Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving to all my bloggy girls!
I am so thankful for becoming part of such a powerful circle this year
You guys are AMAZING!

I am also so thankful for the past 24 hours
We always have a small thanksgiving and a larger dinner at Christmas with extended family
I love that our turkey day is so small
My family came to Lex this year due to my work schedule (health care jobs = no holiday time off)
and baby bro's footballs schedule, too
So thankful that my parents, my granny, my brother, and 3 big boxers piled into my 750 square feet 1 bedroom apartment
and loved every single second of it. 
I love that My granny piled in my king size bed and that the three doggies attempted to pile in with us
Keep in mind my lil 87 year old granny is not a dog fan...especially a dog in the house fan.
We were literally on top of each other, but did not mind it at all

This morning while Mama was cooking
Daddo and I did some online shopping
Granny sipper her coffee
and the doggies were happy as a lark

I said "I love that we have all been in the same room soaking each other up"
My mom said "you sound like your brother"
Me - "what do you mean?"
Mom - "when Charlie was little he would always wish for the electricity to go we could all pile in one room by the fire place"
( the hills and hollers of eastern ky the Electricity can go out for days...we live in the boondocks ya'll)
It warmed my heart so much

It was one of my favorite thanksgivings in such a long time
just missing KR and Uggie Sue

I am so blessed and thankful for the amazing family I have
i am thankful for good health
thankful for this life i live
thankful for my bailey boy
thankful for my friends
thankful for my great job
for every blessing the good lord pours down on me

I am far too blessed :-)

(photos from today to come)

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday

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The Mrs.! said...

Hope you had a great gobble gobble day!

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