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Rehearsal Dinner

November 17th, 2012
My last night as a single gal.

I seriously LOVED our rehearsal dinner.
It was very small and intimate with only immediate family and the wedding party.
We wanted a comfortable and down home type atmosphere for our rehearsal dinner.
With all the stress that can come with a wedding planning, Kevin and I insisted the rehearsal dinner be a causal affair where people could let their hair down, kick back and have a good time.
And that is just what we did!

We choose Ramsey's diner for our Rehearsal dinner.
Ramseys is a very old fashion yet eclectic diner locally owned in Lexington since the 1980s. Their menu includes things like the infamous Kentucky hot brown, fried cat fish, soup beans & cornbread, and chicken fried steak with gravy.
It may not be the best place for you cholesterol, but I guarantee your taste buds will thank you.
 If y'all are ever in Lex it's a must stop on your list.
We snapped a few photos of the house before making our way out for the evening

I just love this pic of me and Kev

Kev and all his groomsmen minus Ron

Our menu included the Ramseys' staples: fried chicken, fried catfish, hot browns and country fried steak to name a few....and all the country fixins to go with it.
(there was a grilled chicken option - just fyi for all you health nuts)
We also served pecan and peanut butter pie family style. It was all so delish!!!

Kevin "Rex" and his parents

My close gal pal Caitlin and her bf

Although the dress at Ramsey's is very casual, I rocked my Vera Wang dress.
Jeans and boots were encouraged, but I was the bride and I could break any rule I wanted to.
When my momma and I picked out my dress, it became a running joke that I was wearing such a fancy schmancy dress when most people would be in blue jeans.
I remember trying it on for Kev the first time...his reaction....
"are you REALLY going to where that?"
Hells yeah I am! And I did.
My bestie Meg, my MOH

Shauna, a bridesmaid, and her sweet baby Quinn

My long time bestie and other MOH, Katrina

On the left is lil miss Anne, one of my closests friends. She would be the one marrying us the next day!
That sweetie on the right is Cati who is finally living in the USA! Watch out Austin, Texas!
Bridesmaids: Megan, Katrina and Amber

My new in-laws :-)

Kev got all of his groomsmen these fun Justin belt buckles with their last name initial on them. They wore these with their suits and boots on wedding day. I love the country/rustic look to them

The whole wedding weekend I was in love with having friends together from different parts of my life. Childhood, high school, college, grad school, post college
It was on those paths that I made some of the most important friendships that made our wedding that more special.

There was something about your friends and family in one place that completely filled my love tank.

I still can't believe I got to marry this man!

After we gorged on pecan pie, the bridal party headed over to my favorite hole in the wall bar in Lex...
Chinoe Pub.
This isn't just any dive bar, it comes equipped with karoke. And karaoke here my friends, is taken very seriously!
It was the perfect way to spend the night before our wedding if I do say so myself. Nothing better than you and your friends crooning some country tunes with some cold ones.

Baby brother's girlfriend, Brittany, was the ultimate right hand woMAN this weekend to my mother and I. I don't think we could have done it without her. I will murder my brother if he doesn't marry her one day. We just can't let her take him to back to sunny California. We like them here in Kentucky.

My brother had the weekend of his life...oh to be 22 again.

The lil momma to be didn't let her bun in the heaven keep her from hanging out with us all night. She was a trooper!

I felt so lucky that night because not only do I have such a great group of gal pals, but Kev has the best guys in his life, too. I love all of them to death. I am so thankful for them and the relationships they have with my groomy.

Baby bro and Megs got the party started with some Tom Petty.

How many of you gals can say you sang karaoke with the pastor that is going to marry you the night before your wedding.

I bet not too many of you.
and if you did happen to do that the night of your rehearsal....did you sing Gangsta's Paradise Coolio style?
I think not! :-)
It was classic

We were planning round 2 to be TLC's Waterfalls, but it just didn't happen. Too much excitement or booing in round 1. oops!

What rehearsal dinner night could be complete without the last single girl kiss?

That night all I could think about was ....i am going to marry Kev.
I mean let's be honest, I had nine months to think about that, but that night it just hit me. I was gonna spend the rest of my life with this man. Nothing on this earth could have made me any happier.

We spent the night in a local hotel, me in the bridal suite with my gals and Kev was with his boys.
I had butterflies all night.
Megan and I shared a bedroom that night and I remember he saying before I went to bed......
"you are gonna be Whitney Winchester tomorrow"
I had dreamed about that moment for years.
It was happening!!

2.5 months later, I still think about that night and how excited I was to wake up the next day to marry my best friend. I can honestly say that I wake up everyday still excited about being his wife.

I love you Kevin "Rex"!


Cassie said...

girl you totally rocked that dress. seriously and you kev's pictures just GLOW with love. it's SO cute!!

Jordon said...

Knowing how Ramsey's is I think it is AWESOME you wore that dress there and totally rocked it might I add. Oh Chinoe Pub. This makes me miss Lexington times 10!

Whitney said...

i love Ramseys. They actually catered my wedding! :-)

Jill said...

Love all your pictures! I think you look fab in your dress, and I love that you picked Ramsey's! YUM :) I feel like I recognize your friend Caitlin, but I can't place her. That's going to bug me, lol

Katie said...

AH I love this! I love that you picked a place where people could be relaxed, have some country cooking, and wear blue jeans! Not to mention I love your dress! The bride should always be the center of attention! We are planning to go to a piano bar after the rehearsal dinner..I think something like that is SO fun! Loving all your wedding is definitely getting me excited about mine!

Married...with a Pup said...

Ahh I've been waiting for this post. I couldn't wait to see the dress!! You looked so fabulous girl. You can totally see the excitement in your face. Looks like a wonderful rehearsal dinner/night.

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