Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Country Christmas Eve

Twas the night before Christmas
at my mama and daddy's house......

Hey ya'll!
Christmas eve is one of my favorite nights of the year.
All of my daddy's side of the family comes over and we eat, drink and be merry.
My dad and his brothers have literally spent every Christmas in this house.
It is the oldest tradition in my family.

Meet Granny B.
Isn't she a cutie? At 87 years old she is still going strong.
She is the tie that keeps us all together.
I love her so much.

Granny B had 3 rotten boys.
My daddy (her baby) on the far left, Uncle Doug is in the middle (the most rotten), and Uncle John on your far right.

Poor Granny...raising the three mean ass boys.
My papaw is the only living grandparent I don't have.
He died right before my mom found out she was preggers with me.
My mom says he would have just loved me and baby bro.

And these are their three wives
aka my only aunts.
Mama is an only child.

Each one family had two children.
Uncle John = 2 girls
Uncle Doug = 2 boys
My daddy -  1 boy and 1 Girl

For a long, long time it was just baby brother as the youngest grandchild. There are 5 years between him and the 2nd youngest grandchild.
Only one grandchild is married and has children.

(pic actually from 2010)

Thanks to him we have Miss Kyleigh and Miss Kimber to make Christmas so much more fun

They are Granny B's only great grandchildren.

Here are some pictures from our great night.
Oh how I love Christmas!

My cousin Allie and Aunt Angie

Mama and her babies

All of the grandchildren with granny B...except for Paul who had to run off and play santa. If ya know what I mean.
Also missing is Amy who is such a party pooper and refuses to have her picture taken year after year.
Ah...guess there is one in every family.
I kid I kid.

And this is my favorite pic of the night.
These two birds were my first friends. Isn't that what they say about your first cousins? There is less than a year between the three of us. So many memories and homemade VHS consists of the three of us raising all sorts of you know what. Gosh how time flies. Every Christmas our parents would put us on the steps and make us take a picture just like the one below.
I think my mom and my aunts teared up a lil bit when we showed them this...
There is truly no greater gift than family.
I soaked mine up all weekend.
Hope you all had a great Christmas as well!


Sarah said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! I love how you described your dad and his brothers...you are too funny. And I'm loving your jewelry! Can we go shopping together?! :)

Married...with a Pup said...

Looks like so much fun...and you look amazing as usual!! Your dad and uncles look so much alike!

Erin said...

LOVE that your family is close and you are tight with your cousins. My hubby is super close w/ all his cousins and I just love it! :) You look gorgeous as always!

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