever since I was a little girl. I want it to be in my house so bad one day.

I know the picture quality is terrible, but hey, pops gets major credit for the attempt.
The mantle is not the point of the text.
It was the stockings hung by the chimney with care that got my attention.
The stockings read in order
Charlie (little brother), Whitney(that would be me), Bailey (my 4 legged child), Faith (mom and dad's 4 legged terror) and Dempsey (mom and dad's adopted 4 legged sweetheart).

The two stockings on the end were hard to read from the photo, so my mom texted me this

A stocking for Uggie Sue and Kevin "Rex" Rexxy Poo.

Made my night.
And of course KR's, too.

It's no secret that this past summer KR and I had a rough patch that was not only tough for me, but just as tough for my family.
That bridge is slowly being rebuilt
This just reminded me of it to me a little more.
It's the little things in life that make the world go round.

Mom and Dad - i know you read the bloggy from time to time so - thank you for making my night. You all are AMMMAZING individuals and even better parents. Thank you for your patience, understanding, love and support that you shower me with every single day. Love you guys!

Hope everyone is having a great's half way over. :-)


J and A said...

Ah I love that. You have an amazing family. And I love that that bridge is being rebuilt because I can see how happy it makes you. Hugs lady.

Turtles and Pearls said...

Lovelove the stockings and the nativity scene. We have a gorgeous one, too, that is one of my favorites!

Sarah said...

That's so sweet that they put up a stocking for your man! I know that's such a good feeling :) Glad you're having a good week pretty lady!! xoxo

Ashley said...

aawwwww Whit! how cute!

i know how you feel...being away from my family this year has been hard. i miss being able to go christmas shopping with my momma and helping her decorate the house :( i can't wait to be in nc for two weeks!!

i'm sooooo happy for you and your guy! its amazing feeling when two people in love can rekindle a relationship. i wish you guys the very best! my ex and i also had a rough patch this past summer and i pray if its in His will for us to be together than so be it! :)

Lauren said...

Your parents seem so sweet! Hope you and your man have a great Christmas! :)

Katie Moffitt said...

Aw love that they had a stocking for him! I remember reading during your "rough patch" and am so excited that things are going smoothly! Best of luck to you too and your relationship ;)

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