Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Datenight with my Mama

This past weekend I had a very hot date...
with my mama of course :-)
As soon as I found out Lady Antebellum was playing in Eastern Ky, I jumped on the opportunity to buy us tickets. My mama was so thrilled and I was super excited as well. I LOVE country music concerts with a fiery passion.

We of course went out with our boots on.

And I had to snap a pic with my bailey boy before we headed out on the town.
                                                     He makes such a pretty, pretty boy.

The concert was at a smaller venue known as the Expo center in Pikeville, Ky which is very close to my hometown.

Lady A opened up with Josh Kelley and Randy Montana. For those of you who dont know, Lady A's leading male, Charles, is Josh Kelley's brother. Josh Kelley is also the hubby of the fabulous Katherine Heigl.  Just a lil background lesson for ya.

Snapped a few photos....but quality concert photos are hard to get. Even harder with my el cheapo camera. But they turned out not too shabby. See for yo'self.

And there they are, Hillary, Davis, and Charles aka Lady A

Davis is such a sweetie and he is so talented. He played everything from guitar to piano to madolin. His presence was so genuine. I feel like Oprah might call his energy that of an"old soul."

Miss Hillary can flat out sing! Girlfran has some major pipes. She is engaged to a big time Nashville drummer who is currently touring with Lady A. They were so cute during the show. You could catch them exchanging little glances. Her hubby to be was quite the lil hottie. She seemed so down to earth. My kinda gal :-)

Oh and then there is Charles. Oh Charles! I dont know what it is about this man...but he makes my blood boil a little. Now this gal does not go for skinny men. I like my man to have a little meat and taters on his bones :-) I especially don't care for super skinny men in super skinny jeans. And Charles' jeans were SKINNY. Like so skinny I dont think I could get my big toe in them. I am pretty sure the width of one of my thighs is equal to both of his. Ha! However, he has something about him that makes those skinny jeans look so masculine.

He was my favorite part of the show. I could listen to his voice everyday for the rest of my life. He was so personable during the show, too. Always interacting with the fans and so humble through the entire night. He definitely made some references to all those pretty Kentucky girls in the crowd and made all the ladies in the house blush. It was cute.

The chemistry that Charles and Hillary have is OFF THE CHARTS. It was a lil steamy if you ask me. I mean they really make you believe those songs they are singing are about the two of them. There was something very real, believable, and powerful about what goes on between them on stage. They brought their A game.

The group played for almost 2 hours. It was one of the best concerts I have been to in a while. So much positive energy and such good music. They were terrific live and I highly recommend ya'll go out and see them if they come to your town. If you are a country music fan, you will not be disappointed.

It was after 11 by the time we headed home. Late for a Sunday night. My dad is such big kid at heart and of course waited up for us to get home. He never rests to his gals are safe and sound at home. We called him before we headed back home.
I laughed so hard when he asked my mom...
 "hun, do you care to stop and get me some taco bell?"
she replied "only if we can buy you some skinny jeans"
hahah! I dont think he quite understood....especially since my papa is 6 foot 9.
We will just let Charles continue to pull off the skinny jeans.

here is a lil clip from the concert and my favorite Lady A song American Honey.

ya'll enjoy!


Stephanie and Such said...

HAHAHA, I was cracking up when you said "meat and taters on their bones!" I am right there with you girl frannd. Skinny boys are not my thing!

I get to go to Lady A in Seattle in March and am beyond excited (especially after this post!).

Sometimes I wonder about Hillary and Charles....I mean they gotta get really close and snuggly in concert, makes me wonder outside of the concerts? I know they are both married...but still!

Either way I love them! And I am so glad you gotta go!!

jamie marie said...

oh my gosh! so jealous [in a good way!] i want to see lady a so bad. i belt out to their cd on a daily basis. they'll be here in utah on valentines day...maybe i can get the bf to take me!?

looks like you had a blast!

Ashley said...

love me some josh kelley! you and your mama are too cute! looks like you ladies had a blast :)

Megan said...

Your outfit is absolutely adorable!! It looks like y'all had so much fun!

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