Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm loving....

Linking up with Miss Jamie for another WILW

I am loving that I have a three day work week and today is my friday. woot woot!

I am loving the reason I have a three day work week is because of these two love birds :)

I am traveling home to Eastern Kentucky for the remainder of the week to get ready for Miss Megan and Justin's BIG WEDDING DAY on Saturday. I cant wait to be a part of their special, special day. It is extra special to me because I know both the bride and groom so well. Justin is one of my best guy pals from home. We grew up in the same lil small town tucked away in the mountains of eastern ky. I met miss Megan in OT school and we ended up being roomies. She is one of my best friends. Friends like her come around once in a lifetime. She has a true heart of gold and has ALWAYS been there for me. I could never repay her back for all the love and support she has given me over the past 2 months during "the transition". I love you Meg. I am so flippin excited for saturday. This couple gets it! They are building such a great future together and their love for each other is so obvious. I am so blessed to have both of them in my lives and look forward to wathcing them spend happily ever after together! CANT.WAIT!

I am LOVING my mini spehora spree products. I picked up the following. I will let you all know what i thinking about them in a week or so and do a lil reviewey.

I am loving that the baby brother is traveling to Kansas State University for his football game of the season this week. While I am super bummed that he is missing the wedding with me, I am so excited for him. This will be his first time on a jet plane :).  Love you bub! Here are some photos of the "Meet the Colonel" event my mama and I went to on sunday. I am pumped about football season and to cheer on baby bro and his pals who I am pretty fond of too. He has such a great group of friends....he is literally having the time of his life. I love it!

Charlie and his favorite gals. his mama and sister

 I am loving that My CATS kick off the UK football season on thursday night down in nashville against western kentucky university. awwwww.....c-a-t-s CATS CATS CATS!

I am loving that my bestie, Katrina, is an auntie! Katrin'a sister gave birth to a beautiful boy last week. I get to meet lil Magnus tomorrow and i cant wait. My bestie is only 2 weeks behind her sister and will soon be giving birth to another lil boy here in the next week or so. I cant wait to spol these lil boys rotten!!!

Magnus and his daddy for the first time

Magnus and his auntie katrina

Isnt he beautiful????

 I cant wait to love on him tomorrow when i get home. SOOOO adorable.

I am loving these finds for fall courtesy of Victoria's Secret . I have a serious fetish for coats...these are all fabulous!

I am loving that my girl, Beyonce, is preggo. And did you see Jay-Z's reaction at the VMAs. priceless! love how this couple keeps it real and out of the tabloids. suppppper classy!

What are you all loving today????


Courtney said...

That was my favorite moment of the VMA's, I loved seeing the tears in his eyes and how excited he was. Such a genuine and sweet couple!

Married...with a Pup said...

I seriously have a fetish for coats too, haha! So exciting about your long weekend; have a great time! Also, looking forward to your makeup reviews. LOVE hearing about great new products!

Zara said...

I LOVE fall/winter coats and boots! Seriously... obsessively love... I have too many and cannot wait to get a few more, and some light sweater dresses!!! :-)

Ma Belle La Vie said...

Hey there! I LOVE all the coats you found- so cute! I own a ridiculous amount of coats... Lovin' your blog! Now following :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Have fun at the wedding! And that baby - too cute! AND how awesome that your bro plays football on a college team? Awesome!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I use the same primer :) FAB! And, it is way too soon for me to look at boots, like I refuse for another month!

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

I love everything that your loving!! Have fun this weekend! :)


Sarah said...

AH! SUCH a beautiful baby :) And, I love that your brother plays college football! My brothers are twins and co-captains of their HS's varsity football team, so it looks like college football is becoming an option for them. Good to know that it is a great environment!

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