Saturday, December 10, 2011

O Christmas Tree

It's true. 
Kevin and I are no longer REAL Christmas tree virgins.
Why this gal grew up with gigantic real Christmas trees in the living room each year, KR has never had a real tree.

One evening, we bundled up and went to one of the local Christmas tree yards in search of the perfect tree.
My mama and daddy say you must always buy a Fraser Fir.
And that is just what we did. 

There were so many trees to choose from.
KR was so unsure about the whole process. 
It was precious to me.
He was like a little boy...but a sweet and innocent little boy, not a terror. hehe.

Why I wanted the HUGE-ENORMO tree, he brought my back darn to earth a little
Reminding me that we didn't have the furniture arranged to opt for that big of a tree this year.
We couldnt put the tree at risk to being knocked over by the doggies.
Which happened not once, but twice last year.
 But who's's Christmas for goodness sake.
But you gals just wait till next year...I will have that 13 foot tree...even if the ceiling in the living room is only 12 feet tall. ha!

After searching for a wee bit, we picked out this 8 foot baby

KR made a list and checked it twice

And it was two thumbs up all the way for me.
Ignore my golden tan...I had just rocked the spray tan booth the night before.

KR packed it in the front door

And the doggies just didn't know what to think about it

We bought a  tree stand at Lowe's earlier in the week
and this handy man of mine knew just what to do.
He gets an A++ for setting this bad boy up. He was like a pro for a 1st timer

Of course I always have to get my two cents and the last word in

Bailey wanted to play outside during the tree festivities,
but uggie wanted to stay inside where it was warm.

I added the tree skirt my mama gave me a couple years ago.
For some reason, I had it in my head that real trees were a pain in the booty.
But this, this was super easy.
My mom coached me via the celly on how often to water it, etc...and it is easy as pie.
If i can do a real tree in the home...anybody can.

We are letting the branches fall a little bit and the tree settle and hopefully put some lights on in the next day or so.

I am pretty darn excited.

This is my favorite time of year :-)


J and A said...

So fun!!! I love decorating! :) And the smell of a real tree cannot be beat!

Kate said...

Aw, you two are so darling together! Gotta love Kev in his overalls, hahaha!!! And what I think I love most about him is that he looks so manly... and scary (to me), but he always smiles for pictures when you make him take them. I love that about him! He must be such a great guy, because not just ANY guy will smile for photo after photo :)

Stephanie and Such said...

Cuutttee! Isn't getting a real tree so much fun?!

Those tree stands are such a pain in the rear! I made my sisters boyfriend do it ;)

PS love the spray tan! Never ever have I had one. Guess I should now that I am all pasty white...

Ashley said...

Love the tree :) you guys are too darn cute!!!

Married...with a Pup said...

So exciting!!! There is just something about real trees! I think it will look perfect. I have another question for you (sorry for all the inquries!) what kind of spray tanning do you get? I tried the versa spa spray tanning once and I didn't love it. I know I'll be getting it done for New Years so I'm trying to decide where to go....thanks so much!

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