Friday, March 29, 2013

Life has Been Messy

If you follow me on twitter, you saw these tweets earlier this week. 

My sweet grandmother has been in the hospital since last Sunday - St. Patrick's Day.
We have spent hours upon hours at the hospital by her side, not knowing what each surgery could bring, but she has been a fighter!

We still have one more hurdle to overcome on Monday....heart surgery.

Thank you for all the emails, texts and calls - y'all are amazing!
Keep the prayers coming :-)

Monday, March 25, 2013

I got my poof on

It's true, I got my poof on with miss Pink Lou Lou
And it was oh so fabulous!
First of all let me say a few things....

one -I'm sure most of y'all have seen pics of her new home, but in person it is even more GORGE!!! 
two - Sadie is the cutest pug...EVER
three -  i only have two words - THAT CLOSET
four - Allison is an absolute doll and such a sweetie. LOVE.HER! I loved everything about our Saturday afternoon together including the complimentary pinot :-)
five - Girlfran did a whole wedding party before she simply flawless-ed me and Miss Brooke and she was still on her A-game. Y'all already know this, but PLL got skillz!

Sissy did me right for our Toy Chest gala....and of course you know i snapped a few photos

I felt super fab all night and we all had such a fun time getting our pretty on that afternoon.
And you better believe my poof was still intact the next morning :-)

here is a lil preview from our night at the Toy Chest's Dreams and Fairytales event.....lots more photos to come.

Recognize that gorgeous Jill?!? Yeah we had a blate, no big deal, and I absolutely adore her!

I am so lucky to live in the same city with all these amazing ladies and can't wait to spend time with all of them again very, very soon!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Prayers for Mammy

I try to keep things pretty upbeat and happy around these parts....but today I ask for prayer.
Prayer for my sweet lil Mammy Dot who fell and broke her hip on Sunday night.
My family and I have basically been in the hospital since Sunday except for 5-6 hours at night to sleep.
We are exhausted both mentally and physically, but trying to be so strong and positive for a speedy and safe recovery.
I will keep it short and sweet......she has a very complicated past medical history. As a therapist, I would have no concerns if this was a simple hip fracture repair, but it's not.
Mammy's heart is in very bad shape and there are many concerns with risks associated with any type of surgery of heart procedure.
After an entire day spent with cardio and ortho teams trying to come up with a "plan," surgery is scheduled for today.
So please pray.
Pray for strength for my family and I
Pray for the doctor's who will be with her in the operating room
Pray for my sweet Mammy Dot, who is the most precious little angel on this earth.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Daylight Savings Time

So we celebrated daylight savings time- ok not really, but that spring forward loss of an hour crap really kicked our butts.
Kev and I organized a lil dinner turned out all night long last Saturday to catch up with close friends.
It had been a while since we had been downtown for good food and drinks. Hubs and I just can't hang like we used to. Don't get me wrong, I love going out to dinner and sippin some wine with out nearest and dearest on a regular basis, but hanging out at the Lexington bar scene till the wee hours of the night on the weekend just ain't our thang. Weekends are made for some R & R in our casa.
Thank goodness I had monday and sunday, both, to recover from our shenanigans. I can't tell you the last time I went out on a weekend two nights in a row.

Saturday we had dinner at one of my new favorite spots in downtown Lex - The Village Idiot

I love that place!

That guy - top right is one of my long lost very best friends from college. I taught him how to share a bathroom with a woman in a 100 percent platonic roommate relationship. Boy did he learn a thing or two?
Brandon was in town for the UK game and we met up that night and he even ended up crashing at mine and Kev's house. So random and so fun!

Even more random.....we spent the entire night at Sound Bar. A very flamboyant bar with loud disco music, purple couches and flashing lights.  Let me just say that in the few times I have been there busting a move on the dance floor - it has been a blast!What we supposed to be a "i am going to meet my friend for a drink" turned into us posting up there for hours. Shaking our groove thing and popping bubbly.

At Sound Bar, I introduced everybody to my new favorite toy - the vine app. It entertains Kev and I for days. We mostly just take videos of our fur children that people could careless about, or sometimes we make videos in the grocery store. Yeah, we are that cool!

I got a little a lotta vine happy on saturday night. I apologize for blowing up your twitter or vine feed. The next morning Kevin and I rolled over our vine videos. My girlfriends were also texting me to see what the heck I had gotten into on Saturday night and laughing at our dance skills. So I edited all our lil vine-escapades into one video to share.
If Kev's faces and dance moves don't make you laugh, then I don't know what will. I also proceeded to raise the roof or fist pump the majority of the night. Who am I?

I have no words ........

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We took a personal day....

Ahhh - still looking at our wedding photos and trying to pick which ones to hang in our house.
I finally got our wedding disc and plan to share all the photos soon.

Anywho.......Kev and I both had Monday off.
We took the day off on purpose together as we had to take Bailey to his big boy vet appointment. Love it when our schedules let us do that.
Kev and I spent Monday afternoon at one of favorite spots -the book store.
After getting Bailey's good news at the vet, we dropped the doggies off at the house and headed to the Bronte Bistro located in the Joseph-Beth book store at Lexington Green.
I really had to resist a trip to Anthropologie......

It was a cold rainy day in Lex, so I sipped Orange Mint Ginger Tea with fresh lemon to warm up

and we devoured some baked cream brie with walnuts, pears and a drizzled caramel sauce.

We chowed down on vegetarian chili and pear/blue cheese salads.

And what day off from work isn't complete without a lunch dessert.
Mini tiramisu and creme brûlée ...yummy.

We gathered up a table full of books and magazines. I personally got a kick out of Brandi Glanville's book Drinking and Tweeting while Kev read up on the latest camping magazines.
I swear we could stay in there for hours.

We spent the rest of Monday on the pallette with the doggies  - watching Game of Thrones and the Bachelor.

It may have rained cats and dogs all day, but we made the most if it.
Love it when hubs and i have random three day weekends together.
Nobody should have to work on mondays! Wouldn't that be a perfect world?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bailey's 8 week Follow-up

We took Bailey to visit the doggy orthopedic surgeon on Monday for his 8 week followup.
(you can read about our TPLO experience here and here )
I was so anxious about the visit, praying the x-rays would be perfect....and that they were.

The Vet told us that that Bailey's bone was healing well and the pin and plate were in their proper place.

The best news of all ......We can start going on short walks again!
It's been over 9 weeks since I took my best boy on a walk.
I love going on walks with Bailey, Kev and Uggie. It's one of our favorite things to do.
Still no off leash play for little man, but we are not complaining. He can also finally be out of his pen and roam the house supervised.
The end of the pallet era is so near, although I think we all may miss the pallet a wee lil bit when it is all said and done. Bailey still can't jump and we are limiting trips up and down the steps, but the light at the end of the tunnel is visible.

His rehab walking program starts today, he is gonna do great - his momma is an occupational therapist and all :-) so he has no choice.

Kentucky gals - if your pooch ever has to have major surgery or a vet specialist, I can not say enough good things about Louisville Metropolitan Veterinary Specialists. They have been amazing to work with and have taken such good care of Bailey.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Friday Night with My Gurrrrhllllls

So i didn't re-cap the whole weekend because let's be honest, if you follow me on twitter, you know that Saturday night deserves a post all in it's own....SMH.
Plus - it's technically still my weekend cause KR and I have the day off.
I vote errrrrybody has monday's off!
It's the shiz!

Back to my friday fun...
It had been a while since I had been out on the weekends with just the girls.
Trying to coordinate our busy schedules just isn't as easy as it used to be.
But, boy did we make it up for lost time.

I met my close gal pals Angie, Caitlin and Lucy at a local hibachi restaurant, Miyako, on friday night.
We didn't mind the 20 turned 45 min wait for a table. Gave us time to order a bottle of sake and cocktails and to catch up on each other's lives.

Once we were seated, we soon learned they were short on Hibachi chef's....we didn't mind another 30 min wait. We just requrest more sake since we were being so patient. (wink wink). And our server hooked us up.

As you know, at most hibachi restaurants you are seated with others for dinner.
Let's just say nobody was really enjoying a good cocktail except us.............

which lead to high pitch laughs at the chef's tricks

some innocent pointing and snickering when the chicken the chef tossed went down one of the dinner guests shirt and she acted like it didn't happen (nor was she to thrilled about trying to catch chicken in her mouth)

and the four of us sitting there just talking for a good 45 min at our table after everyone else left.
Fun stuff!

Nothing like some good times with your girlfriends!

Friday, March 8, 2013

My family likes to text...

My mom, dad, brother, Kev, baby bro's girlfriend and myself like to text
Like to text each other....a lot!
We tend to have a group text going at all times.
It absolutely warms my heart.

We were all texting the other night and Kev snapped this not so candid photo of us .....

which lead to baby bro and Britt sending a not so candid one of themselves
which made us chuckle....

But NOBODY, and I mean nobody, was prepared for what was to follow

why yes, that is my mother and father...and one of their sweet fur babies


my parents have just very recently jumped on the iphone/ipad bandwagon. i never thought the day would come when i would not be able to pry an ipad out of my dad's hands. i swear they are like teenagers and it makes me smile ear to ear

Happy friday and weekend y'all!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

We made it to the 8 week mark!

We made it!
8 weeks ago our sweet Bailey boy had TPLO surgery on his lil left knee.....and our world was rocked ever since.
When the vet told me Bailey would have to be kept in a confined area for 8 weeks and only out on a leash 3-4 times a day to potty , I had no idea how we would make it work.
But we did!

Over the past 8 weeks ----
we have slept in the living room on a mattress every single night - i forgot what our huge king size bed feels like
made ramps for the garage and back door out of plywood
take bailey out on a leash for every potty break in the rain, snow, ice and sunshine
kept our sweet boy crated or penned up until week 6 - where we caved and let him lay on our pallet with us in the evenings
bought not one, but two giant pens for him so he could have all kinds of extra space to stay in
bought a ramp for my SUV and it was an epic fail
got up at 4am to give doggie pain meds
i moved all my beautifying products downstairs and have been primping in our itty bitty powder room in the first floor - not my favorite!
made a conscious effort not to be away from the house together for more than 4 or 5 hours
had my dad and brother come stay with our fur children while we were away from work
spoiled much?

Anywho - You get the picture! Our lives have went to the dogs.
A look back on the past 8 weeks...

We went through trying to crate train him the days leading up to surgery ....
side note : he has never been put in a crate. Let's just say crate training a 7yr old pooch isn't the easiest thing i have done as a fur momma.

Bailey boy day one post op - poor guy.
Not gonna lie, the 24 hours following surgery was an emotional nightmare for me...I was a total wreck.
It was so hard to watch him struggle to get around. Broke my heart in two.

I never thought i would spend so much time in a dog pen

Day one, week one and week two - he's doing amazing!

The therapist in me came out full force. I stayed on top of ice, meds, light massage and range of motion exercises

The infamous pallet we have called our bedroom for 8 weeks

Not gonna lie - i secretly love the pallet. I know I am gonna miss it when we start to venture back up to the 2nd floor.

We Kev shoveled a pathway with every snow and has been a trooper with potty duties

The first time we let bailey on the pallet in weeks.
Poor guy had never slept better.

What our house looks like from 830pm till bedtime,
My favorite part of the evening is pallet time with kev, the doggies, a good book or our favorite television show.

Uggie Sue loves her brother. It's definitely been an adjustment period for her, too.

We are slowly getting back into our routine pre-TPLO surgery.
We have began to let Bailey out of the pen, but still have him caged into one room.
Think an XL pen aka the living room.
He is starting to put full weight through both legs more and more. At times, I don't think it even bothers him.
His hyper personality is back full force and we have to work really hard to keep him from jumping, but we are doing it.

We see the doggy orthopedic surgeon Monday. They play to x-ray him and if all goes as planned, we can start going on short walks and attempt stairs. No words will be more joyful to my ears - I can actually take my dog on a walk again. It's been almost 9 weeks since I have been able to give him any exercise!

Prayers and Happy thoughts for bailey Boy on Monday.

8 week photo
His hair is finally growing back....he still has a big square line from where they shaved him. I tell him not to be embarrassed :-)

Kev has been my saving grace through all of this. I am so lucky to be married to a man who gets my love for dogs, who has a heart just as big for Bailey and Uggie....and who is a lil crazy over them, just like me!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm such a daddy's girl

Last week while Kev had to go to NYC for work, my daddy came to lex to stay with me.
Who am I kidding?!?!
He came to babysit my four legged child so I didn't have to crate him while I was at work.

Side note: My grandmother has recently moved in with my parents (his MIL). Please keep in mind that his mother (my other grandmother) lives next door to my parents, always has. 
Sooooo, getting away from the women in his life for a day or two was probably ok with him
What man wouldn't want to be by himself watching what he wants on the television and eating whatever he wants for 24 hours....with no woman making him to-do lists or nagging. Not that you do any of that, Mom! :-)

So i stocked him up on junk food that my mother never lets him eat, gave him the remote control and made the guest room cozy for his arrival.
How many dad's would just drop a day or two of work and drive to stay with their daughter to dog sit for them.
Spoiled? Yes! But I like to think I am just really blessed and fortunate in the parent department.

The doggies loved staying with their papaw as he has became quite the dogsitter.
I was so excited about just him coming to stay with Uggie, Bailey and I. It had been a long time since just the two of us had got to hang out.

I got to thinking after he left and headed back home matter how old I get, I know I will always be a daddy's girl.....and when his baby girl needs him, he is still always there.
It was such a little thing for him to do last week, but keeping me company meant the world to me.
I love you dad!

( I won't tell mom about the whole box of cookies you consumed....our secret)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Run Down

This weekend was very exciting!
This gorgeous gal and girlfriend of mine gave birth on friday night to the most perfect little Girl.
I am soooo happy for her and her hubby.

Other weekend events included......

1. I think I found my dress for our big charity event in a few weeks
2.  I was sooooo excited about meeting sweet little Emma on Saturday
3. Baby Emma was too cute for words
4. . A lil somethin somethin from Kiki La Rue

1. Me thinking how man is so sesssy
2. Satuday lunch at The Local Taco
3. Spent some time walking down wedding memory lane, trying to decide on which pics to print and frame for thee house
4. Met this gal for sunday breakfast, sissy had a rough night crooning to George Straight, so no photo taken. This from mine and Kev's rehearsal dinner will have to do :-)

1. Kev's parents spent saturday and sunday night with us. We went to church on sunday night to hear Bob Goff speak. Boy was it amazing! And super inspiring. Hubs is getting ready to start reading Bob's book.
2.Lots of cuddle time with Bailey and Uggie on the pallet.
3. We are all so glad kev got back from NYC just in time to start the weekend off, being a single doggy parent was rough last week.

I live for the weekends!

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