Monday, April 29, 2013

Wedding Photos: Our First Look


Kev and I decided to forgo tradition, and opted to see each other before our ceremony on our wedding day.
We had a very intimate moment. Just me, him, the photographer and the videographer.
I had already started taking some bridal shots, while our coordinator wrangled Kev away from his groomsmen for our first look.
They placed me on one side of the barn and would have KR walk down the path along the barn, he would turn the corner and see his bride.

I was so nervous, emotional and happy all rolled into one.
I remember looking at my photographer and her telling me he was on his way.
I could hear his footsteps getting closer and closer.........and then there he was.
The look on KR's face when he saw me was priceless.
I have that mental snapshot burnt in my mind. I plan for it to stay there.

They filmed for just those initial seconds of seeing each other and then gave us a private moment alone.
Just the two of us!

I could never imagined how emotional we both would be.
Me? Yes! I mean I cry at commercials, but I would have never thought Kev would have been so emotional. It was such a special moment between the two of us.

That moment was my favorite moment of the entire day.
It was in that instance that all the hustle and bustle of the whole day melted away.
It didn't matter what the centerpieces looked like, how the food tasted, what guests thought of the favors, how the bridesmaids wore their hair...NONE OF IT.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVED planning my wedding, but all that mattered was Kev and I showing up and declaring our love for each other in from of God, our friends and family. Nothing else!
My nerves calmed down, my emotions got in check and all I felt was love.

Here are the photos my amazing photographer captured during those first moments Kev and I saw each other as bride and groom. I hope y'all enjoy them as much as I do.

These are some of my favorites of the whole day. The feelings felt in those moments will always be so near to my heart.
I will never forget the look on Kev's face, nor the emotions that were involved in those minutes of seeing each other for the first time on our wedding day.
It will always be so intimate and special for me.

- to see bride and bridesmaid getting ready photos go  here
- to see bridal shots go here
All photos by the AHHHMAZING Amy Campbell (formerly of AAP) and now with Amy Campbell Photography.
Hair and Makeup by Ana Crane of ACS


emenchho said...

Such sweet pictures! Our wedding is this Saturday and we are doing a first look before the ceremony as well...hope ours turn out this well! :)

K said...

Hey There! New follower from Tooth n Nails. Love the first look shots! I begged my husband to do them for our wedding, but he was too old fashioned, said it wasn't tradition! Blech! Yours came out AMAZING!

Pamela said...

AW! Look at him checking you out ;)

Cassie said...

oh my goodness i just LOVE these. seriously ALL of your wedding photos are just amazing. amazing!

Eesh said...

Awww Whit that was just the sweetest! Those photos tell the story even after you said it. I can honestly feel the love between you two and it's strong! Ahhhh I can't wait until the day it happens to me!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!!!

Jordon said...

Sweet! Stories like these make me more excited for our first look. Originally I did not want to do one, but I couldn't imagine spending the entire day and never seeing T until the ceremony!

Jill said...

You are so blessed to have these pictures! :) Hugs my beautiful friend.

Anonymous said...

Can't get over how beautiful these photos are!
PS I would love to follow you on twitter if you have it! @ToriGStyled

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love these pictures! First look pictures/videos are always SO priceless!

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh my gosh i love love love these photos! kevin's face is priceless and you are gorgeous of course. love your bouquet!

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