Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Springtime in the Bluegrass

April 13th 2013 - football season returned to Kentucky.....well sorta.
It's no secret, the bluegrass state had a very difficult football season ( we won't even go there regarding our basketball season....this is Kentucky people, we are still mourning).
KY football has been resurrected by our new head coach, and there were lots of true blue fans out in full force to celebrate UK's spring practice, aka - the Blue/White game.
We are talking 50,000 plus fans out to tailgate and watch a practice.
 I don't even know if there were that many fans at the last home game of the 2012 season....like I said, we struggled.

There is a new buzz around Commonwealth Stadium, a buzz that is excited for football season 2013. Who says we are just a basketball state?!? Well......we wont go in details there. No much of an argument after all.....juz bein honest!

Kev and I decided to participate in all the festivities last Saturday to cheer on the Cats!
Y'all know I broke out my boots and my Kentucky blue!
 We planned all kinds of tailgating festivities with our closest friends

Was so much fun! And we are finally seeing warm weather here - thank you Spring!

After the game, hubs and I got a wild hair up our hineeys and decided to go out to a concert after the football game/practice. Who are we?!!?
Just trying to pretend we can hang....pretend is the key word there.

I managed to talk my closest girlfriends into tagging along to the downtown concert.
Of course I had packed a lil bag for us to freshen up at a friend's house...no worries!

I brought my teasing comb and was giving out poofs galore.
Brushes, nars blush and hairspray flying everywhere....felt like we were living in our college dorm all over.
Don't get me wrong, i LOVE living with my hubby, but I will always miss glam sessions in the bathroom with my guhhrrrls. 3 women sharing one mirror is priceless!

 After we poofed, blushed and powdered - we were ready to see Chris Knight in concert.

Chris Knight was playing at one of mine and Kev's favorite local venues - Busters.
And boy did he put on a show....

We sang the night away to some good music, sipped on some good drinks and enjoyed some good company.

A great way to kick off some springtime weekend fun!

all of the above may have resulted in a late night date trip to Waffle House. I can't tell you the last time I had been on the inside of that place. I know y'all wont judge me....cause that waffle and those hashbrowns covered and smothered were dammmnnnn good!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fantastic time! I love living with my hubby but def miss getting ready with the girls too! = )

Jordon said...

We were so sad to Miss the BW game!! We had tickets and when they arrived we realized it was on the same day as our party.. It is so exciting to see that many people back in commonwealth!!

Eesh said...

Looks like a whole heap of fun! And time with the girls is ALWAYS an unforgettable one!


Brooke said...

Love it! I only wish I'd gone to that stinking concert! xoxo

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