Monday, April 30, 2012

Eric Church comes to Lex

Hey y'all!
Happy Monday to you!
Where did the freakin weekend go?
I was so sad to wake up to my monday morning alarm clock this morning. Wah!
We made the most of our weekend and spent our friday night with a lil Eric Church and....

 Brantley Gilbert

and Blackberry Smoke

KR and I have had our tickets to see Mr. Church FOREVER!
Not gonna lie, he is our FAVE!
We probably listen to one of his albums on the daily reg.
I man what's not to like about a man who sings about boots, jack d and pickup trucks?
I mean come on...that is right up our alley!

So we put on our boots and headed downtown early for food and drinks with some friends.

Baby bro and his girlfriend joined us for all the fun.
Aren't they such a cute couple?
Please ignore my brother's facial's still there.
oh boys will be boys!

Our close friend Ron's sister, Leanne, and her hubby, Shane, met up with us as well.
They are always a good time.

My little Amber and her hubby Nathan were also able to make it last minute and i was stoked!
Amber doesn't live in Lex, so any chance I get to hang out with her I am so grateful
This cutie patootie is my wedding :-)

We sipped on some beverages and nibbled on cornbread and other goodies and got in our country state of mind to croon with Eric Church and company.

aahh i love this pic of the four of us

And Mr. Church did not disappoint!!
This is the second time we have saw him live and the man knows how to put on a good show.

It's safe to say he is still our fave!
Gosh i LOVE country music. ALWAYS have and ALWAYS will.


Brooke said...

Y'all are the cutest. We didn't go, but I wish we had! Glad you had fun.

Brooke said...
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Meghan said...

That looks so much fun! I love the church's springsteen and I may have a teeny tiny, but actually really huge thing for brantley gilbert, just saying!

Pamela said...

We have saw them both in concert before too (they weren't together though)! Eric Church is from a small town, about 30 minutes from where I live! Love your necklace!

Turtles and Pearls said...

So jealous you go to go!! I was in the library studying. :( Love the outfit and your boots! xo

smk053078 said...
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smk053078 said...

How fun! We love Eric Church! So jealous you guys got to see him. You looked adorable too!
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Kate said...

Ah, I love love love Eric Church. We saw that concert when they came to orlando - but some how my camera decided to DELETE all of my pictures. :( How y'all had fun!

Sarah said...

Looks like so much fun boo!! I love me some Eric Church and I'm super jealous you got to go see him! :)

Caroline said...

I am absolutely devastated that I missed this concert- I had no clue he was in town. He is soooo fantastic in concert! Love him!! Glad yall had a great time!

Anonymous said...

I'm about to go see him at the end of Sept with Kip Moore and Justin Moore. Glad to hear he puts on a good show, though I didn't doubt it. I love me some EC and like you,, listen to something by him daily.

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