Friday, August 24, 2012

Meet the Bridesmaids

I have been a lil bloggy mia....and it looks like it may stay that way till November. Starting next weekend KR and I have something on our schedules every singe weekend till our wedding. Between other weddings, showers, bachelor/ette parties, etc...our lives are a lil hectic, but oh so fun!
I am ecstatic about the upcoming events. Can't freakin wait!!

Wanted you all to meet my gals that are a special part of my wedding day.
Read on :-)

 Megan, Matron of Honor 
Megan and I met in OT school and became roommates. She married one of my closet guy friends that I grew up with. She is my rock in the friendship department. I love her to pieces just like a sister. I would also never have made it through wedding planning without her.  I can't ever imagine my life without her in it. She's that friend you text/call/email 1382985 times a day cause you cant stand being away from her.  


Katrina, Matron of honor
My lifelong friend. We grew up together and remained closest of close through highschool and college.She has always been there through thick and thin and we have watched each grow up and start new chapters in our lives...there for each other every step of the way.  She welcomed a baby boy into her life last fall (lil Trigg) who will be the ring bearer on our special day.

Angie, Bridesmaid
My college soul sista! Angie and I met in college at Transy and were tied to the hip from the moment we met. We pledged the same sorority and created thousands of memories that I will cherish forever. We also were roommates for over 4 years during and post college. She is a keeper in the frienship department! I am blessed to have a friend like her.

Caitlin, Bridesmaid
We met in college and also pledged the same sorority. We lived together in a house full of six girls my senior year of college where some of the best memories were made. She moved away to Mexico to be with the love of her life post college, but we have always remained close. Caitlin just moved to Austin, Texas in August and I am so glad to have her back in the states. She is one of the smartest, classiest and sincere gals I know.

Amber, Bridesmaid
She is my angel on Earth. Amber and I met at my frist Job and became instant friends and have never looked back. I have never met someone with as much heart as this girl has. Friends like her are one in a million. I am so glad God made our paths cross.

Shauna, Bridesmaid
My wifey! (college nicknames) Shauna and I met at Transy in 2002 and have remained friends since. She is an Eastern Ky Gal who shares my love of the mountains, family and country music :-) She is the friend who keeps me honest and grounded and gives me the truth even when I may not want to hear it. I will always be grateful for her honesty and her friendship.

Anne, the minister


Anne and I met in college and were randomly placed as next door neighbors in our freshmen dorm.  The rest was history.  We became sorority sisters and she also lived in the house full of 6 girls…sweet memories. I get so emotional thinking about this part. One of my closest friends will be marrying Kevin Rex and I. Anne went off to Texas after college for divinity school and became an ordained minister. Her and her husband no co-pasture a church in KY together. I could not imagine a more special person to marry us. It is one of my favorite parts about our wedding day.

I am so happy they will all stand by my side come November.
86 more days!


Erin said...

We have missed you around here! ;) I understand the life craziness though, especially with all the wedding festivities! Glad you are enjoying it all though, soak it in!! You have one beautiful bridal party and such sweeties! Thank God for friendships like these :)

Brittany said...

That is so great that one of your friends is your marrying you two! How sweet

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