Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blogger Ornament Swap

So the fabulous Megan and Julie hosted a blogger ornament swapparoo and today we are all linking up to show our fabulous ornaments.

I was paired with Miss Beth
(who has a cutie putoottie pup named Remy and loves to blog about her hubby, being a first grade teacher, and life as a newlywed,. You should probably go check her out.)
I was super excited when I got my  package in the mail last week
Take a peak for yourself.

And inside....
of course a pair of cowboy boots for this country gal to hang on her tree.
Super Fun!
Girlfran knows I love me some boots

She also sent me a diet coke ornament.
In the card she wrote "there isn't a southern girl I know that doesn't love diet coke."
I would have to agree with her.
And my diet coke ornament gots some sparkle.
I try to avoid soda, but if I am gonna have one, it will definitely be a diet coke.
Preferably mixed with bourbon :-)

She also added a lil tea candle that smells soooo fresh and sooo clean clean

Cutesie ornaments huh?
Thank you so very much miss Beth!!
Me loves them.

Kev/KR/Kevin-Rex/RExxxy-poo got a bit excited over the diet coke ornament. Ever since I got the ornament package, he has been hiding the diet coke can  in all kinds of places. He is quite the prankster.

Exhibit A: In the fridge

Exhibit B: in the cabinet

Exhibit C: on a coaster on his desk

Exhibit D: I finally found the right place for it.
Right where it belongs.

and this one too.

Thanks Megan and Julie for hosting this fabulous blog swap.
It was super fun!

Merry Christmas Ladies!


Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Okay, those cowboy boots are seriously the cutest thing!! I love how she picked out an ornament just for you! So sweet :)

Thanks so much for participating!

Meg {henninglove} said...

what a fun swap! you definitely got great ornaments and i love the variety of places you photographed the diet coke can

Janna Renee said...

You lucky duck! You got a whole goody bag! This was such a fun link up!

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