Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Band

So Kev and I officially have decided on a bluegrass band for our wedding and reception.
It goes perfect with our country/rustic barn wedding.

Meet Newtown

They are even playing our ceremony music.
We are pumped!

Ain't nothing this country gal likes better than a good ol' string pickin bluegrass band.

Woot Woot!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bloggy B-day

Happy Bloggy Birthday to my lil piece of the Internet.
I can't believe it has been a year since I started this journey.
I am so grateful for the amazing gals I have met through this experience.
Blogging is a special thing and I am glad to be a part of this community.

Happy Birthday Just a Country Girl!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm on a boat....

That's right!
I'm on a boat here......

All weekend long, Kev and I will be on a houseboat to celebrate Memorial Weekend at Lake Cumberland.
The weatherman is calling for 90 degree temps this weekend.
You can betcha I will be laying out in the sunshine with a cold drink in hand and trashy celeb magazine nearby...just soakin it up.
I am excited to hang out with good friends and meet some new peeps.
It's gonna be a holiday weekend for the memory books.

Happy Memorial Day!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Engagement Photos!!

Seriously,...I die!
I have not been able to stop looking at the darn things since my amazing photographer, Amy of Angela Anderson Photography, posted them yesterday.
She posted a lil over 20 pics and of course now I am dying to see the rest of the full disk.

I hope you enjoy.
I am beyond thrilled with the outcome.

I am in love...with Kev that is :-)
(and maybe the pics too)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Photo Sneak Peek

AHHHH!!! My photographer posted some of the photos from our engagement photo session today.
I can't wait to see the whole disk!
Here is a sneak peek and my absolute fave.
I am kinda obsessed with this photo and all the others.
So happy with the final results :-) :-) :-)

More to come...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Toy Chest Kickoff Event

Over Mother's day weekend Kevin Rex and I participated in the Toy Chest kickoff event.
The Toy Chest is a children's charity that our good friend Ron founded and KR just so happens to be the vice president. The organization is still in its early grass roots, but it's mission is to serve children of all needs across Kentucky. Their goal is to put smiles on kiddos faces :-).

Kev has put sooo much hard work into this charity and this event and I was so proud of him. I have also got on board with this great cause as a volunteer. We have been planning the kickoff event for months so there was much anticipation leading up to it. We invited those closest to us for our 1st Toy Chest "Friends and Family" event.

Momma and baby bro came down to support Kev and I.

And of course we took Mama out to eat the next day to celebrate mother's day over some much needed Mexican food. Yum!

The event was held at the home and backyard of one of the board members.
We munched on delicious bbq and watched the kiddos enjoy all the fun activities.

Kev assisted with the design of their official logo and his friend Mike executed it perfectly.
They have been using the logo on cakes, tshirts, name it.
Isn't it cute?!?

I can't even begin to tell you how proud of him I am with all the work he has been doing. So stinkin proud!

My bestie, Meg, and her hubby came to show their support.
We love every second we get to spend with them.

Mr. president and the fabulous hostess

The Toy Chest Board.
That's my man on the left :-) :-) :-)

We raised a lot of money that night and informed a lot of people in the community about what we are doing and what we plan to do in the future.
I believe in serving your community and serving others and I am so happy KR and I have found this avenue.
It's truly been a blessing.
We have big things in store for a lot of Kentucky kids :-)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Can Y'all Do Me a Favor?

My girl Katie is brand spankin new to the blog world and started he own blog TODAY!

Isn't she gorgeous??

Girlfran just got married and is loving life as a newlywed.
So I need y'all to head on over HERE and give her some love.

I kind of have the biggest girl crush on her and I am sure you will too very soon.

happy almost friday!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Let them eat cake!

Kev and I had our first (and last) cake tasting yesterday afternoon.
Saying it was delicious is an understatement and a half.
I am talking the BEST wedding cake that has ever been in my mouth.
KR isn't much on sweets and he even agreed that we needed to shop no further than the fabulous Martine's right here in Lexington.
Not only was she a sweetie, but she made the wedding cake design process a breeze.

We sampled amazing flavors like champagne cake with strawberry, maple, chocolate with bourbon, amaretto, pistachio, lemon, white cake with hazelnut and the list goes on and on and on.
We did not decide on specific flavors, but got a better idea of what flavors we enjoyed the most.

My faves: pistachio (which i didn't think I would like at all but it was the bomb dot com) and amaretto
Kev's faves: lemon and amaretto
We both liked the champagne flavor with the strawberry in the middle.
We are thinking a different flavor for each cake...but those decisions will be made a lil closer to the big day.

We designed our cake right on the spot after our sampling and here is an idea of what the cake will look like.

Take this texture, but imagine 4 tiers...

plus the raffia straw looking accents
(nix the birdies on top)

and this for our cake stand

and you get.....
Our perfect Country Girl and Boy Wedding Cake.

Just one more thing I can cross off my list.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

to the most amazing woman i know

everyone thinks their mom is the best, but mine really is :-)

Thank you mom for being a
role model
great Christian

Charlie and I are so blessed to call you Mom.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pre-engagement session and a sneak peek

So last night Kevin Rex and I had our long anticipated engagement photos taken!
KR and I have been engaged since February, but I wanted to wait till the weather warmed up here in the bluegrass for springtime pics.
I have been so anxious and excited about them and Friday finally came.
My mom and brother came into town friday afternoon for Mother's Day weekend as well. Soooo... you can only imagine how much I had been looking forward to this weekend.
We had the props all ready to go


The hair and makeup artist came over to the house about an hour before the photos kicked off.
She was AMAZING! Like I seriously have the biggest girl crush on her.
The even better news...she lives like 5 mins away from me.
I am always looking for any excuse to get out of doing my own and makeup....this could be bad on the wallet.

I wish my mom had took a picture of her makeup trunk.! I am talking hundreds of MAC products with a dab of Chanel here and there. The largest MAC brush collection I have ever laid my eyes on. It was makeup heaven.

Ana was awesome! If you live in Lex I highly HIGHLY recommend her. Her work is flawless.

So while I sipped Vino and got all glammed up, Kev got some liquid courage from the good 'ol bourbon bottle.
Baby brother so graciously offered a helping hand.

KR cracked open the KY made Blanton's that he has had since Christmas.
Cheers to engagement photos!

I am soooo stinkin excited to see the final products.
We had such a great experience with our photographer.
Amy of Angela Anderson Photography is an absolute doll.

We did 3 different shoots/setting.
1 - A casual setting outdoors with the doggies (who were total rockstars and did sooooo well with all the excitement)
2 - We did a soft country outfit. I rocked an off white dress with cowboy boots (of course!) and we went to a very woodsy, natural, hidden area. My mom brought one of our family's homemade quilts that added that southern and special touch. She pulled it right out of my hope chest that sits in my bedroom at my parent's home. That chest houses lots of sentimentals and things mama has been gathering since i was a little girl to give me on my wedding day. It was soooo sweet that she brought it. 
3- I slipped into a pretty dress with smokey eyes and pearls and Kev put on his sexy gray suit and we headed downtown Lexington. Lexington is so special to both of us and we both wanted to do a shoot downtown at night.
Here are some sneak peeks from yesterday.  

Not gonna lie....I felt like a lil movie star having somebody always touching up my makeup and hair during the shoot.  It was so neat. A feeling every girl should feel at some point in her life.

The downtown shoot was super fun for me, but a lil stressful for Kev.
It was a busy lil friday night downtown Lex and here we were in the middle of the street being all cuddley, lovey-dovey and secckkkssy all at the same time. There may or may not have been
-people giving us cat calls
-lots of car horns honking
-redlights in which we strutted out in the middle of the street and kissed in front of stopped traffic.
Parts of it were HILARIOUS!!!!

I have to admit that Kev totally brought his A game. I know he had to be nervous and uncomfortable with professional photos. He never once complained leading up to photos or the day of. He did everything the photographer asked him to do and was so supportive and engaged in the whole session. I know this wasn't his favorite way to spend his friday night and he was a trooper. Thank goodness for bourbon...haha just kiddin.

We had such a good experience and I cannot wait to see the final product!!!

Ahhh, I am so pleased with our photographer and I can't wait for her to be part of our big day.
It was a little surreal. I have been dreaming about this day since I was a little girl. I have also been dreaming about Amy's work ever since I saw her pictures 5 years ago. I can't believe I am watching this all play out where she is photographing ME. Yesterday felt like a dream....I am still smiling ear to ear this morning....with my fake lashes still intact :-)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Waking Up In Vegas Part 2

This post is WAY overdue!
We went to Vegas back in March and I am just now getting around to sharing part 2 of our great trip with my fam.
What can I say? Bloggin has just been like a bit of a chore lately and that is when it is zerooo fun.
I have taken a step back and have decided when I have the time I will blog.
When I dont? I won't.
That doesn't mean I don't still love blogging because I sooooo do.
Just sometimes real life gets in the way and that is A-okay.
Did I mention the fact I am planning a wedding??

Anywho....let's recap.
So back in March Kevin Rex and I traveled to Viva Las Vegas with my family for a mini vacay.
It was fabulous.

Our 2nd day in Vegas.
Look at that pretty sunrise over those mountains.

We did our morning routine of my daddo fetching breakfast for us.
The man is a rise and shine kinda gambler.
We spent the mornings sippin mimosas and playing nickel slots and 5 dollar black jack.
High rollers.

If it's not appropriate to wear a weave in Vegas, then I don't know when it is.
Roxxxxy came out to play....and pretty much stayed all trip so I could cut down on the hair primping. Any excuse not to wash my hair is fine by me.

Our trip was right during the beginning of March Madness and we felt the need to sport our Kentucky Blue.
We beat Florida that day.
It was a good day.

We spent our 2nd day out doing some site seeing and a lil shopping.

I spy with my little eye Loueeeey Veee.

Our next trip to Vegas post wedding will be spent here.
It's amazing. So glitzy and glamorous.
It's the new hot spot....or so the casino workers said.
Crystals and bling bling dripping from the ceilings everywhere in the Cosmo

Who doesn't need their pic in a stiletto?

Even baby brother played along...with encouragement.

Who wouldn't want to hang out here?

Lunch was at Margaritaville
It's a tradition of mine and Kev's.
We always split the nachos. Delish.
Mom and I strolled down to the Sugar Factory. I wanted to see what all the buzz was about.
They had some amazing desserts and apparently every celebrity in hollywood has their own lollipop in that store.

After walking around all day and doing a little damage at the Roulette table, we came back to the hotel and had a mini power nap and got ready for a night out.

I swear my dad does smile. ha!
Mama and I rocking the animal print for our dinner at Joe's.
Joe's is mine and Kev's favorite restaurant in Vegas. They have the most amazing seafood. My parents loved it!
My mama has on 4 inch heels (i have on flats). She is NOT that tall like the rest of us.

Love my mama!

Love him so much too :-)

Baby bro sometimes gives me sas when I am breaking out the camera.
he loves me though.

Love these 4 so much. Most imporant people in my life :-)

Clearly Day 2 was a success!
And we stopped to watch the fountain show on the way home from dinner.
This was my third time in Vegas and I still had not watched the famous water show at Bellagio.
It was so cool!
The water choreographed to music was very pretty and it was one of my most favorite things I have done in Vegas. I know I am a sucker for the little things.

Hope y'all are having a great week!!!

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