Sunday, October 19, 2014

makes me wanna take a back road

If you follow me on insta, then you already know about my hot date with the fellar on Friday night.
We took a casual ride down a country road with a cooler full of cold beer, a bucket of fried chicken and a blanket to have dinner on the back of his tailgate out in the middle of nowhere. I am talking zero cell service kind of nowhere.
The leaves are all changing here in Kentucky. While it has been a week full of rain, friday we were blessed with 70 degree temps and the weather was just perfect. Everything outside just screamed fall!
I can totally see Kev and I living out in the country one day. It speaks to our souls. The country girl in me absolutely loves it. 

We parked way out in a clearing on the edge of a park and dropped the tailgate, turned on a little country music radio and poured cold beer into dixie cups. I took a couple of photos when we first go there and then we both left our cell phones in the truck. There were zero people around and zero distractions. Just me and my hubby enjoying good conversation, good food and good craft beer.

Now don't get me wrong, I love teasing my hair and throwing on fake eyelashes just as much as the next gal, but this causal kind of date night was perfect....our kind of perfect. It was just so much fun to disconnect from the world and be connected to each other in nature. It always recharges us to spend time together outside. 

At the end of our evening, Kev and I were just chatting and I looked over at him....his eyes were as big as saucers. I was pretty sure a bear or coyote was about to attack us, but it was just a family of four deer who came to check out our party. We were soooo close to them. They were very interested in what we were doing on their turf. After a few minutes, they frolicked along back into the woods. It was a great way to end our night.

Such a fun, but simple date night. Loving this man and doing life with him is my favorite.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Double Date

Hey Y'all!
I am still reliving this summer over here on thee bloggy and trying to still play catch up. As many of you know, I blog to capture mine and Kev's lives first and foremost. It's such an added bonus that I have met so many amazing gals through this avenue. Amazing, I tell ya!

Let's rewind to July when Kev and I doubled dated with Britty and Baby Brother. 
We went to one of our favorite local spots just outside of Cincy. Let's be honest, the Kentucky girl in me loves staying this side of the river (aka the promise land). We headed to Covington to a local area called Mainstrasse. It has some really great local restaurants, cute shops and some fun places to grab drinks. It's become one of our go-to's when we don't feel like crossing the river. 

Britty, Charlie, Kev and I tried out Main Bite for the first time. It was delicious. It's known for its's small plates and most of the menu items are grown in the backyard of the restaurant or locally. An added bonus too is that the majority of the entire menu is organic. It was perfect sized portions if you plan on having a few drinks. I left not feeling stuffed as we headed to the Old Kentucky Bourbon bar for some cocktails. 

We just love the Bourbon Bar. The cocktails are out of this world. It was the first time we had taken Charlie and Britty to experience all of it's magic. 

We also had a little rendezvous with my pals from work. Soooo great to see them outside of the four walls of the hospital. 

I can't even begin to explain how fun this summer has been having these two in NKY/Cincywith us. We have enjoyed every second of it. Looking forward to creating so many more memories with them in our new city as Brittany and Charlie have both officially started their new careers in Cincinnati. A very exciting time for both of them! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Summer Outtakes

A few pieces of Summer that have yet to make it on the blog 

 A trip to Lexington on July 4th for a college friend's wedding.

We took my family to the Hofbrauhaus House in Newport for the first time. 

 A lot of our weekends were spent with out families visiting in our home. We wouldn't have it any other way 

Baby Brother moved in with us for two months. We enjoyed seeing him and Britty regularly so much. We also said farewell to Brittany for two long months as she traveled her way through Europe on the trip of a lifetime. 

Hubs and I enjoyed date nights, double dates with our family and getting healthy again. We enjoyed working out together in the back yard this summer. 

I attended the Trace Adkins concert with my friend Jeni in Cincy. 
Momma and I did a lot of antique shopping- this photo was taken the day we ran out of gas on a back country road. Whoops!
Traveled home to Eastern Kentucky to spend time with my fragile Mammy and Granny
We celebrated Uggie's 7th birthday with cake

Summer 2014 was a great one indeed! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Summer Vacay

Kevin and I continued my 30th birthday celebration with a trip to Florida back in June. We traveled to Little Gasparilla Island with our besties Chris and Dana who were celebrating their first wedding anniversary that happens to fall on my birthday. I mean, I feel like this could be a yearly tradition. :-) 
 It was the most relaxing, laid back vacation we had experienced in a while and so very needed. 

We spent an entire week on the beach 
At night we would take the boat out to one of the restaurants close by or stay in and all cook together. The weather was fantastic. We had the typical 3:30pm afternoon thunderstorm that would roll through for about 45 minutes, but other than that it was perfect. We witnessed the most amazing sunsets almost every night. It was so refreshing to sleep in every morning with no set schedule each day. 
And most of y'all know about our friendship with Chris and Dana. We absolutely adore them and our friendship comes so natural and easy. I seriously don't know how we did life before them. It feels like we have been friends for years. We will all definitely be going back again soon.!

Smiles from our trip: 
taboo and how intense LJ was with his one word descriptions
"Cathi Knows Nothing"
LJ almost slinging chris off the boat
Dolphins in the bay 
golf carts, the ferry and the boat
"the  incredible snook" around the dock 
our new four legged friend Summer
LG not bringing Cathi her watermelon 
the turtle
the snake 
D's makeup 
Kipp and D's love affair 
Frisbee/beer/pvc pipe game 
twizzler's, pretzels, coronas and skinny girl 
the dryer disaster and D's reaction 

So many good memories!!! 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all!

Fall is in full swing at our house!
Hot mapple toddy and harvest sugar cookie candleberry candles fill our house with the most amazing scents of fall. 
We have pumpkins overflowing in every room.
 Pansies and mums are all over the front and back porch. 
The leaves on the tress in the back yard are starting to change
The mornings are much cooler and crisp
Pumpkin spice lattes are being consumed regularly. 
I have broke out the scarves, leggings and boots.
I can't even begin to describe how much I love this time of year. 
I have been welcoming fall with open arms since early September and here is a look at what fall looks like at our house. 

Happy Fall Y'all!!!! 

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