Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Obsessions

I have to admit...i LOVE fall.

Today felt like a true fall day to me. Was it because it was a cool 57 degrees out this morning when i took Bailey boy out to do his business? Nope. Was it because I  had to have my fleece on or I would freeze a lil on my way to work this morning? Nope. Was it because the calendar says October is here? Nope? It was all because I had on of these babies.....

Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks

Although I am not a huge fan of paying a whoppin 5 bucks for a cup of joe, this delish beverage hits the spot. It definitely has that fall feel to it and I love sippin away on it on those brisk fall mornings. I try to limit myself to only one or two a week. Well maybe that rule can start in a couple more weeks after the excitement wears off.

I welcomed fall with open arms as I wore my first pair of tall boots over my skinny jeans last weekend. I love breaking the boots outta storage. It almost feels like shopping. You know that feeling of "oh i forgot I bought those last season." I love it when you come across good finds in your own closet every now and then.

I love that all my fall shows are all back on the telly. I have a new fave.
Insert: The Good Wife.

I got addicted  this summer with re-runs from last season. I am in love with the characters, the plot, and of course the steamy romances. The season premiere did not disappoint. Looking forward to this being on the DVR every sunday night.

Speaking of TV, I am also enjoying the new season of my fave, SAMCRO. Although sometimes I cant believe they actually show some of this show's content on public television, I am still a sucker for it.

I secretly love Jax teller. This show makes me want to jump on a motorcycle in my harley-davidson boots, shoot a gun, and become a total bad asss biatch.
Did i really just say that?

I also love the changing of the colors on the is just so gorgeous
Here is a pic of the mountains back where my parents live...i miss is so much this time of year

I also secretly love adding the extra blanket on my bed and turning my space heater on at night. I know...big dork right???

I love breaking out the fall scarves to pair with simple tops and cute dresses. Adds just the right touch to an outfit. I adore houndstooth and leopard prints...and i cant get enough of the infinity scarves right now. 

And of course i am loving fall because of FOOTBALL! I mean, i know my UK wildcats arent kicking too much butt, but the SEC is!!! I love college football! I have a blast tailgating, but sometimes my favorite way to watch college football is over a brewski and pizza in my jammies on the couch - with my daddy and baby bro :-). Speaking of baby bro, i love love love watching his college football games. We are tailgating next weekend for their next home game. I dont know what my family will do when Charlie's football career is is a small part of glue that keeps us all together. So many activities in our lives center around the football field. I dread the day when that chapter is closed.  Watching him play on the collegiate level has been such a blessing. Even my lil 87 year old granny is gonna come tailgate with us next weekend...I cant wait!!

Just appreciating the change of seasons, i hate to see summer go, but I am welcoming the cool crisp air of fall with open arms :-)

More pics from the Florida trip to come soon!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week

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Married...with a Pup said...

Love breakin out the fall boots! Haha, it is just like shopping! Those trees are beautiful. I really can appreciate the changing colors as well since I'm originally from South Dakota where you just don't get those fall colors and hills! UGH, hate your, I'm just bitter about my Buckeyes' season thus far =)

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