Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lesson 14

Hey ya'll!

I dont know if you understand how big of a sucker I am for Oprah. I mean I seriously love this woman. While I dont catch up with her everyday at 4pm, I still DVR a ton of stuff on the OWN network. I could literally watch it all day #yesiknowihaveaproblem.

My latest Oprah fix is with her daily show called Lifeclass that airs weeknights at 8. Y'all gots to check it out if you haven't already. The show is  basically a sit down interview with my girl O. Winfey. She discusses her insights, revelations, and lessons with episode clips of the past 25 years.

Well this gal had to break out the Kleenexes for Lesson 14. The lesson was called "What Animals Can Teach Us" and i think we could all learn a thing or two. 

Her website described the episode as the following
 "From a miracle horse that gave his owner a new lease on life, to Oprah's dogs' unconditional love, animals have the ability to make even the direst situation better. Watching this episode will open up your heart to the power of how animals can reach out to us."
(You can click on the link to watch the full episode)

It was pretty powerful stuff.

I can't imagine ever going through life without knowing the love of an animal.

Oprah says something along the lines of that she believes that an animal's love to her is like God's love. She feels it is the most unconditional, truest, purest and most forgiving type of love. I completely agree.

No matter how bad I screw up
No matter how awful the day
No matter how sick I am
No matter how upset I get
No matter what....

This guy loves me at my very best and my very worst and always sees the good in me.

Yeah yeah yeah...i know I am a lil nutso over my doggy.

I swear I would own 50 doggies if I could....on big ole farm out in the country.

This clip was popular a couple years ago...but it was my favorite take away from the entire lifeclass episode. Take a look for yourself
For me, it's a strong reminder that something bigger connects us all  :-)

Happy Tuesday!


J and A said...

That video is so cute of him chatting to you!

Ashley said...

you are totally allowed to nuts over your pooch....and oprah for that matter.

such a cutie! i can see why you're in love ;)

Married...with a Pup said...

Aww I'm sooo with you girlfriend! Animals are seriously the best and sweetest! Brutus is my first dog and I now know, after having him, I'll always have a dog....at least one!!

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