Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Kev and I had quite the Easter weekend.
One for the memory books!
We had so much going on Easter Sunday that we opted to do the Saturday evening Easter service, just the two of us, before both of our families were under one roof for the first time.
Exciting stuff!
So we put on our Saturday best and off to church we went.

and that would be our new memory wall in the background. full of pics of strangers. it's a work in progress.
though if you look closely there is a baby bailey pic on the wall ;-)

That evening Kev's parents came to town with pizza and fresh salad in hand.
We spent Saturday night in with them on the couch watching a movie and enjoying each other's company.
My parent's drove up early Sunday morning for our Easter lunch/dinner.
My mama and my future MIL helped me out in the kitchen and we made enough food for an army!
Deviled Eggs, hashbrown casserole, broccoli casserole, my special green bean bundles, daddy's smoked ham, coleslaw, mama's baked beans and oreo/dirt pudding cake. Delish!!

My future MIL and her baby boy

KR and baby bro

Uggie Sue in her normal state of mind

It was so nice to have everyone under the same roof for such a special holiday.
Everything went perfect!!!!

The doggies loved it too.
This pic was taken moments before uggie decided to jump up in my spot and try to steal a piece of my ham.
little rascal!
We pigged out
and i think after our feast Charlie had already read all of our minds.....

We had around an hour before we needed to leave for the baptism.
So we put on a pot of coffee and sat around on the back patio enjoying the beautiful day in KY and talking all things wedding.

Please look at Uggie's face in this pic.
(kev had an outfit change for the baptism)
Of course I had to have a group photo :-)
And look who decided to get in on the action all on their own....precious doggies.

We then headed over to our church for the pond baptism.

Kev signed up

look out how many people were there for support.
there were over 300 people signed up to baptized in the pond that day.
it was amazing and so powerful!

Prayer circle involving our pastor and associate pastors performing the baptisms.
lines of people ready to wash away their sins on Easter Sunday

No matter where we go, those tattoos are already a source of conversation. Even if you are getting baptized :-)
Kev was baptized by one of the main youth pastor's at our Church, Nate.
Discussing Kev's "journey"
These pics speak for themselves

This one is my favorite, the one of him coming back up from the water.
Every time I look at it I am so emotionally overwhelmed and so proud of him.

So blessed that Kev's parents and my parents were able to be part of such a special day.

I can not even begin to describe the emotions i had last Sunday.
I am so in love with this man and I am so thankful that God put us in each other's lives.
So blessed that we were able to share this holiday with the most important people in our lives and remember what Easter is all about.
And for Kev to be baptized....just made this Easter even more special.
To God Be the Glory :)


Leslie said...

Your memory wall looks awesome, and what an incredible Easter weekend. Those are some great pictures you took of his baptism!

Valerie Griffin said...

looks like an amazing weekend!

Cat Simmonds said...

Beautiful, congrats!

Courtney Ferry said...

I love this post! You will always cherish those precious pictures of him getting baptized,so sweet.

Courtney said...

Such an awesome weekend!! The food looked great. I can't wait to host holidays soon!!

Ashley Marie said...

what an amazing weekend!

I LOVE your memory wall! I have to see now if you have a shot of JUST the wall =) have fun filling it up =)

Beth said...

sounds like a great easter weekend. such a special one.

p.s. love the memory wall y'all are making. i want to make one.

The Pink Growl said...

this is amazing! What a cool idea for a huge baptism like that. I love it - so special!

Kelly said...

Nice pics :) My boyfriend and I went to church together for the first time on Easter Sunday and I can already tell it has brought us closer together. Congrats to Kev!

Erin said...

I totally teared up looking through the baptism pictures. What a SPECIAL Easter for you all! :)

Your memory wall is going to look so great!!! Can't wait to see it all filled up!

Pamela said...

AWW! Loves this. Gives me chills! SOO sweet!!

emenchho said...

What an amazing experience your families got to share in!

PS - Tagged you in a blog award on my blog!

Eesh said...

Yayyy Kev!!! An amazing journey & experience.

Whit hun, you look gorgeous...as always! How do you do it?!


Jessica said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Congrats on the Baptisim..always a wonderful thing!

Brooke said...

I had NO idea he was baptized in the pond. Way to go, him! That's incredibly exciting. We had so much fun on Saturday, we should do it again : )

Ashley said...

Seriously, this post makes me heart smile. I got a lil' choked up...I think its amazing how supportive you are and Kev getting baptized! Such a beautiful thing! I'm very happy God brought you guys back together...stronger than ever! I truly wish you guys all the happiness and love in the world. God is good!! :)

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