Tuesday, October 18, 2011

weekend wrap-up

Well hello friends!
Hope everyone had an oh-so-fabulous weekend.
Wanted to re-wind and share with you my latest shenanigans. Friday night I hit downtown for a delicious dinner and some sips of Bourbon at one of my new favorite local spots in Lexington, Nick Ryan’s Saloon. The make my new favorite drink…a Ginger Bourbon.  A combination of some high end Ky bourbon with fresh ginger root….delish! All of us Ky gals love a good sip of bourbon :).  I had some amazing gnocchi for dinner and I am so ticked that I accidentally deleted the pic….woopsie.

Shared dinner with this guy, who I am sure some of you remember….

If this pic isn’t worth a million words, then I don’t know what is.  Regardless, we had a great night and that is all that matters. More on this sitchy in the future. Just trying to live in the moment, do what makes me happy, and let the good man above be the driver. 

After dinner, we headed over to Rupp Arena for Big Blue Madness…which did not disappoint. 

Can you say 7 time national champions? Bam! Look at those banners

At big blue madness we hung our 2011 final four banner from last season. It adds a nice touch don't ya think? Just looking for that 8th national championship this year.

We welcomed home some household ky names..aka former UK players now turned pro. Mr. Rondo, Mr. Meeks, Mr. Wall, Mr. Cousins, Mr. Knight, and Mr. Prince just to name a few.

And we can't forget about our 18 national time champions...our fabulous cheerleaders. Not gonna lie....this was one of my favorite parts of the night. That's right this gal was a cheerleader way back in the day...pretty sure there are tons of embarrassing high school pics out there. We shall save those for another day.

Big Blue Madness = Awesome!

The weather in the bluegrass on Saturday was perrrffffect for tailgating and football.  My parents came down and brought my precious 87 year old granny for baby bro’s football game.  It was a day full of family fellowship – the days I live for.  Here are some photos we snapped. BTW, EKU got another W.

Look at that adorable lil Granny of mine...and that sweet Bailey boy

Love he lil heart and so glad she came to tailgate with us

me and the mommy

Bailey is a world class begger....his papaw made him this way

just a lil bite of bbq for bailey

Daddo running the grill like a champ...i guarantee he makes the best steaks and burgers on the girl. i would put him next to anyone.

Mama's homemade sweet ice tea...the tailgate would not be complete without it

fellow whitesburgers joining in on the fun

Once a daddy's girl...always a daddy's girl :-)

Every game the EKU players do a "Colonel Walk" through the parking lots where all the tailgaters are and walk into the stadium. Snapped a great photo of Mom and her baby boy. Very sweet!

And also her and her second son, Tay.

baby brother has the biggest fan club in the world :-) he makes us all very, very proud

Sunday I got to spend some much needed time with my gal Megan and Angie. While we didn’t make it to keeneland, we did share some good times over some frozen yogurt and pannera…YUM! Megs and I plan to hit up betting on the ponies at keeneland on Friday. We both have the day off..woot woot! I feel an excuse for a new outfit coming on this week..and maybe some new shoes too...just saying.

We had such great weather all weekend long. I feel so happy and so fortunate.

I am loving the cool crisp air of these fall days. I hate that soon it will turn to snow. I wish fall lasted as long as winter does…I am dreading bundling up in 3 layers of clothing to take bailey out to potty. DREAD IT...just thinking bout it makes me cold...brrrr.

Hope all of you are having a very blessed week so far!



Kristen said...

Ooooh he is back in the picture?! I hope things are going well!

Turtles and Pearls said...

Sooo jealous you got to go to BBM! And I love that your Granny was tailgating with you all. So cute!!

J and A said...

YES for living in the moment Whitney! :) Hope things go in yo favor, you deserve it. :) Love all those tailgating pics! So fun!

Kate said...

Details STAT!!!

Ashley said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! wew follower here and lovin' your blog...I def stalked some of your old posts, so i do know who that is in that picture ;)

i'm so loving this line of yours "Just trying to live in the moment, do what makes me happy, and let the good man above be the driver." - sooooo true!!!

Married...with a Pup said...

Hmmm....I'm looking forward to this update! I'm so glad you are enjoying yourself, that's all that matters! Your Bailey looks like such a good boy! Lol, I was once a cheerleader too! Loved it!

Megan said...

Granny, Bailey, food, and football. What could be better?! Looks like a perfect weekend!!

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