Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hair 101

So this past summer I whacked my hair off. I haven't missed my long locks at all until now. I have been having major pony tail withdrawals, but my short hairdo is super quick and pretty easy. However, I feel like it does require a lot of heat for good stylin...which I am not a huge fan of. I also notice that I have to wash my hair much more often. I confess...when my hair was long I only washed it once or twice a week. It was heaven.

So while time is the bigger factor in getting my lockes back, I think I am ready for a change in color.
I am a brassy brown naturally, but this gal has been coloring her hair since I can remember. I am a firm believer in changing up your look. I mean, if you hate it, you can always go back. I am really considering going back really dark...almost black. Similar to the photos in my blog header. I don't know why, but when I look at pics and my hair is that really dark ebony color I love it. I almost feel exotic lol.

I have a hair appt in another week or so and broke out some older pics of past hairdos. See what you all think. What's your choice on hair color????

This is me pre swoop bangs. I have to HAVE bangs. I have what Tyra Banks calls a 5 finger forehead. The thing is huge. I guess i can think my daddy for that one.  The color here was brown with some auburn shades added. It was soooo long...like nappy long and was in desperate need for some layers

Here was the first dose I had of loving my hair really dark. It was shorter and looked much healthier

And then I cut it a little above my shoulders and did the "flip out on the end" thing...not my fave, but like the dark color

Really dark....but stick straight. I am a way too pale in this pic too.I think this was right after i got  the boobies "the girls" done and I had been locked up in the house for far too long on bedrest with no sun or spray tan.

This one may look familiar....I actually like my hair this length and this color. I remember being able to do a lot with it at this stage in the game.

Color was dark here and I added more swoopy bangs

Please excuse the nappy mess in this photo...just wanted to use because this was the darkest my hair had ever been.  Too dark? Whatcha think?

oh and then there were the weaves! aka big Roxxxy and lil Roxxy. Roxxy was the closest thing to a stripper name I could think of. because when i wear big roxxxy i feel like I have stripper hair. which may be a good or bad thing haha. My gal pal took this pic in vegas...I mean where else is the white girl supposed to hang her hair piece.

Dark hair with weave...clearly

Weave, Weave, and MORE WEAVE...but can i confess i SECRETLY loved every second of it. I didnt care if it totally had that "too long" look. I loved it because no matter how long my hair gets, it is sooo Über fine. It would never have this much thickness or body if I let it grow till the end of time. Awww, roxxy I miss you.

Then one day....i got bangs. everyone loved my swoopy bangs vs. straigh across bangs...even my hairdresser. But the truth was straight across bangs were EASY PEASY...and i always got soo ticked at swoopy bangs when they become piecey by the end of the night. Drives me crazzzy. But overall, the bangs + big Roxxxy = way too much hair going on.

Bangs below, but au naturale me and no roxxxy in sight

Bangs with little roxxxy

Then the chop...that happened last summer. I got rid of the black/super dark hair color and went for some auborn highlights and chocalate undertones. It was a healthy and nice change.

And then i went even shorter and channeled my inner Rhianna and went asymetrical and added more red. It was summer time and I was feeling a lil sassy. I have been rocking my assymetral look until about 3 weeks ago.

I recently decieded to forgo the asymetrical look and cut all the same length. I am indesperate need for color, but wanted to wait until closer to Christams. Girlfriend has christmas parties and such to attend ya know.

It is the shortest my hair has been in YEARS and YEARS...since like middle school. I am still adjusting to it and it has been a good change, but lately I am missing my long hair.

So what do you think about the color? keep the red tints or go dark again? or something totally different? I am totally open to anything.

Thanks gals!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving DAY Recap

Hope each and everyone of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Here are some photos of my weekend with my family.
I mentioned in a post or two ago, that my family came down to my lil 750 square foot apartment palace to celebrate due to my work obligations and my brother's football obligations.

It was perfect!
And i would not change a thing about it
One of the best thanksgiving's I have shared with them
I don't know what was so special about it
Just the fact is was overflowing with love, family, blessings, and a big thankful heart
A girl cant ask for much more

Bailey was thrilled that Faith and Dempsey came to visit him
Seriously, the three of them were on cloud 9

They took over my sectional all weekend

Mama and Granny did most of the cooking
I supervised

So blessed to have my 87 year old lil Granny with us
She is so so special to me

The world famous Granny B's stuffing
Packed with extra cornbread this year
Was so delicious
I think I had 2nds, 3rd, and 4ths

Granny also makes the BEST green beans
She makes them the old fashioned way
They are fresh from the garden
She cans them so we can have them all year long
And of course she prepares them the "country way" with good ole salt bacon

Yum! Look at that spread
I swear we had enough for 15 people....not 5

My mama's homemade mashed taters

My fall centerpiece

Mama and I

My favorite holiday dessert....Banana pudding
Wouldn't be thanksgiving without it

Mama and her babies

Granny and her youngest baby

My amazing parents

It was picture perfect indeed :-)

Friday, November 25, 2011

have ya'll seen this?

I saw this story on the news the other night..... about two great danes from London who were being cared for by an animal charity/trust looking for an adoption for the dogs. They weren't just any great danes. One is completely blind and depends on the other entirely.  Miss Lily suffered from a strange medical condition that lead to her having both eyes removed since she was a pup. However, her good friend Miss Madison would grow to be her eyes. The animal trust/charity reported that the two are inseparable. After publicizing the story, the charity received about 2,000 offers to take the two danes. How could you resist?

Look how precious these pics are
So, so sweet!

Doggie love is the greatest :-)

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving to all my bloggy girls!
I am so thankful for becoming part of such a powerful circle this year
You guys are AMAZING!

I am also so thankful for the past 24 hours
We always have a small thanksgiving and a larger dinner at Christmas with extended family
I love that our turkey day is so small
My family came to Lex this year due to my work schedule (health care jobs = no holiday time off)
and baby bro's footballs schedule, too
So thankful that my parents, my granny, my brother, and 3 big boxers piled into my 750 square feet 1 bedroom apartment
and loved every single second of it. 
I love that My granny piled in my king size bed and that the three doggies attempted to pile in with us
Keep in mind my lil 87 year old granny is not a dog fan...especially a dog in the house fan.
We were literally on top of each other, but did not mind it at all

This morning while Mama was cooking
Daddo and I did some online shopping
Granny sipper her coffee
and the doggies were happy as a lark

I said "I love that we have all been in the same room soaking each other up"
My mom said "you sound like your brother"
Me - "what do you mean?"
Mom - "when Charlie was little he would always wish for the electricity to go out....so we could all pile in one room by the fire place"
(disclaimer..in the hills and hollers of eastern ky the Electricity can go out for days...we live in the boondocks ya'll)
It warmed my heart so much

It was one of my favorite thanksgivings in such a long time
just missing KR and Uggie Sue

I am so blessed and thankful for the amazing family I have
i am thankful for good health
thankful for this life i live
thankful for my bailey boy
thankful for my friends
thankful for my great job
for every blessing the good lord pours down on me

I am far too blessed :-)

(photos from today to come)

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday

Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Brother Update

So baby bro is wearing this awful brace and sling....

as a result of this....

Yuck right?!?! Well the good news is that he is NOT going to require surgery. Thank goodness. The surgery they had talked about doing would have possible made for a year long recovery. Baby bro is still in mega pain and doesn't have full feeling in his ring and pinky finger :-(, but we are soooo happy that surgery is off the table.

My family and I went to the last EKU homegame on Saturday. EKU won!!! The win tied them for the OVC championship and they are officially in the playoffs. So proud of those boys, they have all really became like little brothers to me over the past few years.  

So baby bro has decided he isn't cutting his facial hair ,or hair at all, till after the season is over. It is starting to get a little Out oF Control! Ugh, I beg him to cut it. It is plain gross. I just had to share.

i mean, it looks like a forest is growing on his face

i think i see a resemblance to the EKU colonel mascot

This is soooo much better

And although baby bro is done for the season, we are still his biggest supporters.

Please look at my dad's face...it is almost impossible to get him to pose for a normal pic

We had a nice lil dinner after the game together, my treat. It feels so good to be able to buy them and treat them every now and then. That is a feeling I looked so forward to when I was in college. I could never pay them back for all the things they have done for me and baby bro. My parents are so awesome!

I snapped a few photos at dinner.
Pops had to borrow mom's glasses to read the menu. Hilarious. He is too stubborn to go the eye doctor to get his own spectacles.

I love spending Saturday's with my family. It is beyond my favorite part of football season :-)

Hope ya'll are having a fabulous start to your week!

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