Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm loving....

Linking up with Miss Jamie for another WILW

I am loving that I have a three day work week and today is my friday. woot woot!

I am loving the reason I have a three day work week is because of these two love birds :)

I am traveling home to Eastern Kentucky for the remainder of the week to get ready for Miss Megan and Justin's BIG WEDDING DAY on Saturday. I cant wait to be a part of their special, special day. It is extra special to me because I know both the bride and groom so well. Justin is one of my best guy pals from home. We grew up in the same lil small town tucked away in the mountains of eastern ky. I met miss Megan in OT school and we ended up being roomies. She is one of my best friends. Friends like her come around once in a lifetime. She has a true heart of gold and has ALWAYS been there for me. I could never repay her back for all the love and support she has given me over the past 2 months during "the transition". I love you Meg. I am so flippin excited for saturday. This couple gets it! They are building such a great future together and their love for each other is so obvious. I am so blessed to have both of them in my lives and look forward to wathcing them spend happily ever after together! CANT.WAIT!

I am LOVING my mini spehora spree products. I picked up the following. I will let you all know what i thinking about them in a week or so and do a lil reviewey.

I am loving that the baby brother is traveling to Kansas State University for his football game of the season this week. While I am super bummed that he is missing the wedding with me, I am so excited for him. This will be his first time on a jet plane :).  Love you bub! Here are some photos of the "Meet the Colonel" event my mama and I went to on sunday. I am pumped about football season and to cheer on baby bro and his pals who I am pretty fond of too. He has such a great group of friends....he is literally having the time of his life. I love it!

Charlie and his favorite gals. his mama and sister

 I am loving that My CATS kick off the UK football season on thursday night down in nashville against western kentucky university. awwwww.....c-a-t-s CATS CATS CATS!

I am loving that my bestie, Katrina, is an auntie! Katrin'a sister gave birth to a beautiful boy last week. I get to meet lil Magnus tomorrow and i cant wait. My bestie is only 2 weeks behind her sister and will soon be giving birth to another lil boy here in the next week or so. I cant wait to spol these lil boys rotten!!!

Magnus and his daddy for the first time

Magnus and his auntie katrina

Isnt he beautiful????

 I cant wait to love on him tomorrow when i get home. SOOOO adorable.

I am loving these finds for fall courtesy of Victoria's Secret . I have a serious fetish for coats...these are all fabulous!

I am loving that my girl, Beyonce, is preggo. And did you see Jay-Z's reaction at the VMAs. priceless! love how this couple keeps it real and out of the tabloids. suppppper classy!

What are you all loving today????

Monday, August 29, 2011

someone new in the driver's seat

that's right! it is time for me take a step back from driving myself through this crazy thing called life. i am putting the good man upstairs in complete control of my life. laying it all down and surrendering it to him. I have no idea where it might take me, but i know he has something BIG and pretty awesome in store for me. In the past two months, I have felt his presence around me more than I ever have. It is like I can literally feel love all around me. It is such an awesome feeling. I know what he is doing in my life is for the better...and I know the winding paths he has taken me down are the rights ones for me.

do you all listen to k-love? because i can not get through the day without it. seriously! I have been jamming out to a song by a group called Needtobreathe. Here are some lyrics from their song "washed by the water" that I have on repeat on my ipod for those moments when it is not on the radio.

Even when the rain falls
Even when the flood starts rising
Even when the storm comes
I am washed by the water

Even if the Earth crumbles under my feet
Even if the ones I love turn around and crucify me
I won’t never ever let you down
I won’t fall
I won’t fall
I won’t fall as long as you’re around me

Is anything more true and comforting than that? I think my parents everyday for raising my in a Christina home and instilling that it me at an early age. I know there are times when i have strayed off the beaten path, but i know exactly how to find my way back home.

I am looking forward to sitting in the passenger seat and watching where the road is going to take me.
cheers to new beginnings.
i am pretty excited :)

hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

man's best friend

"During the funeral for US Navy SEAL, Petty Officer Jon Tumilson, who was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan earlier this month, his dog Hawkeye is shown lying next to his casket on the floor" - ABC news

Did you all see the story on this pic?
I mean this warms my heart and breaks it all at the same time.
I am a firm firm believer that dogs truly have a 6th sense...this just proves it.
Prayers for this family and their pooch.
Below is the article that was posted on ABC news' website
They say that a dog is a man's best friend, and for Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson, 35, and his beloved and loyal dog Hawkeye, not even death could break this powerful bond. beloved canine lay at the foot of the casket throughout the ceremony. Tumilson's cousin Lisa Pembleton took the heart-wrenching photo of the devoted dog, known to Tumilson's family and friends as his "son." Chinook helicopter was shot down by Afghan insurgents, claiming the lives of 30 Americans. 50 SEALs were in attendance at the funeral. Though the funeral was taped, most of it was only audio so as not to disclose the identity of the SEALs.

At Tumilson's funeral in Rockford on Aug. 19, his
"I took this picture and that was my view throughout the entire funeral. I couldn't NOT take a picture," Pembleton said. "It took several attempts since every time I wasn't crying and could focus on taking it, there was a SEAL at the microphone and I didn't want to take a picture with them for security and respect reasons. Our family is devastated to say the least."
Petty Officer Tumilson, from Rockford, Iowa, was one of 22 Navy SEALS who died when their
More than
"From a young age, J.T. wanted nothing more than to be a SEAL," said an attendee, possibly a SEAL, in a speech at the funeral. "I didn't realize the depth of his desire until I stepped into his bedroom at his parent's house for the first time. His room was a shrine … pictures, paintings, books and videos all related to being a Navy SEAL."
Tumilson joined the Navy in 1995 and was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and Defense Meritorious Service Medal, in addition to numerous medals he won throughout his service. He is survived by a large family, including his parents, two sisters and many extended relatives.
"Even though you were the baby of the family, I want you to know how much I looked up to you," said one of his sisters, speaking through tears at the funeral. "You always showed so much strength, courage, determination and selfless love."
In a statement, Tumilson's family said that he "died living his dream as a Navy SEAL."
"Jon was a Navy SEAL and he was proud to die this way—for his country and for the people he loved so much," his family wrote. "We respect the nature of their jobs and the need to protect these men and women so they can continue to serve our nation; therefore, we will not provide details of Jon's military service."
Hawkeye is being cared for by a friend of Tumilson's.
Tumilson's family has started a memorial fund and contributions can be made to Frogman 238 Memorial Fund, First Security Bank and Trust, 201 West Main Ave., Rockford, IA 50468.

I am cuddling up extra close to my  96lb baby lil bailey boy tonight. The human-dog bond is so special to me. I love my 4 legged child more than I could ever express into words.  He is one of my main constants in the crazy ride called life. I LOVE you bailey boy :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the more boys i meet....

THE MORE I LOVE MY DOG - the famous Carrie Underwood

He is my baby,snuggle buddy, 4 legged child, slobber jaws, funny, lil boy. I could never imagine my life without this furry lil creature in it. I LOVE my doggie more than words. Dont you dare judge me for being the crazy dog lover :-) haha.
Back to Miss Underwood's famous words...
Seriously and I mean Seriously....dont call/text/facebook/email/or get in contact with me via any other form of social media if....
- you have a GIRLFRIEND
-you girlfriend may or may not be preggo
- you might or might not be proposing to someone (looking at rings together counts asshole)
-you are a total douchebag
-you are nothing but a waste of my time
Ugh, I am so not ready to get back on the dating bandwagon . So.not.ready. And that is ok!
The male species is truly a work of art and never ceases to amaze me.

Now that is off my chest....have you all heard this new song? it has been on repeat on my iphone. I dig that sassy lil Mirand Lambert, her husband isnt too bad either.

Breaking a million hearts sounds pretty darn good right about now :-) watch out boys!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

football is in the air :)

hello lovelies!

geez it has been a whirlwind around here.
however, things slowed down friday night and i was able to grab a movie with my gal pal, miss caitlin.
we saw One Day with Anne Hathaway

WARNING: movie is seriously depressing! i mean seriously! i could have cried for hours i think.
we soaked our sorrows in some frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf afterwards.
Just what the doctor ordered.
if you are in the mood for a good cry, this one will do it for ya.

Friday night I took a drive 20 mins down I-75 to hang out with the little brother.
was much needed.
Baby bro just moved into his first apartment.
and let me tell you-
you can definitely tell a bunch of college boys live there.
It was so cute though, because you could tell they had tried to "clean" up the place for Sis' approval.
However, they forgot that you do sweep before you can swiffer and mop
For Decor, lets just picture dream catchers on the walls and calendars of the Bengal Cheerleaders.
typical first college apartment for 20 something year old boys.
boys will definitely be boys.
baby bro gave me and bailey boy the bed and he took the couch,
and we woke up early saturday morning for baby bros's college football-inner-squad-scrimmage

I met mom and dad early with chick-fil-a breakfast and coffee.
The mini chicken sammies are THE BOMB! 

I feel like football is a huge identily for my family.
my brother and I were practically raised on a football field or a basketball court.
so many of my favorite family memories are from watching charlie play sports and traveling to all his games.
we never missed a single one.
to see him play at the next level has been a blessing.
i cant wait for tailgating and cornhole with the family on saturday afternoons.
when i am not cheering on the Kentucky Wildcats, you can find me wearing my maroon and cheering hard for the baby bro. Go Colonels!!!

Here a few pics I snapped Saturday morning

Bailey's first football game of the season too :) He watches so intently.

That is my handsome baby bro! He is single for all you ladies in your early twenties.

Bailey loves to sun....and watch uncle Charlie

Me being daddy's lil brat...aka princess. Just us being silly. 

Bailey and his Nana

We have a million of these pics over there years. My mom talking to my brother on the sidelines. He is definitely still her baby.
Sweet pic!

We are so proud of you Charlie! You know I love you more than words can explain. So excited about this fall. You make your big sister so happy!

After the game, I came home with my mama and daddy to spend some time in good ole eastern ky. My poor mamaw fell last week and broke her arm. Please keep her in your prayers as she is having surgery tomorrow morning. Having your granddaughter around as an occupational therapist is always helpful. I got the bathroom all set up for and got her a shower bench to make life a little easier on my mama. Mom has been busy taking care of my mamaw (who is currently staying with my parents) and my granny who lives right next door to us. She is such an angel! My mamaw, or Mammy Dot as we call her, got a lil therapy sunday as we practiced some things to get her all ready for recovery. It is so good to have her staying with my parents. I am looking forward to spending more time with her when I go home in two weeks for Megan and Justin's wedding. Man, there is nothing better in this world that beats family. I am so blessed to have this one! Had a great weekend being surrounded by those who mean the most to me.

Hope everyone is doing well and had a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Go Big BLUE!!!

Us crazzzzy Cats fan got a taste of what we love best here in the bluegrass...UK BASKETBALL! Only KY appreciates basketball in August. Monday night we stormed downtown Lexington to cheer on our Kentucky Pros players vs. the Dominican Republic basketball team at an exhibition game. Coach Cal is gearing up for the world basketball games. I mean who else would you want to be coaching the US men's basketball team other than the University of Ky coach.....duh?!?!  For weeks the headlines have read

"Former Kentucky players, now in the NBA, will return to the basketball capital of the world to play the Dominican Republic National Team - coached by John Calipari - in an exhibition game at  the legendary Rupp Arena."

 It was almost too much to handle to have all these amazing players under one roof! It was truly every UK wildcat fan's dream! I mean Rajon Rondo and John Wall on the same court makes me wanna pee my pants a little. It was glorious!

Sporting our KY Blue

I never get tired of this view!

Here is a glance of just some of the players that played in the exhibition game.

Mr. John Wall himself. Here in Lexington, he has a shot named after him at our local bars. Ummm hello?!? have you ever heard of the John Wall dance. It was a youtube hit last basketball season and of course he had song name after him too. He helped bring KY basketball back to the TOP. Right where we belong.

Did I mention he was the number one draft pick? He now plays for the Washing Wizards. He is a local celebrity around these here parts.

Mr. Rajon Rondo.
A born and raised Ky native. Played at UK for two years. You made know him better as a.....

Boston Celtic. Us wildcat fans love cheering our UK players in the big leagues. No matter what color they sport, we know they bleed blue.

Tayshaun Prince. Hail the KING! He is one of my all time favorite UK Players. Tayshaun led our team to our last national championship in 1998.

He now wins national championships for the Detroit Pistons. We loved having him back in the bluegrass last Monday night!

And who can forget about Demarcus Cousins? He brought some serious swagger back to our winning tradition.

He was part of the 2009-2010 season that produced not one, not two, not three, but FIVE NBA first round draft picks. Not trying to brag or anything ....hehe

We also had Jodie Meeks grace the big blue nation last night. He is most famous for scoring 54 points in a single game versus our arch nemesis, the University of Tennessee.

And now plays for the 76ers.

It was a ton of fun!

Everyone there got a free carryout pizza to pick up this week at their leisure compliments of Mr. Papa John himself. That is like 20,000 plus pizzas. Crazy?!?!

So tonight....i took a break from the gym, from the hustle and bustle of the busy work week and have my tush parked on the couch. I am spending the even with Papa John and Miss Stella. Wouldn't have it any other way.  What a great way to get through the weekly hump day.

Also, wanted to say thank you to all your sweet comments. You gals are the best! You are the reason I  love to blog. thank you thank you thank you. Times are tough, but i know the best is still to come :)



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