Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby Bro's Bling

So apparently I am not the only one walking around with some serious bling on my hand, baby brother is too.

You may remember that baby brother is on a Division I football scholarship at Eastern Ky University.

Yeah, I am pretty proud of him if you can't already tell.
Well last season his team won their conference and at their spring game two weekends ago, baby brother got his championship ring.

ahem ahem...please don't judge him for this horrible facial hair sitchy that is growing on his face.
he tried to explain to me that the team does crazy things with their facial hair for their spring practice session.
i don't quite understand, but i do still love him.
i am praying this is a phase.

Anywho...back to the bling....

Here he is checking out his ring.
Daddo trying to get in on the bling
Friends and fans of baby bro made the drive down to celebrate with him.

We are from a one horse town and the kid is still kind of big deal back where I come from.
Kind of...sheesh who am I kidding. I swear we can't go to the local grocery store or the hot spot Wal-Mart without him having to sign autographs or kiss babies. Our hometown has some MAD love for my baby brother...still.
They don't make enough of kids like him :-)
I may be biased, but I am pretty sure there are lots out there who know him that would agree.
He is blessed with talents in so many faucets of his life that so many people would kill for.
And the thing is...sometimes I don't even think he has an ounce of understanding how special he is and how he impacts those around him on a daily basis.

He makes his parents pretty proud too!

Last season he didn't get to play because of this

AND this

(all of which are fully healed)
and his couch still told my dad that he is one of two players that has the most impact on their team.
Now how is that for leadership?
It's true though! I swear I see it even in daily interactions with his friends. He has a god given talent to lead people and brings the best out of those around him.
I am so lucky to be his sister.

Yep, he is a pretty freakin cool little brother.
My life is better because he is in it.
I love you Charlie!
And I am soooo incredibly proud of you.
I remember in the 7th grade when we discovered that you were a HELL of a football player and those around the sideline would call you "Charles in Charge"
And now look at made it baby bro!
You make me so proud and I love you more than you will ever know :-)

here is an oldie, but a goodie - and I am proud to admit i still own that shirt!
I need to update it to maroon!


Brittany said...

aww so sweet. That is really cool that your baby bro is a big deal footballer.

The Moon & Me said...

Goodness, I just love knowing I'm not the only crazy big sister!

Leslie said...

that is some serious bling!!! And that picture of his ankle last year.. my word. I can tell you're a proud sister!!

Pamela said...

How exciting!! Congratulations!

Kelly said...

Awesome! My boyfriend graduated from EKU in 2003 :)

Erin said...

Awww- I love how close you two are! I want a brother-- can I borrow him sometime?! ;) I love football so you KNOW I was over here giving him some props for his bling!!

Elsha.Rae said...

oh my gosh i love this post! xo

Sarah said...

Ok- I love this post!! First of all, I love how close y'all are! It reminds me of my family :) And wow, what a difference....he looks so much smaller in that older picture! haha but congrats to baby bro!!! I think that's so funny he's like a little celeb. How cool is that? I would be a proud big sissy too!! xoxo

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