Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Honeymoon Preview

Here is a lil photo preview of our honeymoon in St. Lucia.

Don't worry, I have a whole post lined up with all the St. Lucia fun :-)

The resort had private photographers roaming around to take your pic at any given second. Ummm hello, you know I was all over it.
Poor, poor Kev.
A couple of mojitos and breswkis later, I even talked him in to getting in the sand with me for some beach photo ops. I need y'all to appreciate this because it is so not his style.
We did almost get washed away, but it made for a great laugh and memory.
I thought Kev would have a heart attack when we went to the photo station at the end of the week to bring some pics home with us. Let's just say for for 10 -14 digital images I could have done some damage in the retail therapy department. But hey, it was our honeymoon and like any good husband, he bit the bullet and broke out his credit card :-)

More on the honeymoon to come.
I can't say enough good things about St. Lucia.
Total paradise!


Eesh said...

Looks like loads of fun! I loved your outfits & that bikini & OMG woman you're hot! That body!!!! UGH!


P.S When the men in your life let you snap photos of them, seize the opportunity! haha :)

Jessica Nicole said...

I am taking a mental note right now that if I ever get married the honeymoon resort has to have a photog! Oh my gahhh your pics are amazing! I especially love the shexyyy on in the sand and the sun set one! I can't even imagine the money I would have dished out for pics. haha you go girl!

The Mrs. said...

I can't wait to hear more about the trip! We love the islands too! I would love to know where yall stayed! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Can't wait to go on our honeymoon in MAY!!!!

Brittany said...

You look great in the pictures!!

I was going to ask who you found to take all of those pictures. On site photographer?? Brilliant!

Whitney said...

I was going to ask you who took all those photos! I would be in heaven with an on-site photographer. Every time my hubby and I go on vacation, I always ask strangers. Sometimes the pictures turn out. Other times they don't, because they don't know how to work my camera lol

When my hubby and I went on my first cruise, I probably made him by like 30 photos. Needless to say on the next cruise, we bought 0. HAHA

Gorgeous pics girl!

Erin said...

Wow! Looks gorgeous! I love the last picture with the sunset! What a great picture to hang in your home! Glad you're enjoying yourselves so much!

Jill said...

Well as you know, I've already stalked all these photos on facebook. I also will be planning a vacation to St. Lucia sometime in my future. It is gorgey! :)

Brooke Houston said...

ahh a beach honeymoon is the right way to do it! Y'all are a gorgeous couple. We plan on bringing a tripod to get some stand alone shots of us... yeah we're going to be that couple, but hey, you gotta capture those memories!!

Jordon said...

T is in charge of planning our honeymooon, but I have been dropping some HEAVY hints for St. Lucia.. Let's hope he is a good listener bc it looks gorgeous!!! LOVE the pics!

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Jess said...

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! I'm new to the blog and can't wait to read the rest and check out your wedding!

Ashley said...

Whitney these are AMAZING!!!! you're making my beach fever even worse than it is! ok and my boyfriend fever ;)

you are stunning muffin!

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It looks like you had a great time!!

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