Monday, April 1, 2013

Bailey's 7th Birthday

March 31st, 2013  - my sweet boy turned 7 on Easter Sunday.
Y'all should know by now that I am a lil crazzzzzy over my fur child.

I have came along way from throwing him actual puppy parties......see below circa 2007

And while we may not be inviting all of Bailey's buddies over for ice cream and cake (true story), we still do get a birthday cake from the barkery every year for our doggies.

of course he shares with his sister, Uggie Sue

The other day I was talking to a friend who has two kiddos.
We started having a small discussion about the role that the dog plays in your life once you have children.
She said - "really, it doesn't" 
 She was the first person to ever say to me that your dog will always be your first baby, just not your first child.
That so describes the love in my heart for this 4 legged being. He is 100 percent my baby - in a so non-comparative way that a dog is equal to a child.
We just have a bond that so many people who don't have pets simply miss out on.
I am so lucky that Kev is just as crazy over Uggie, otherwise he may think I am lil Koo-Koo-ka-do.
(Btw - Kev an I aren't even talking about having a baby - just so that is clear!)

 I can't stomach the fact that Bailey is getting older. Last week, I got a card in the mail reminding me of his upcoming vet appointment card - it read  Senior Medical Exam. SENIOR?!?!
Regardless of how old he is, and at the risk of being super cheesy, he will always be my little Bailey boy - no matter what the scale says.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! You don't look a day over three years old - nor do you act it, maybe that's why they say boxers are always two. And that is just a-okay with me


Pamela said...

Aww SO sweet!!!!

brittany @ g squared said...

So cute! I feel the same way about my pups :) Happy Birthday to Bailey!

Esme said...

He is adorable!! Feliz cumpleaños bailly!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday to Bailey! I didn't grow up with a dog or really any pets for that matter, but my bf and I just got our first dog about six months ago. I agree that you form a bond that people without pets just don't understand. I do now though :)

Jill said...

I like that last smiley picture! Love it!
My Lilly is getting older, too. I'm totally in denial.

The Whitfields said...

He's such a pretty boy!! Girlfriend I'm throwing my golden, Charlee a dog birthday party at the dog park in May. I'm the exact same way!

J and A said...

You know I love this!!! Happy Birthday Bailey!!

Whitney said...

Awww!! Bailey looks so happy!!! Happy Birthday Bailey :-)

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