Tuesday, February 12, 2013

weekend shenanigans

I feel like KR and I started our weekend on thursday last week. That needs to be a new rule in our house. Even though we still had to work friday, we took thursday night off from the daily grind.
We headed out for some greasy-cheesy mexican food. Yum!

Oh by the way, I got bangs again on thursday.
Very long bangs, just in case I change my mind and want them to grow back next week into my inner carrie underwood bang swoop :-)

Chips, salsa, queso dip and margaritas for two please!
Oh mexican food, i do love thee.

Friday after work, we hit up target and walked away with a thinner wallet....how does that happen?!?!

We ran some more errands and bought some finishing touches for the office are area that we have been re-doing in the house.
Pic to come, don't you worry. We are still waiting on our beautiful chaise chair that was damaged when we went to pick it  up Saturday. Major Bummer!

Saturday mornings are my favorite!
Before the wedding I spent saturday morning sweating for my wedding dress.
The dreaded morning aerobics class.....
I am still all for sweating for the bikini these days, but there is just something about sleeping in on Saturdays that I love.
Needless to say, the aerobics class has not seen my face in a few months weeks.
I love waking up to no alarm clock, cooking breakfast, lounging around the house with Kev and the doggies and talking about our plans for the day.

I made french toast saturday morning. Was sooo good.
and that's pseudo-sausage down there - going vegetarian strong since august - i gotta post on that topic soon.

Saturday afternoon we watched the UK game after our furniture pick up plans got a snag thrown in them.
GO BIG BLUE (Cats are finally ranked again!!! wooty woot)

Saturday night we spent the evening out with friends in Lexington.
I could not tell you the last Kev and I went downtown and stayed out till 2am, but we did and had a blast.
We celebrated our good friend Gene's birthday and caught up with some familiar faces.

We met for dinner at The Vue on top of the Chase Bank building downtown.
I sipped quite a few glasses of vino......and chowed down on sushi, crab cakes and birthday cake.

After dinner, we made our way to one of my favorite lil Lexington night spots - Parlay Social.
They always have a live band every night and a full dance floor. It's not one of our regular spots, but is always a good time.

I ran into these beauties from the good ol' college days. Loved seeing them out and catching up on their lives. Sweeties!

and also ran into the fabulous miss brooke and tara
I just love these girls!!
aren't they dolls?

We came home to the doggies that night as usual. Bailey actually handled being in his crate well that evening. Our normal routine is to take him out of crate, out to potty and then back in the larger pen.
While i was eating some 2:30am mac-n-cheese (the best kind of course), bailey decided he would just jump over then pen and on to the pallet (the nickname for our current bed in the living room) and just sit beside of me. Can we please keep in mind that he has strict precautions of NO JUMPING!!! I almost had a heat attack. Thankfully, he seems a-okay. Shewwwww.

Sunday we spent quality time on the pallet watching movies and consuming carbs.
Have y'all seen Flight with Denzel?!? Sooo good!
We let bailey boy out of his pen for some loving and snuggling. Lord knows he needed it....and so did I.

We made it to church Sunday night. We are in a great series called Marriage-ish that has been so powerful for Kev and I as newlyweds.

I treasure my weekends and sure do hate it when Monday rolls around.
At least it is tuesday, and that means we are that much closer to friday :-)

Enjoy the rest of your week friends!


Ashley Barnhill said...

LOVE the bangs!! They look so good! Sounds like you had a fun, busy weekend!

Brooke said...

I love your sweet bangs and am so in love with the Thursday night off thing! Cute idea.

Brittany said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Lots of good food and drinks.

Loving the bangs

Jill said...

I get the daily devotional emails from S'land and have really been enjoying the "Married-ish" series lately. I need to get back in church.

Married...with a Pup said...

I lovvee your bangs. Your rock them so well. And I'm excited to hear about your vegetarian journey.

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