Saturday, April 7, 2012

A very special Easter Weekend

It's going to be an Easter weekend full of very special memories around my neck of the woods.
For starters, both of our parents are all meeting for the first time and I am hosting Easter dinner.
Stressful? Yes! But exciting? Even bigger YESSSSSS!
We have been trying to make this work for a while now and it has been tough to coordinate schedules.
Kevin Rex and I are huge on family and we are both looking forward to the whole clan spending time together.
I have been coordinating the menu all week. My momma and my future MIL will both be helping me in the kitchen this Easter. Oddly enough, I have always sorta daydreamed about this, about two families becoming one.
It's such a special time in both mine and KR's lives.

Even more exciting news regarding the weekend is that this Easter Sunday, the man of my dreams is getting baptized.

Kev and I were so fortunate to find our church and  call it home in December of 2010.
I was always raised in a very christian home and church. In my family you went every sunday rain, snow or shine.
However, even through college and since I have lived in Lexington I never found the church I called home. I felt that my relationship with the man upstairs was distant and I needed a church to help with reconnecting my spiritual relationship and faith.
Now Kev, his mother is the sweetest woman you will ever meet, but his house growing up wasn't as involved in church as mine was.
Yet, when we first started dating he was so open to helping me find a Church and building a relationship with God of his own.
Enter Southland, our church!
From the moment we walked in the doors our relationship with God and with each other was forever changed.

Have you ever got to witness a grown man become a Christian and develop his relationship with God from the ground up?
It is something so beautiful I can not do it justice with words.
For Kev, he hadn't went to sunday school Ike I had and heard all the stories of the bible.
I got to witness him read the book of Genesis and learn about Adam and Eve.
I watched read about Kane and Abel, Noah and the Arc and
 the birth, death, and resurrection of our Savior.
He was so intrigued and just yearned to learn more and more.
Christmas 2010 I got him his first bible and to this day the man always has it out in a different place in our home because he is always reading it 
It's special.

Then, Kev got really into christian authors that were mentioned at church.
He would literally read books by the week and the day.
I highly HIGHLY recommend the book by John Eldredge titled Wild at Heart.
Parts of the book changed KR's life.
I watched him struggle with his questions about Christianity. Questions I could not answer, but I turned him toward the man above.
At times it was like watching a little boy learn about the bible and Jesus for the first time.
His childlike innocence and faith has literally melted my heart so many times.
Most males I know have had some exposure to the church and religion and have made a decision about how they choose to follow in their adult life.
But for me to really be able to witness Kev's Christianity from birth to now is something so precious to me.
Watching A MAN develop such a strong and powerful faith and relationship was life changing.

So after thinking about it for over a year, KR decided that this very special Sunday he would be baptized.
What better way for our parents to meet than over such a wonderful holiday and such a special moment in mine and Kev' life.
Our church does a big Easter celebration every sunday at their pond where the baptize anybody who wants to make this confession of faith public. Last year there were hundreds.
(that water sure is gonna be freeezing after the chilly nights we have been having in the bluegrass)
I am sure I will be a big bawl bag because this is all so emotional for me in a very positive light.

I always knew that i wanted a Christian man in my life.
However, I had no idea how blessed I would be to have it be Kev.
He challenges me everyday to be a better person. Everyday!
He has turned into our spiritual leader in our household and has taught me things about my faith that I never could imagine.
His faith is SOOO childlike.
At times, I envy it because that is exactly how it is supposed to be.

I can say in our relationship we are striving to put the man upstairs first.
It isn't always easy. There are days when we fail, but that is why we have grace.
I know that if we continue to do this our relationship can survive anything.

I swear I can't wait to tell our kids about this day in the future.
It's going to be such a special weekend around here.
I'm so looking forward to it.
Happy Easter everyone.
May you take the time to remember what this holiday is all about.
I hope you are surrounded by the love of family and friends


Amanda said...

What an amazing story! I am sitting here with chills. It is so awesome that you led him to Christ and that his relationship continues to grow! To God be the glory!!!

Allyson Butler said...

This is an incredible testimony that y'all are going to be able to share for years and years. I think it is so great that y'all's relationship has a firm foundation, and that you are able to hold each other up spiritually. Have a great Easter - good luck hosting!


Emma said...

Another thing we have in common...we both go to Southland! How neat :) It has been one of the best decisions I've ever made by going there. I was so turned away from it at first by how big it was, but it's changed my entire life and my relationship with God!

I am so happy for Kevin and you, too! I know how important it was to me to be with someone that was a Christian as well and I've found that. I can tell how proud you are over his journey of getting where he is now! It's an awesome thing to get to witness Christ moving through someone.

Happy Easter! Enjoy your all's families together...I am sure it will be PERFECT!!

Laura said...

Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)
I also have an amazing GIVEAWAY on my blog, please check it out:)

Brittany said...

What a great story to read! I totally get trying to find a church where both people connect and it improves your relationship with God. I go to the same church as my family but because it is so big and I am not really involved in anything there it makes it hard and I am trying to either meet more people or look for a new church. Happy Easter and thanks for sharing :)

Erin said...

YAYYY! That is so so incredible- and what better time to get baptized than a glorious Easter Sunday?! Can't wait to hear more about it :)

Eesh said...

Wow! That's amazing Whitney! I'm always trying to get the honey out to church with me but I guess when he feels it's the right time, he'll come along.

I hope you had a beautiful Easter!


Ashley said...

gosh, my heart just keeps smiling the more I read LOL

can't say enough how i love and admire y'alls relationship!!! :) a relationship with God in it is truly amazing :)

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