Thursday, October 27, 2011

last weekend's whirlwind

I have been totally MIA lately. Last weekend, and this whole week, have been a major whirlwind. I feel like I have barely had time to do anything. Work and social obligations are totally interfering with my blog life haha. I mean I am doing my weekend re-cap post on Thursday for pete's sake...where did this week go??

Last weekend was just what the doctor ordered - i.e 3 day weekend baby!
I took friday off from work and headed out to Keeneland to bet on the ponies with my girl Megs and company. It was a rather brisk and chilly fall day and we opted to not wear our cute dresses and stilettos for fear of freezing to death all day. I still think we looked just as cute in our fall colors and boots, if i do say so myself  :-)

Miss Kendra was in town from Memphis with her hubby. We joined her for tailgating fun involving skinny girl 'ritas, qdoba, and cupcakes.

Newlyweds :-)

Once inside, we needed a lil snack after tailgating. Thank goodness meg came prepared with beef jerkey....hahaha. Of course I had to get a quick pic.

I love the fall meets at Keeneland in the bluegrass.

My daddy sent me an email early morning with all his handicap picks for the races. My daddo knows horses! He had 4 out of 6 races picked correctly and I won a little extra cash for my pockets. Woot Woot!

My bestie, Katrina, came into town friday night with her hubs and sister, and of course, baby Magnus and Trigg.  April's hubby and some other whitesburg friends joined us. We had a lil whitesburg reunion together and went to our local fave, Malone's, for some good grub involving sushi and steak. I love it when whitesburg peeps come to visit. It makes lexington feel a lil more like home.

Baby Trigg

April (katrina's sister) and sweet lil Magnus

KR also enjoyed us the night. I was a little anxious, but i have the most amazing friends who are able to not be judgemental and support whatever choices I make and welcome us into the social scene together with open arms. Everything went so well and we had such a great night catching up with everyone. I LOVED the babies being with us and I miss those lil guys so much. They have no idea how blessed and loved they already are.

Saturday morning I spent the day with the family at EKU to support baby brother and the colonel football team. It was EKU's homecoming and there were lots of tailgating festivities. The day involved
-a needed heart to heart between me and my daddy sitting on a concrete wall while eating some good ole southern bbq
- a reunion with one of my favorite people from my college journey
-a WIN for the colonels
-the first family meeting with my brother's new gal pal (more on this in the future)
-and a run in with a min celebrity
Yep! That is Shelly from this past summer's season of Big Brother.  I was just sitting in my seat in the stands watching the EKU football team warm up when I saw  someone walk in front of me that looked familiar. The tall, slender woman was taking pics of the stadium and the team and just seemed so happy to be on the EKU campus. Then I realized exactly who it was. Shelly!! As a former EKU alum and former homecoming queen, she had been asked to join in on all the homecoming festivities by the university. I am a total dork and of course had my pic snapped with her. Although I am a HUGE Jeff and Jordan fan on the show (shelly was known for evicting jeff last season), this gal was such a sweetie. She was so friendly and polite to me and my family and had such a warm presence around her.

Well...that was just the beginning. So i put something silly about meeting her as my facebook status and immediately got a msg in my inbox from a blast from the past. It was my greek advisor from years ago whom I had become so so close with. She truly became my mom away from home during my undergrad years. We got very close while I was at Transy and still keep in touch. I cant say enough good things about her. Anywho, she stated in the fbook msg that  she was on her way to the stadium for homecoming and we decided it was a must for us to meet up. Well, turns out that my blast from the past greek advisor was also  Shelly's greek advisor years ago at EKU before she worked at Transy. Small world huh? Well her and Shelly are like total bffs.  I spent some time with both of them during the 3rd and 4th quarter of the game. I confess...i wanted to ask shelly about all the dirt on big brother, but i of course kept my cool. I did get some interesting info from her, but more importantly i realized what an awesome person she down to earth and so charming. Just shows you cant believe all the reality tv garbage and tabloids. It was a great surprise to my Saturday.

Sunday - i played catch up with work, took bailey boy to the dog park, and went to church. It was a super duper busy weekend, but a great one at that.

I have had lots of fun things going on this week and cant wait to share with you all :-)

Hope everyone is having great weeks! I am looking forward to the weekend (oh wait...i have to work saturday...yuck!)

Be blessed!


J and A said...

Sounds like a great weekend, so much fun! :) So fun that you saw Shelly!

emenchho said...

Came across your blog from Munchkinland!

I am a Jeff & Jordan fan as well, but it's cool that you got to meet Shelly!

The saying in your header about not being able to take the country outta the girl is a staple in our family :)

I'm in southeastern IN and hit up Lex all the time to see my cousin...good to find some "local" people in the blogosphere! :)

Married...with a Pup said...

Wow, that does sound busy! But also looks like such a fun time spending it with friends and family! You look so fabulous in that caramel colored jacket, love it! Hope you have a good weekend lady!

Jodie said...

So jealous you met Shelly! So neat!!

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