Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Shenannies

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How does Monday get here so fast...and I am never excited to see it?!?!
Kev and I live for our weekends, and boy did we have a busy and fun one that just flew by.
Kev had been in NYC since Tuesday. I picked him up straight from work at the airport friday afternoon. I was so excited to wrap my arms around him.
While he was in NYC i surprised him with this lil somthin- somethin delivered to his room

It's super lil boy cheezzzzzy, and that's my favorite part about it. Thursday was 5 months since our wedding day and I though KR needed to know that Baily, Uggie Sue and I were missing him big time from home. He brought the cookies back to lex to share with me.

Friday we came home and visited with the doggies. They always get so excited when Kev comes home from a work trip. After they settled down, we decided to have dinner and drinks at GCB in Chevy Chase. We were impressed. We both had the salmon on jalapeno and cream cheese grits with fried green maters. YUMMM! We also split bread pudding with homemade KY bourbon sauce. It was like a little piece of heaven.
After dinner, we hit up the movies to watch Tom Cruise's latest, Oblivion.

Saturday we woke up to 40 degree weather in the bluegrass - WTF!!?!
Our plans to spend time on the patio were crushed, but we made the most of our day by running a ton of to-do errands.
We had a nice lunch at Harry's with sweet tea instead of cocktails.
Afterwards, we hit up bed bath and beyond, lowe's, home goods, and the starving artist gallery.
Got a new wreath for the front door, some flowers for the patio, and supplies to mulch the front and backyard.

We opted for the Saturday evening church service this week and we left feeling so blessed to be children of our mighty God. It was so powerful.

We picked up Jimmy Johns' subs on the way home and curled up on the couch with a movie. My kind of Saturday night.

Sunday we were on a mission.
I hit up the grocery to prepare for our semi-raw week that Steph is kicking off tomorrow,
 and we also had all kinds of stuff to do around the house.

Kevin mulched the front yard flower/shrub bed, while I whipped it up in the kitchen all afternoon.
I have never cut up so many veggies in my life preparing for #rawweek2013.




Kev is such a trooper and is being so supportive with going on a raw diet this week with a few suggestions per him.
The only thing we are doing different is adding eggs, can't live without our hard boiled eggs, and adding some grilled veggies (made all natural) for dinner meals only. Completely raw for breakfast, lunch and snacks. I can live with that and so can Hubs.
We started yesterday and are gonna go strong till friday dinner. We can't give up our friday and saturday dinners out on the town. I can say that in 24 hours my energy and sugar levels have been much more stable. Not a single sugar crash. I have even been drinking my coffee black....this girl just doesn't do that. Steph has lots of links for recipes and meal planning. Go take a look.

We ended our weekend with dinner on our patio by the fire pit followed by our favorite, a new episode of Game of Thrones.

A fabulous weekend indeed!





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Jess Casey said...

Good luck with this raw stuff sister! No way jose could I do that in this house. My hubs would be hunting in the back yard lol!

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