Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Little Big Town Comes to Town

Last week one of my favorite country bands, Little Big Town, stopped by The Tin Roof in Lexington for a one of a kind show. Did I mention it was free?!?!

Free also meant that we had to get there super early. This gal had a four day weekend lined up and ended up only having to work a 1/2 day the day LBT stopped by. The word on the street was that people had been lined up at the doors that day since 7am. Say what?!?!
Well you know this country gal was on a mission to get up close and personal with the band.
Sooooo this cutie and I took matters into our own hands and posted up at a table by 2pm. True story!

Our peeps joined us soon after and thankfully so because we barely got them in before they shut the place down and allowed no more fans inside the building. It was jam packed.

You know my fellow country gal and bestie, Miss Megan, was there with bells on.

And you know because we love us some country music, we climbed on the windowsill, shook our booties, got threatened to be thrown off of that windowsill by some grouchy redneck woman, stood our ground, and crooned with the band the entire hour they played.
(sheesh - rednecks are nutso. when my inner redneck came out - girlfran backed off. didn't she know she wasn't the only one there  that was raised in a holler?!? but laawwws me, some people need to just stay home in their holler. ahem ahem

Little Big Town was PERFECTION. I fell in love with their music all over again. I have always been a fan, but hearing boondocks live was pretty darn cool in my book.

Can we talk about how hot Karen Fairchild is??!  (she's the brunette) And OMG is she teeny tiny. Her hubby (in the green) isn't too shabby himself.

After LBT's performance, we continued the fun and made a night out of it to say the least. There was another local act playing who was super entertaining (Jordan English) and we ended up dancing the night away with all of our friends.

It was just a fun night overall. That kind of night you start non-stop group text-messaging the next morning about all the shenanigans that went on. KR and I are so blessed with such great friendships in Lexington.

Just too much fun had by all!

And you can hear it  here too............

Monday, July 29, 2013

Wedding Photos: The Ceremony

 November 18th, 2012

Still talking about my wedding over here, just have to show all the photos for personal documentation more than anything. Please bare with me and hop you enjoy.

Kev and I held our ceremony inside of the Ca"barn"et Barn at Talon Winery.
Our ceremony was very special and sentimental to the both of us. We wrote our own vows and choose our own scripture and the best part, one of my closest girlfriends married us. Sweet lil Anne and her hubby are both ordained ministers. It was a no brainer that I would ask her to marry us during wedding planning. I was over the moon when she said yes. It added such an emotional and special touch to our wedding day ceremony.  So personal!

Kevin and I walked down the aisle to bluegrass music played by our band.
The mothers and grandmothers were seated to "Down to the River and Pray"  - by Alsion Kraus
The doggies, bridal party and my daddy and I walked down the aisle to "When You Say Nothing at All" - by Alison Kraus. Daddy and I hit the aisle right on point to the chorus. It was perfect.

Kev and I had both been emotional during our first look earlier that day, but nothing would have prepared me for how emotional our ceremony was.
There was not a dry eye in the house.
Kev was the most emotional of all and in those moments of pledging our love to each other, I feel in love with him 100 times over again. I have never seen him so vulnerable and in those moments. I remember being so prayerful and thankful to God for blessing me with this man as my husband.


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All photos by the AHHHMAZING Amy Campbell (formerly of AAP) and now with Amy Campbell Photography.
Hair and Makeup by Ana Crane of ACS

Friday, July 26, 2013

"I Keep my Heart and Soul in the Boondocks"

Kev and I made the 4 o'clock news while confessing our love for Little Big Town Wednesday night.
You see LBT, one of favorite country music groups, was playing at a small venue in Lex and you just know we had to be there.
(blog post to come)

And because I love y'all........
you can hear my country twang in full force

(fast forward to the 1:49 mark)

 please keep in mind we set up camp at tin roof by 2pm this day.
(hey, country music fans gotta do what they gotta do)
my father immediately texted me to say he saw me on the local news........head slightly hanging in shame. ha!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Last Weekend Re-cap

stupid blogger was supposed to publish this post on tuesday....arrrrrrrrrgh!

Friday night Kev and I ate at our favorite lil local cafe - Josie's in chevy chase.
We then headed to our new spot to celebrate all the wedding magazine craze at Country Boy Brewing. I mean you had this girl at the name.....but we tried their new wheat beer and it was delish. If any of you come visit me in Lex - I am taking you here. It's mine and kev's kind of place :-)

Saturday we got up early to set up for The Toy Chest event, a local charity that Kev and I are a part of.
It was a back to school picnic fundraiser that was super successful.
My girl Brooke was knee deep with me in face painting. I appreciated her support so much.

Miss Katie, aka soon to be mommy of baby Harper, also shower her support with bags full of school supplies. I am so blessed to have such great gals that are so thoughtful!

Saturday night Kev and I had  an early date night at  Bonefish.
Can I get an AMEN for their bang bang shrimp? So yummy.

Top left: Hubs and I ready for date night
Top Right: digging the debut of my new bright orange shoes my momma bought me for my birthday
(dress - target, shoes - macy's)
Bottom right: hubs and I at Bonefish grill with his and her drinks (mint julep and dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives)
Bottom left: channeling my inner pinkloulou to try and do something with this mop in the glorious KY humidity

We spent the rest of Saturday night doing yard work, taking the dogs for a walk and lounging on the couch.

We were blessed to hear a great service at church sunday morning.
We spent the rest of sunday being lazy on the couch. We have been so busy lately, it was nice to have not a single to-do for once. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Happy Almost Friday!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Slumber Party

What do you do when your husband has to be out of town on a friday night?
You throw a slumber party with your girlfriends...duh!
Equipped with sweats, no makeup, vino, bubbly, ice cream cake, and a homemade pizza making session -it doesn't get much better than that.



We had big plans to play all kinds of board games, but just ended up having girl talk all night.
 It was seriously so much fun.


Cheers to never being too old for slumber parties with your gal-pals.
 I am a lucky girl to have these pretties in my life.

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