Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The morning after our wedding...

What a whirlwind the wedding weekend was.

Most of you know that Kevin and I got married on a Sunday (due to baby brother's college football schedule) and we opted to leave for our honeymoon the very next day. Call us crazy, but we were in the love with the idea of living in the moment and riding the wedding adrenaline as far as we could.
That is just what we did.

We left our hotel at 5am the morning after our wedding and headed to the airport. I don't even think we got back to the hotel room till after 1am the previous night.
I rocked my wedding hair the next day. Bobby pins intact and all.
We got to the airport early enough to have some breakfast and take time to breathe before jumping on the plane that was. St. Lucia bound.

That morning there was a lot of traffic flying into the Atlanta airport, where we would have our connecting flight.
Side note: we had approx 50 min to make our connecting flight. We knew it was gonna be a fast paced morning. ATL airport is HUGE.

Kev and I noticed our plane was running a little behind schedule, and about that time the captain came over the plane loud speaker to announce we would be on at least a 30 -45 minute delay.
I thought Kev was gonna loose it. He was so mad.
I, of course, started crying.
There was no way we were gonna make it to our connecting flight on time. No possible way!
Total bridal meltdown occurred that morning.

Somehow, by the grace of God, our pilot made up for lost time in the air and the flight attendant assured Kev and I we would make it to our gate on time. We would have to book it, but would make it, or so she insisted.
As soon as the plane landed and the seat belt light came on, Kev and I ran off of that plain and sprinted through the ATL airport.

Let's just keep in mind I have full bridal hair and a hoody embroidered with
on the back....and we are running on zero sleep.

We were running so hard that I literally had to stop in the middle of our frenzy to catch my breath. I would hardly so I was in bad shape either since I had been in full operation wedding dress mode for 2 months.

We ran and ran and ran.
Of course our gate would be at the furthest end of the terminal.
I ran up to the ticket counter and the man said "you barely made it."
Yeah, no sh*t Sherlock!

Bottom line, we made it to our plane just in the nick of time. Surrounded by other honeymooners that were St. Lucia bound.
However, most people had been married on that Saturday. I felt like Kev and I were the only crazy ones running around on an hour of sleep, in full panic mood that the first night of our honeymoon would be spent in Atlanta.

I look back on it and laugh now, but it was far from funny in that moment.
At least we have a memory right?!?

We spent the next weekend in paradise on the island of St. Lucia.
Come back friday to read all about it :-)


Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

This is a really great story!! I love your wedding pic and that hoody! I want one!

Ashley Barnhill said...

HAHA I can only imagine a couple running through the airport with wedding hair and a just married jacket. Love it! We actually missed our flight out of Houston for our honeymoon, oops! I shared a few harsh words with the poor United lady and told her to get us on a plane to somewhere because I was not going home to try again the next day. I was surprisingly really calm about the whole thing and it's really funny now that I look back on it. Can't wait to see all of the honeymoon pictures! Happy Friday!

brittany @ g squared said...

My honeymoon is going to be in St. Lucia too! Did you guys stay at Sandals?

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