Monday, August 29, 2011

someone new in the driver's seat

that's right! it is time for me take a step back from driving myself through this crazy thing called life. i am putting the good man upstairs in complete control of my life. laying it all down and surrendering it to him. I have no idea where it might take me, but i know he has something BIG and pretty awesome in store for me. In the past two months, I have felt his presence around me more than I ever have. It is like I can literally feel love all around me. It is such an awesome feeling. I know what he is doing in my life is for the better...and I know the winding paths he has taken me down are the rights ones for me.

do you all listen to k-love? because i can not get through the day without it. seriously! I have been jamming out to a song by a group called Needtobreathe. Here are some lyrics from their song "washed by the water" that I have on repeat on my ipod for those moments when it is not on the radio.

Even when the rain falls
Even when the flood starts rising
Even when the storm comes
I am washed by the water

Even if the Earth crumbles under my feet
Even if the ones I love turn around and crucify me
I won’t never ever let you down
I won’t fall
I won’t fall
I won’t fall as long as you’re around me

Is anything more true and comforting than that? I think my parents everyday for raising my in a Christina home and instilling that it me at an early age. I know there are times when i have strayed off the beaten path, but i know exactly how to find my way back home.

I am looking forward to sitting in the passenger seat and watching where the road is going to take me.
cheers to new beginnings.
i am pretty excited :)

hope everyone is having a fabulous week!


Meg {henninglove} said...

that is the best thing you can do!! surrender and give it all to God, let Him take control. but as a control freak myself i am constantly constantly forgetting to do that because of course i think i always know what is best for me right? bit fat wrong! i love that song you posted who is the artist again?

Kristen said...

I love Needtobreathe! You never know where He will take you!

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