Wednesday, August 3, 2011

this is ladies' night

I had such an amazing saturday night with my girrlzzzzz this past weekend. All of my gal pals have been so awesome during "the transition." They have really made them selves available and have been so compassionate, supportive, loving, encouraging, and caring. I dont  think I would be doing as well as I am if it was not for them. Mrs Angie's husband, and Miss Caitlins's boyfriend loaned my these gorgeous girls for the whole weekend. And boy, did we have a good time :)

Friday we hit the movies for Crazy, Stupid, Love that i mentioned in an earlier post. I am still sweatin just thinking about Ryan Gosling. So.Hot!!!

Saturday, Angie and I attempted to lay poolside with some skinnygirl 'rita, but unexpected thunder and lighting put a huge kink in our plan. #fail!

Satuday night, the ladies and I got all dolled up and headed out to dinner at a new restaurant in sexy Lexy called Nick Ryan's Saloon. It's a new lil cozy restaurant downtown that was just adorable and the atmosphere has that comfortable/neighborhood feel. I had an outstanding shrimp and white bean salad...makes my mouth water just thinking about it. We will definitely be going back.

After dinner, we headed over to Dudleys for another glass of wine. Dudley's is probably my favorite restaurant in lexington. If you are ever in the downtown MUST go! It has been a lexington staple for nearly 30 years. The bar area is fabulous and the food is to for. Plus, they just opened a roof top/garden area for dinning and drinks. It was gorgeous! Definitely had the feel of some southern beach city. We made some new friends at the bar and ran into some familiar faces as well. Super fun!

After our 2nd 3rd or 4th, hey! who is counting? round of drinks, we made our way onto the downtown scene.

Here are some pics and commentary of our lil night :) Enjoy!

Caitlin and Angie were making fun of me over my "travel size" lipstick/lip gloss collection that is a staple in my purse.
 A step and repeat in lexington?? Who knew? We could not resist a photo op!

Angie came prepare with "sidekicks" also know as ballet flats with a bag that she stashes in her purse. Wussy! ;)

We cabbed in back to my lil palace and ordered the infamous Mad Mushroom cheesticks that I have not had in over 5 years since I was at Transy. These things were responsible for me gaining the freshmen junior 15. OMG i get disgusted thinking about them right not, but at that moment they were so freakin good!

Clearly did some damage!

Even lil bailey boy loved the cheesesticks. I think he was more excited about having 3 pretty girls to cuddle with. I wish I had set my camera to take a photo, but we all three crashed in my king size bed with bailey boy. Our own lil slumber party, just like college all over again. It was glorious!

 Love my ladies so much! MWAAAH!

Happy Hump Day ya'll!


Caitlin M. said...

The step and repeat should be your 5x8 pic. Too fun not to be. :)

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

Sounds like a great time! Those cheese sticks look amazing!!


Brunette & Blessed said...

you guys are so stinkin cute! sorry to hear about the breakup :/

Caitlin C. said...

LOVE the pictures... and omg those cheese sticks look just like something we have in chapel hill called "pokey stix." They're my absolute favorite late-night food, I just try not to order them too often! :)

Married...with a Pup said...

Haha, sounds like the best!! At OSU, we had cheese-sticks just like that called pokey sticks and they were delish!

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