Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bailey's 6th Birthday and Wedding Wednesday

Last month my 4 legged furbaby turned 6.
Bailey Boy has had a cake from the dog barkery for every birthday. He may or may not have even had a birthday party for his 1st celebration.
If you are one of those people who thinks I am too nutso over my dog....then I suggest you stop reading now.
If you are one of those people who think a dog is part of your family...carry on.

At first he kinda just stares at it.

I think he is in slight shock that the whole cake is his.

The guest of honor at Bailey's birthday this year was of course Miss Uggie Sue.

Bailey was nice enough to share some his cake.

After we blew out the candles and ate our cake and ice cream, we took the doggies on one of our favorite walks.
Over to the soccer fields close to our house that we have turned into our own lil dog park.
It's Bailey's favorite thing in the world.
You can ask him "do you want to go on a walk" and he cocks his little head and goes crazy all the way out the door.

Bailey is very hyper and requires A LOT of exercise and play.

While Uggie is content to just eat weeds.
Oh bullies are so stubborn

Occasionally she will get the urge to play with him

Sometimes he likes to chew on sticks

like really large sticks

And sometimes we chase each other

and sometimes we just get tired and let Uggie work on the stick for us

He told me he had a wonderful birthday ;-)

So you may think I am craaay craay over our dogs, but I am not the only one.
If Kev and I are 100 percent on the same page about anything it is our dogs!
We are such softies for animals and our next house will be out in the boonies with lots of farmland where we can rescue as many dogs as we want.

It was never a surprise to those close to us that our doggies would be part of our wedding.
We had both talked about that long before I actually got some bling on my hand.
It's something we have always wanted.
Let's be honest, we are getting married in a barn, so of course they will be there.
Kev and I have even hired an official "doggie wrangler" to be in charge of Bailey and Uggie come wedding day.

So wedding Wednesday today is about the dogs!

I am totally seeing Bailey in a burlap bow tie.
I am have looking through them on Etsy.
Check out this little guy's bow tie

Uggie is totally wearing a floral necklace and maybe a little off white tutu.
Seriously, my florist has "Uggie Sue" listed in the floral proposal.
I love it!

I think I am most excited about the dogs being a part of the big day for the sweet photos we are going to get.
Ahh, i am so looking forward to it.
The thing is, I think it's one of Kev's favorite parts too.
Which melts me heart.
I love a man who has a sensitive side for animals. It's one of the first things I fell in love with when I met Kevin.


 Crazy? Maybe.
One thing is for sure, we LOVE our dogs!


xo kelsey said...

i love the idea of dogs wearing bow ties to their owners' wedding! pets are family too :) so cute!

Pamela said...

I don't think it's crazy!! I LOVE it!! Our puppies are our babies :)

Jes said...

Chris and I actually got into a fight because he didn't want Sharkie at our wedding. I threw down the gauntlet. I said it was me AND the dog.. or no me. It was THAT serious. And it still is!

Married...with a Pup said...

Love love love it!!!! Happy birthday to Bailey. Brutie man is a little jealous because he has not received a cake for his birthday:-)

Allyson Butler said...

How sweet! They are going to look precious at your wedding - I love a dog in a bow tie!


Christy {SparklesandSpinach} said...

Awww, that is so sweet! We celebrate all of our pets bdays too =) I think it's awesome they are going to be in your wedding!!!

Cat Simmonds said...

How sweet of you, you are a fabulous Fur-momma, and Happy Birthday to your Bailey, we share the same birthday :) ~Catalina

Brooke said...

Um, I hope, hope, hope he wears a bowtie. That is too precious.

Sarah said... If I didn't already love you, this post would make it happen!! I cannot wait to see pics of the pups in their wedding attire!!! It's gonna be so stinkin' cute! :)

JJ said...

love the cake! Happy belated birthday Bailey!

Cassie said...

This post is amazing. I completely understand where you are coming from! I don't think that you are craaa at all! I think you are one of the best moms in the entire world :)

The Pink Growl said...

We definitely want our dogs involved in our wedding - go for it!

Jessica said...

I think Bailey had a wonderful birthday! He's lucky to have such great owners!

Eesh said...

Awwww Happy Birthday Bailey!!!!

Those pups in ties are so adorable!!! I can't wait to dress my Baileah in one for my wedding (whenever that is)


Erin said...

Oh my WORD! I melted over all those puppy wedding pictures!! Your pups are going to look sooooo cute!

Those pics of Bailey looking at the cake before he dove in cracked me up. Like "HUH?!" :)

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