Friday, January 16, 2015

Our First Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Kev and I kicked off the holidays season in style...ugly Christmas sweater style. We hosted a small group of friends over the first weekend in December to set our holiday season officially in motion.
It was a great night filled with bourbon cider, tacky sweater decorations, yummy food, lots of laughs, a crazy game of charades, a dirty Santa gift exchange and even a photo both equipped with props. 



We had SO much fun! Can't wait to host again next year!! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

what you missed....

During the blog hiatus.......
- Kevin "Rex" landed a brand new job downtown Cincy. He wasn't even looking to change jobs, it just landed right in his lap and was an opportunity and a blessing that we could not pass up. So proud of that man and his ability to provide for our family

- We have been on a serious health battle with sweet Uggie Sue. Poor girl was diagnosed with irritable bowel disease back in October 2014 and has had massive diarrhea up to ten times a day for months. We have been through rounds and rounds of blood work, antibiotics, steroids, eighty dollar bags of dog food, ultrasounds, a doggie upper GI scope, doggie colonoscopy and three small intestinal biopsies be basically back at square one. It has been so emotionally exhausting to say the least We recently started low dose chemotherapy right after Christmas. The vet basically told us that if she doesn't respond to this, then she probably won't respond to anything. I can't tell you the last time we slept through the night either. She usually gets Kev up anywhere from 1-3 times per night. To say it has putting it mildly. Prayers for our sweet girl as we head back to the vet this week to monitor her blood work to make sure there aren't serious chemo side effects. I know dogs are pets, but to us they are truly members of our family.

 Showing off her shaved belly

- We spent a lot of time with family. One of our favorite ways to spend our weekends!
- We had another house guest in the fall. My brother's girlfriend Brittany stayed with us a few months while she got settled in NKY/Cincy. We loved having her in our home. Britty has quickly became one of my closest friends. She is family to Kev and I.

- Spent a lot of time with this pretty and her hubby 
This cutie and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary in November. We had a weekend out of town trip planned, but Uggie Sue's health condition stopped us in our tracks. A weekend at home was fine by us. 

In home decor news...we finally put up Round 2 of the memory wall in our new house. This time it sits under the staircase to the second floor as well as the main entry to the house. I love the way it turned out! 

Also added this bar cart to our kitchenette area. I have been updating the styling of it to match the seasons. 

We also added this media stand in the kitchenette area. It is one of my favorite places in the house to curl up. It has such a cozy feel to it. 

I splurged on garland this Christmas. It's my favorite Christmas decor to date. I am obsessed with the long needle pine look. Would you judge me if I told you it was still up.....and it may stay up till February. 

Can't wait to share our holiday season next. It was so much fun having everyone at our house for Christmas this year!!! 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Back In the Saddle

I tend to fall into lonnnnnng blogging breaks where life gets busy and blogging takes a back seat. Sometimes it becomes a semi-permanent break and I always get super sad that I haven't been able to document mine and Kev's lives. So here's to 2015 where I hope I am able to carve out a small portion of my time to capture our memories.
That's the whole reason I started this journey in the first place :-)
(Photo by Kelsey Malicote)

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