Monday, April 30, 2012

Eric Church comes to Lex

Hey y'all!
Happy Monday to you!
Where did the freakin weekend go?
I was so sad to wake up to my monday morning alarm clock this morning. Wah!
We made the most of our weekend and spent our friday night with a lil Eric Church and....

 Brantley Gilbert

and Blackberry Smoke

KR and I have had our tickets to see Mr. Church FOREVER!
Not gonna lie, he is our FAVE!
We probably listen to one of his albums on the daily reg.
I man what's not to like about a man who sings about boots, jack d and pickup trucks?
I mean come on...that is right up our alley!

So we put on our boots and headed downtown early for food and drinks with some friends.

Baby bro and his girlfriend joined us for all the fun.
Aren't they such a cute couple?
Please ignore my brother's facial's still there.
oh boys will be boys!

Our close friend Ron's sister, Leanne, and her hubby, Shane, met up with us as well.
They are always a good time.

My little Amber and her hubby Nathan were also able to make it last minute and i was stoked!
Amber doesn't live in Lex, so any chance I get to hang out with her I am so grateful
This cutie patootie is my wedding :-)

We sipped on some beverages and nibbled on cornbread and other goodies and got in our country state of mind to croon with Eric Church and company.

aahh i love this pic of the four of us

And Mr. Church did not disappoint!!
This is the second time we have saw him live and the man knows how to put on a good show.

It's safe to say he is still our fave!
Gosh i LOVE country music. ALWAYS have and ALWAYS will.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Trip to the Track

 A weekend or two ago we did what any local lexingtonian does on a Saturday in April.
We headed to Keeneland to bet on the ponies!!!!

Our dear friend Ron had us over to his place for a brunch before heading to the track.
We sipped mimosas and ate a delicious spread of bagels and danishes.
Carbies are a must for a day of sip sippin at Kenneland.

We were popping bottles like no big thang

Meg and JC joined us for all the fun.
I am so diggin meg's navy and yellow color combo.

I can't imagine my life in lexington without her. She is NEVER allowed to move away or we will just have to go with them.

Me and my boo.
Doesn't Kevin Rex clean up so nice.
Yep, he's a hottie :-)

Ron, KR, JC and cooper sporting his saturday best (his Louis Vuitton collar)

Ronnie and I were rocking the seersucker and decided we may need to send this photo out as an Easter Holiday card next year.

Trying to take a group photo after you have been sipping champagne is pretty much a nightmare.
This was the best product, but JC's eyes are closed. Waah.

And then we were off....
and the Saturday we picked to go to Keeneland just so happened to me the most crowded day in Keeneland history...EVER! We are talking 40K plus people. It was a little madness at times.
I personally think through the week or a sunday are the best times to go bet on the ponies.
However, we still had a great time.
The more the merrier right?!

It's not a complete day at the track in Ky without a lil bourbon in your drink

KR's picked up some new betting tricks from his friends Cliff and Gene.

I met an awesome group of gals that day.
One is a fellow lexington blogger.
It was my first in person bloggy buddy meeting and Miss Brooke is a true sweetheart.
She is the gorgeous gal in the back and white dress.
I enjoyed her and her friends so much.

Me and megs - Could it be obvious how much we love each other?? :-)

Ha! look at Justin's face. this pic cracks me up.

The sun was shining so bright on my old Kentucky home that day.
Perfect day for a day at the track!

We refueled after keeneland with some much needed Mexican food, re-grouped and headed downtown Lex....

and had a fabulous time!

The end!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

 I am trying to share the little details of my weddings on Wednesdays. I have seen some other blog girls do this and I am such a fan. It's a fun day to look forward to writing about.
I confess I have ordered something from Etsy wedding related every week for about 3 or 4 weeks now.
I think I have a problem.
My latest find came by mail on Monday.
If you follow me on twitter or instagram then you already saw, but for those of you who don't.... I give you my latest wedding related purchase.

Isn't it adorable??!?!
I love the burlap flower. It goes perfect with my country gal theme.
I can't wait to see my gorgeous dress hang from this on my wedding day.
It's all in the details people :-)
Whitney Winchester - has a nice ring to it, don't ya think?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby Bro's Bling

So apparently I am not the only one walking around with some serious bling on my hand, baby brother is too.

You may remember that baby brother is on a Division I football scholarship at Eastern Ky University.

Yeah, I am pretty proud of him if you can't already tell.
Well last season his team won their conference and at their spring game two weekends ago, baby brother got his championship ring.

ahem ahem...please don't judge him for this horrible facial hair sitchy that is growing on his face.
he tried to explain to me that the team does crazy things with their facial hair for their spring practice session.
i don't quite understand, but i do still love him.
i am praying this is a phase.

Anywho...back to the bling....

Here he is checking out his ring.
Daddo trying to get in on the bling
Friends and fans of baby bro made the drive down to celebrate with him.

We are from a one horse town and the kid is still kind of big deal back where I come from.
Kind of...sheesh who am I kidding. I swear we can't go to the local grocery store or the hot spot Wal-Mart without him having to sign autographs or kiss babies. Our hometown has some MAD love for my baby brother...still.
They don't make enough of kids like him :-)
I may be biased, but I am pretty sure there are lots out there who know him that would agree.
He is blessed with talents in so many faucets of his life that so many people would kill for.
And the thing is...sometimes I don't even think he has an ounce of understanding how special he is and how he impacts those around him on a daily basis.

He makes his parents pretty proud too!

Last season he didn't get to play because of this

AND this

(all of which are fully healed)
and his couch still told my dad that he is one of two players that has the most impact on their team.
Now how is that for leadership?
It's true though! I swear I see it even in daily interactions with his friends. He has a god given talent to lead people and brings the best out of those around him.
I am so lucky to be his sister.

Yep, he is a pretty freakin cool little brother.
My life is better because he is in it.
I love you Charlie!
And I am soooo incredibly proud of you.
I remember in the 7th grade when we discovered that you were a HELL of a football player and those around the sideline would call you "Charles in Charge"
And now look at made it baby bro!
You make me so proud and I love you more than you will ever know :-)

here is an oldie, but a goodie - and I am proud to admit i still own that shirt!
I need to update it to maroon!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

7 months...

Wedding countdown is on!
7 months from today I will be a Mrs.

Wedding planning is coming right along, but I have been at a standstill which is nice.
Check the following off my list
Wedding Dress
Bridesmaid Dress
Wedding Coordinator
Bridesmaid Boots
Hotel Rooms Blocked
The Venue
Engagement Photo Session
Hair And Makeup Artist
The biggies right now looming over my head are rehearsal dinner and music. These are still up in the air, partially because they are on Kev's to-do list. I am gonna have to crack my whip..hehe
Lately, I have been able to sit back and breathe.
I have been collecting mason jars like it's my job around here for the reception for people to sip their sweet tea or beverage of their choice out of.

So of course when I stumbled upon these I knew Kev and I must have them for our big toast....

Mason Jars on stems!
I am obsessed.
I ordered them from Etsy several weeks ago and have them tucked away ready for November 18th.
Can't wait to look Kev in the eyes and say cheers to my HUSBAND!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


A little over a week ago I had a meet up with two special gals.
My friend Caitlin (or Cati as we have grown to call her) was in from Mexico for two weeks and we decided to take a little road trip to meet our friend Anne for dinner and drinks.
Cati and I met right outside of Lexington and hit the Bluegrass Parkway to meet our little Anner halfway between Lexington and Glasgow.

We ended up sitting there for FOUR hours.
Just soaking each other up
Catching up on each other's lives
chowed down on some good grub
talking about my wedding (Anne is the gal marrying us and Cati is a bridesmaid)
sipped coffee
shared a ginormous piece of white chocolate banana cream pie
talked about shenanigans of the past
it was the perfect evening!

Though the instances of the three of us getting together at the same time are separated by months and months,  it NEVER EVER feels like we have been apart.
Love them so much!
I am so grateful for their friendship and the impact they have had and continue to have on my life.

Anne is finally back in KY after living in Texas since right after college....if we can just get Cati and her hubby to come back to KY too.....keeping my fingers crossed :-)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our DIY Memory Wall

 So KR and I have been sprucing up the house.
A lot of you commented on my memory wall in some of my recent posts.
Well....back in the winter we decided we would start our own DIY project,
a memory wall for our kitchenette.

We spend a lot of time in this room and eat many meals here.
The kitchenette gets a ton of natural light and we both enjoy time together and alone at the table.
Kev and I both spend time at the table working, I blog, he writes, we eat, he reads, I write my therapy notes, etc.
Bottom line, we wanted to put something on this HUGE, bare and empty wall to spice up this room and make it feel more homey and comfortable.

here is the before....
the room needed lots of work.

and here are pics from this whole process

Now I have to say, Kev gets 90% of the credit for this project.
I picked out frames, but that is about all I did.
He did the rest. 

I didn't think we would ever buy enough frames.
We would think we had enough to only get home and realized we still needed a few more.

Kev turned some of the cheaper darker frames into country/rustic looking ones for the memory wall
The doggies supervised him in the garage

He nailed, hung, leveled and adjusted

We found this stencil and we were sold on it.
We firmly believe in family time around our table.
It's something we enjoy now and look forward to in the future when there are new additions to our little family :-)

And the after....

So there is still lots of printing enough pictures to fill all those bad boys.
Can someone say wedding and engagement photos??/
I think so!
It's still a work in progress.
I also need to add a centerpiece to the kitchenette table, but just haven't found something that has tickled my fancy yet.

Anywho, the room is coming together and I have to give the man credit because Kev did a wonderful job.

Hope y'all likey :-)

It's almost friday! Wahhhoooo

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