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Our Honeymoon

ummm yeah - i forgot i hadn't published this post....Whoopsie.
Let's all go back a few months

Our Honeymoon
November 19th - 25th

Holy Crap - we just got married!

Kev and I left the very next morning after our wedding for sunny St. Lucia.
You can read all about the morning after our wedding here
Kevin planned an amazing week in paradise for us at the Sandals Resort in St. Lucia.
Y'all I can't say enough good things about this tropical paradise.
It was breathtaking.

After we landed and made our way through customs, we were whisked away to the resort.
We stopped on our private car service (holla!) for a quick photo op at one of the local fishing towns.
It was gorgeous.

If y'all ever do a Sandals resort, I highly highly recommend spending a few extra pennies on getting butler services.

We arrived to the private check in area that afternoon after a long day of traveling.
The staff welcomed us with open arms rum punch, a warm toilette, and hors d'oeuvres.
We literally didn't even have to give them our names. It was like they magically knew exactly who were were.
After about 10 min, they called for Mr. and Mrs. W
Our luggage had already been taken to our room and we were escorted there by our butler, and new friend, Marcus.

Marcus gave us a quick overview of the resort followed by our own cell phone that would ring directly to him if we needed anything at all.....a reserved spot at the pool, 24/7 room service, a massage scheduled, lunch, drinks, dinner name it and he would do it for us with one phone call.
I thought I would have the hardest time calling and making such ridiculous requests, but let's just say by day 2, I got over that.

After getting us settled in our room, Marcus popped us open a bottle of champagne and we toasted to a week on island time.
Ahh...can we just go back?

We settled into our home for the week and opted for a casual dinner that first night.
Trying to soak all the whirlwind in - we were finally husband and wife....and on our honeymoon!
How did a girl get so lucky?

Day 2 Highlights
- Marcus brought us breakfast on the patio,made us appointments for a couples massage and reserved our spot by the pool
-The couples massage was the most amazing massage Kev and I have ever had in our lives. No Joke!
- We got a tour of the resort and made plans for excursions later on in the week
- spent the majority of the day poolside sipping mojitos and the local beer, Piton
- had our lunch brought to us poolside and discovered our love for Neptune's veggie wraps.
- we may or may not have noticed the red warning flag flying on the beach, and lost a serious battle with the waves. i did recover my bikini top, but Kev's sunglasses never made it out of the ocean.

I learned on day 2  that they had photographers following you around all week at the resort.
Uh-oh, poor Kev is all I can say.

We had dinner at The Piton Restaurant on night #2 - and ate the most spicy shrimp known to man

 Day 3
Day 3 was a big day....we laid by the pool, headed out to our first excursion, met new friends and got our room upgraded :-)

Marcus had scheduled us for the Piton Sunset Cruise on a catamaran that afternoon. We decided to sip some cold drink and work on our tans that morning.

We had lunch again on the beach at Neptunes

That afternoon we set out to cruise to the Pitons on a catamaran
The Pitons are the  famous mountains of St. Lucia that Orpah says is one of the top ten things to see during your lifetime.
They were gorgeous and so majestic. I felt like I was in another world.

In Soufrière (where the Pitons are located) we sampled local food and got to snorkel at the bottom of the mountains. Kev and I had neither one snorkeled before, so it was very special and romantic for us. This was one of our favorite memories of the entire trip.

On the catamaran cruise we made friends with two other newlywed couples.
Such a neat experience because we all had just gotten married.

The tour guides threw a sunset party for us on the way back to the resort. They popped bubbly and even had a small dance party on the lower deck.
We sipped champagne with out new friends and were blessed to see such a gorgeous sunset.

I learned very quickly from our new friends that not everyone had butler services at the resort. They joking called my Kim Kardashian the rest of the week...i semi revelled in it. ha!
We immediately plotted to make dinner reservations together when we got back to the resort.
We called Marcus up and he arranged a nice dinner for the 6 of us. It was so much fun to meet new friends and instantly click with all of them.

On the way back from the sunset cruise, our room had gotten upgraded to a two story villa with private pool. SAY WHAT?!?!

Bottom left - Marcus and the other butler staff were always coming up with surprised in our room. The towel puppets were my favorite. They always accompanied a candlelit room.

day 4

We were slightly in awe of our new residence in the resort, accompanied with terry cloth robes. You know i had to break out the tripod :-)

This photo is taken from the couch in the living room area. You could jump into the pool from the edge of the living room. It was so pretty that it didn't even look real.

Day 4 consisted of sunning, sipping and splurging on good food poolside with our new friends.

We had dinner reservations at the hibachi grill that evening

We accidentally sipped a lil too much bubbly before dinner, which lead to me making an embarrassing explanation of our new vegetarian lifestyle. Kev just shook his head....

After dinner, we decided we would host happy hour at our new villa.
I mean we didn't want our 24/7 stocked bar to go to waste and all so we  invited our new friends over for a few cocktails

Somehow, us gals talked the boys into signing up for the Newlywed game/contest at the resort that night.
Little did we know, all three couples would get chosen to participate in front of all the other honeymooners.
Kev and I held our own through what was some pretty embarrassing/personal questions, but that cute lil couple in the middle won the whole kiten-cabooddle.

Day 5

The day I got Kev Tipsy and talked him into a photo session on the beach with the resort photographers.

That night we went to the local Street Party and ate dinner with our favorite butler, Marcus.

Day 6

Our last full day at the resort

We woke up early for coffee and headed straight for the pool.
I think i ate bread pudding three times that day....whoops!

Our last evening there we saw the prettiest sunset and you know i had those photographers come snap our photos.......i am a sneaky one.

We had dinner at La Toc on our last night. Marcus made us reservations for some amazing french cuisine with white glove service. Fancy Schmancy.
It was our favorite meal of the whole trip.
During dinner we made buddies with the couple sitting at the table beside of us. We just adored them! You know me, I can talk to the wall if it walks back, especially if there is vino involved.  We invited them to meet up for drinks with our other honeymoon friends after dinner.

That evening we met up with all of our new friends at the English pub for farewell drinks.

Us girls gabbed all night ....

while the boys enjoyed cigars.

Day 7

I planned to get up early and get my tan on under the last few moments of St. Lucian sun, but it didn't happen.
We opted for mimosas and brunch instead.

That man below is all mine....i can't wait to spend forever and ever with him!

Thank you Kev for the most amazing honeymoon! While i adored St. Lucia, the pampering, the food and drinks, the memories and everything in between....I most enjoyed waking up each morning next to you as your wife.

And y'all - that was our honeymoon :-)


Brittany said...

That sounds like the absolute perfect trip!!

brittany @ g squared said...

We're staying there! You just got me so much more excited for my honeymoon :)

Pamela said...

Oh my GOSH. The pictures. I'm in love! You make me want to do an all inclusive EVEN more! Love the picture of y'all and the sunset/heart!

Jill said...

Ummm I think I might have to go there for our next vacation. I love our resort from Mexico the last two years but this place is pretty gorgeous :) I have to have a butler ya know...hehe just call me Kimmy K

Jess Casey said...

W e stayed in st Lucia too!mwe didi Sandals Grande St Lucian and it was amazing. We went to the resort that you stayed at for sushi and hibachi!

abigail mack said...

Ahh it all sounds so wonderful! I just found your blog and your posts are so cute :) I'm getting married in June and now am so so excited for my honeymoon!

Brooke said...

Looks like such a fun time! Congrats! That resort looks awsome too!

=) Brooke

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I love when you meet someone and just click-and even better if the girls AND guys like each other! Seriously gorgeous pics. I went to St. John last year and I look at pics and daydream about it all the time.

PinkLouLou said...

You two are SO STINKING CUTE. I love all of this. And you are a hottie!

Anonymous said...

SO cute!! We went to Sandals too (Emerald Bay) and I couldn't agree more about the butler - worth every penny!

Kelly said...

Sounds like an amazing trip! So glad you had a great experience, I've heard so many good things about Sandals :)

Eesh said...

Amazing amazing!!! Your photos always get me going Whit! You are super gorge and I'm so happy for both you & Kev (haha sounds like I been knowing you forever huh?)


According to Jax said...

Just read this post!! RESORT PHOTOSHOOT!!!!!! No way on earth my hubby would ever agree to do that....but the one of you laying on him on the beach...wowzaz!! That's a framer for the nightstand! haha! :)

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