Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: My Calligrapher

If I have had one pain in my rear during this wedding planning process it has been the invitations.

They are CRAZY expensive for one
Two – I had a huge ordeal with some custom invites I ordered that turned out like doggy doo doo
Three - they are super time comsuming to assemble
However, I LOVE my final product invites.
You can see them here. The latest debacle has been to calligraphy or not. I didn’t want to do labels and printing on the envelopes turns out to be major pain in the ass with our computer.
So who rescues this damsel in distress???? My knight in shining armor of course....Kevin "Rex".
To say KR is artistic is the understatement of the year. The man has the left side of his brain working like nobody I have ever met before.  His artistic abilities are endless. I swear he is the next J.K Rowling. It would seriously blow your mind that this tattooed man who drives a Harley could have such a unique side to him. It’s very precious to me.
After hearing me gripe over the invites for the 1494858 time. I mean really....the things stay on people's refrigerator for a couple weeks and then go in the darn garbage with the envelope. IMO it's such a waste of money. Arrrrrgh. SOOOOOOOO......
 Kev was like, “babe, why don’t you let me do the calligraphy?”
I thought  to myself …..“that is so sweet, but we will probably kill each other in the process”
But boy was I wrong. The man is the!! Who freaking knew? I can’t even believe I doubted him for a single second. And to think…it’s freeeeeeeeeeee.  He practiced over and over this weekend and I give him an A +! It is so sweet to me that he took this off my overloaded wedding stress plate and saved us a bit of money too. I swear I love him beyond words and I am so excited to be his Mrs. in 102 days!!!  

As I sit here and write this post tonight, he is sitting beside of me at our kitchen bar handwriting all the return addresses.

Can I add that he hasn't griped one single gripe or complained.
Am I lucky bride to be or what?!?!


Allyson Butler said...

That is so great that he's doing the calligraphy! I'm getting my Nana to address our invitations (she has the prettiest handwriting I've ever seen)!

Stephanie said...


Courtney said...

He is so amazing! Lucky girl:)

Cat Simmonds said...

Girl, that is one serious keeper! And, don't underestimate the power of the invite, I keep all worthy invites, and I'm sure yours will be when they are opened!

Becky said...

That's so awesome that he's doing that! You picked a keeper :) I'm sure the invites will be amazing!


sophistifunk said...

that is sooo sweet! and from what i can tell he has some mad calligraphy skills!

xo brie

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled on your blog and I LOOOVE it. New follower! I'm going to love looking through your ideas. I'm having a rustic wedding next year! :)

Katie said...

Catching up on all of your wedding posts now...because my blog is back!!! I will have to do some wedding posts soon too ;) you are SO lucky he is artistic! I wish Zack could do our calligraphy!!!

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