Thursday, February 21, 2013

If you really knew me...

you would know that....

i have the hardest time with change. i always get through it, but have difficulty welcoming it with open arms

all of my grandparents that were alive when i was born are still living. blessed!

i talk to my mother every day via text and phone. there are usually multiple facetime convos as well through the week. what can i say? i never cut the cord

i am 5'9" tall with a size TEN ski shoe. i come by it honest from my dad who is 6'9"

i have the biggest heart for animals, but my husband's heart and passion for them is even bigger than mine

i can't function without 1-2 cups of coffee as soon as i wake's kind of a problem

i pay no attention to details, just ask Kev. we are night and day when it comes to that....he doesn't miss anything and i miss everything when it comes to the deetz

that's probably why I can't spell to save my life. as a therapist, i also write in abbreviations and fragmented sentences for a living....that doesn't make my spelling any better. be kind to the errors in my blog. i am not an idiot, only human ;-)

i get really cranky and fussy when i am sleepy. AND, i require A LOT of sleep. like at least 8 hours

i wash my hair only 1-2 x per week...gross i know.

i have a major issue with picking at my face....even grosser

there is hardly a day that goes by that ice cream doesn't enter my mouth. it may be just a spoonful, but it happens.
i often cry at commercials, especially if it involves animals

i am horrible with money, thank goodness my husband is amazeballs at it and always has been, but damn you budget...i still dont like you :-)

i HATE the gym, but love the results

i always go commando to the gym. tis true. sorry if that offends you.

i want kev and i to move out into the country asap and never live in a subdivision again. i want to be able to walk to my mailbox topless if i want to. hey - i grew up in the middle of no-man's-land.

i am a procrastinator, always have been

i have to make myself wash my face at night. i hate the nighttime beauty routine

i look at least some of my wedding photos every day...or watch the wedding video. does that go away???

i have to have communal space in our home clean and neat, but if you open my dresser drawers they are always a mess.what people can't see....they don't have to know about it.

i am the biggest homebody. i could nest, nest and nest

i am HORRIBLE at painting my nails. i would rather pay someone anyday

i DESPISE grocery shopping

we became vegetarians in august of 2012 and are still going strong. we are still eating fish, so technically we are  Pescetarians. i sure do miss fried chicken.....

i am sensitive and tend to wear my heart on my sleeve

my favorite part of the day is walking in the door after work to two dogs wagging their tails and jumping all over me, followed by a kiss from kev.

I have poor time management skills....i blame my mother

i LOVE that i grew up in Eastern Kentucky and have a lil redneck side that comes out to play on occasion.

i got a wee lil bit of botox in my forehead before the wedding.....GASP!!! truth is - i am hooked.line.and sinker. don't judge me because i have dancing eyebrows. and dang it, it's starting to wear off.


Brooke said...

OH girl. First I love this post so, so much.

I didn't know you had big feet, but you get all the good shoes when they are on sale! I don't pay attention to details either. At all. I hate washing my hair. And I am a pescetarian too! And the fried chicken is hard, but sometimes fried fish helps. Just an idea. I know it's not healthy, but it helps when you just need that fried food. And you do not need botox....xoxo, Brooke

Pamela said...


Charlie's Mommy (Beth) said...

I DESPISE grocery shopping as well. People always think I am weird when I say that so I am glad to hear someone else feels the same way.

BTW...I so want to get botox but have no clue where to begin and who I should go to. No judgement here!!

J and A said...

Love this!! And girl we have a ton in common!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I'm with you on everything! Except the gym thing LOL I hate living in a neighborhood as well, I grew up in the country and we've been house hunting for over 2 years trying to move out of town a bit. And Botox.....I've been addicted since my's pretty amazing stuff!

Whitney said...

We have quite a bit in common!!!

1. I'm not 5'9" but I'm 5'8" and wear a size 10 shoe.
2. I wish I could save all the furbabies and give them a furever home. I can't believe people don't feel the same way.
3. What kind of therapy do you do? My background is in counseling.
4. I only wash my hair 1-2x a week. My hair is so long ad thick. Ain't nobody got time for that!
5. I'm a huge huge procrastinator.
6. My time management skills aren't the greatest. They suck!
7. I love every time I am gon,e and I get to come home to my furbabies.
8. I'm from eastern Kentucky to and now live in Lexington


Married...with a Pup said...

Ahhhhhhhhh Botox?! No way! I'm so I intrigued!! And I'm the worst speller ever. Seriously I blame it on my grade school. And geography. I swear they didn't teach it. Haha.

Brooke Houston said...

We are a lot alike actually...pick my face, horrible nail painter, require lots of sleep, and a big coffee lover. Some differences, never gone commando(ever!) and I'm a shortie, standing at 5'2"! Oh and I wish I ate a bite of ice cream everyday!

Jess Casey said...

You had me at gym commando and face picker!

Jill said...

I love this post because of SO MANY THINGS.
1. Big feet. I wear a size 9. Problem is, you're a good 6 or 7 inches taller than me. Your shoe size is normal for your height. Mine? No.
2. Coffee. Upon waking? Yes please.
3. Sleepy. I turn into a pumpkin about 9:30.
4. Hair. Wash as little as I can get by with.
5. Face picking. I have to try really hard!!!
6. Money, thank goodness my hubby is the saver.
7. Wanna go get our nails done? ;) (No, seriously...)
8. I want botox between by eyebrows. I have a freaking ditch there from frowning/scowling/thinking too hard/trying to hide my feelings. You make me feel a little better, that maybe its okay to get it...ha!

Ashley Barnhill said...

I am SO cranky too when I'm tired! I sleep 8 hours every night... go to bed at 9 pm like an old lady, ha! Commando at the gym?! Hahaha!

john smith said...

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Meg {henninglove} said...

oh yah ice cream love that stuff!! what are your favorite flavors? i didn't know you two became vegetarians well still eating fish at times. that is really cool. and you two are an awesome couple for your love for animals!!

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