Friday, August 24, 2012

Meet the Bridesmaids

I have been a lil bloggy mia....and it looks like it may stay that way till November. Starting next weekend KR and I have something on our schedules every singe weekend till our wedding. Between other weddings, showers, bachelor/ette parties, etc...our lives are a lil hectic, but oh so fun!
I am ecstatic about the upcoming events. Can't freakin wait!!

Wanted you all to meet my gals that are a special part of my wedding day.
Read on :-)

 Megan, Matron of Honor 
Megan and I met in OT school and became roommates. She married one of my closet guy friends that I grew up with. She is my rock in the friendship department. I love her to pieces just like a sister. I would also never have made it through wedding planning without her.  I can't ever imagine my life without her in it. She's that friend you text/call/email 1382985 times a day cause you cant stand being away from her.  


Katrina, Matron of honor
My lifelong friend. We grew up together and remained closest of close through highschool and college.She has always been there through thick and thin and we have watched each grow up and start new chapters in our lives...there for each other every step of the way.  She welcomed a baby boy into her life last fall (lil Trigg) who will be the ring bearer on our special day.

Angie, Bridesmaid
My college soul sista! Angie and I met in college at Transy and were tied to the hip from the moment we met. We pledged the same sorority and created thousands of memories that I will cherish forever. We also were roommates for over 4 years during and post college. She is a keeper in the frienship department! I am blessed to have a friend like her.

Caitlin, Bridesmaid
We met in college and also pledged the same sorority. We lived together in a house full of six girls my senior year of college where some of the best memories were made. She moved away to Mexico to be with the love of her life post college, but we have always remained close. Caitlin just moved to Austin, Texas in August and I am so glad to have her back in the states. She is one of the smartest, classiest and sincere gals I know.

Amber, Bridesmaid
She is my angel on Earth. Amber and I met at my frist Job and became instant friends and have never looked back. I have never met someone with as much heart as this girl has. Friends like her are one in a million. I am so glad God made our paths cross.

Shauna, Bridesmaid
My wifey! (college nicknames) Shauna and I met at Transy in 2002 and have remained friends since. She is an Eastern Ky Gal who shares my love of the mountains, family and country music :-) She is the friend who keeps me honest and grounded and gives me the truth even when I may not want to hear it. I will always be grateful for her honesty and her friendship.

Anne, the minister


Anne and I met in college and were randomly placed as next door neighbors in our freshmen dorm.  The rest was history.  We became sorority sisters and she also lived in the house full of 6 girls…sweet memories. I get so emotional thinking about this part. One of my closest friends will be marrying Kevin Rex and I. Anne went off to Texas after college for divinity school and became an ordained minister. Her and her husband no co-pasture a church in KY together. I could not imagine a more special person to marry us. It is one of my favorite parts about our wedding day.

I am so happy they will all stand by my side come November.
86 more days!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

She makes her 50's look good :-)

Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman that I know

The woman who knows how to push my buttons and call me on my crap
The woman who has a heart of pure gold and always puts others above herself
The woman who is my rock
The woman who walks the Christian life day in and day out
The woman who taught me to wear my 4 inch heels and not slouch my shoulders even when towering at over 6 feet tall in them
The woman who believes in me on my very worst days
The woman who sacrificed to give me everything the world has to offer
The woman who I admire so much as a mother and a wife
The woman who picks me up when I am down, wipes the tears when I am sad, encourages me when I am afraid, and loves me through it all. The woman who is truly my best friend
Happy Birthday to my Momma :-)

Mom – I hope you are reading this from your brand new ipad :-) :-) :-)  I love you soo much.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Story of my life at the moment.

 If I could just kill my sweet tooth from now until November....I would probably be A-ok.
Any tips from you past brides on how to get in tip top wedding shape? I am not trying to loose 30 pounds...just maybe 5 or so and tone up my tush.

I try on my dress in 5 weeks and I am hitting the gym 4-5x per week, but have to do better in the diet department. I have always ate whatever I want because
# 1. I am tall and
# 2. I work out pretty regularly so they cancel each other out.

Now losing weight is entirely different story....arrrrgggggh. Sissy here is having a hard time giving up her nightly bowl of cereal or small helping of ice cream. Help!!

Any tips for motivation? What did y'all do to get wedding ready in the fitness department?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: My Calligrapher

If I have had one pain in my rear during this wedding planning process it has been the invitations.

They are CRAZY expensive for one
Two – I had a huge ordeal with some custom invites I ordered that turned out like doggy doo doo
Three - they are super time comsuming to assemble
However, I LOVE my final product invites.
You can see them here. The latest debacle has been to calligraphy or not. I didn’t want to do labels and printing on the envelopes turns out to be major pain in the ass with our computer.
So who rescues this damsel in distress???? My knight in shining armor of course....Kevin "Rex".
To say KR is artistic is the understatement of the year. The man has the left side of his brain working like nobody I have ever met before.  His artistic abilities are endless. I swear he is the next J.K Rowling. It would seriously blow your mind that this tattooed man who drives a Harley could have such a unique side to him. It’s very precious to me.
After hearing me gripe over the invites for the 1494858 time. I mean really....the things stay on people's refrigerator for a couple weeks and then go in the darn garbage with the envelope. IMO it's such a waste of money. Arrrrrgh. SOOOOOOOO......
 Kev was like, “babe, why don’t you let me do the calligraphy?”
I thought  to myself …..“that is so sweet, but we will probably kill each other in the process”
But boy was I wrong. The man is the!! Who freaking knew? I can’t even believe I doubted him for a single second. And to think…it’s freeeeeeeeeeee.  He practiced over and over this weekend and I give him an A +! It is so sweet to me that he took this off my overloaded wedding stress plate and saved us a bit of money too. I swear I love him beyond words and I am so excited to be his Mrs. in 102 days!!!  

As I sit here and write this post tonight, he is sitting beside of me at our kitchen bar handwriting all the return addresses.

Can I add that he hasn't griped one single gripe or complained.
Am I lucky bride to be or what?!?!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Shoes

Or should I say boots?

Ever since I envisioned our country/rustic/barn wedding theme I knew one thing for sure….in true country girl fashion, I wanted to get married in cowboy boots.

image via pinterest
image via pinterest

And of course my bridesmaids would wear boots right with me.
Their boots were one of the first things I bought way back in February.
Here's some Miranda Lambert for inspiration 

I have been on the mission for the perfect boot for quite sometime.
I had even thought about wearing a pair I already owned.
And low and behold I ran into these beauties at the boot store on Sunday after church.
 It was clearly love at first site.

Can't wait to walk for all the cute photo ops showing my off my boots with KR.
He of course will be rocking his boots to :-)
It's gonna be a boot scootin boogie kinda night  and I can't wait.

Just a Country Girl
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