Sunday, November 20, 2011

Boots, Bourbon & Brew

Hey ya'll!

This weekend I went to an event with some of my faves called Boots, Bourbon and Brew. Now us Kentucky gals LOVE our bourbon. I mean we are home to the Bourbon trail! If you all are ever in KY it is a MUST to checkout. You can see all the beauty of the bluegrass in Central Ky and taste and tour 6 different bourbon distilleries. And if there is one thing I LOVE with my bourbon (other than diet coke or gingerale) it is my BOOTS!.

I have a boot obsession...and it is kind of a problem. I want to buy them all year round...even in the summma summa summa time. I dont know what it is about them, but for some reason I feel more sassy and sexy in my boots than my highest pumps.

So this shindig we went to is an annual fall event hosted by the Lexington Cancer Foundation's Pegasus Board. The Pegasus board is made up of a group of gals who focus on philanthropy and raising some $$$ for the fight against cancer. I mean, who doesn't love a good time for a good cause?

We had a fabulous time.
I made some new lexington friends
 had too many several bourbon samples and drinks
danced our lil butts off to some country music....
 listened to the rap lyrics of Nappy Roots #sofreakinRANDOM!!!
participated in a 230am taco bell run
and took lots of photos

Have a peak for yourself :-)

lil miss megan and I....LOVE this girl more than words could ever express!

This cutie was my date

Ronnie and KR shared a few pre-game drinky drinks before we headed downtown

A new friend + one of my faves from work = a FABULOUS Friday night

Isn't Maggie an absolute doll? LOVE her!

The Newlyweds -Megan and JC

Maggie and I getting our white girl rhythm on the dance floor yo!

They had a great country cover group from Nashville called Savannah. That lil lead singer was a pistol...sassiest thang I have seen in a while. Loved every second of her belting out some great country songs.

Maggie and KR making buddies and double fistin'

After the event, we hit up one of our favorite local hot spots and enjoyed some great company. At that point, I think it was in everyone's best interest if my camera stayed in my purse.

Overall, the night was a super success.

How were ya'lls weekends? Cant wait to read about them. :-)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Boots, bourbon, and brew.....sounds like a blast! If I'm ever in KY I'm definitely gonna have to try me some bourbon. So glad you had a fun weekend lady! :)

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