Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Office Upgrade

Kev and I have so many things we want to do with the house now that the wedding hype is officially over.
We are breaking it down by rooms in order to see progress and not get overwhelmed.
Furnishing and decorating a house is hard work y'all!
Don't even get me started on building....that is a labor of love. I was very involved with the building process of this house back in 2010. I give you peeps who build a house early on in their marriage props. Cause it's hard and stressful, but so exciting at the same time too.
Our first priority was Kev's office. He actually spends 40 plus hours a week in there since he does primarily work from home.
When we built our home we knew we were going to turn our "formal living room" into a nice office area for KR. I think formal living rooms are so overrated and pointless. Why spend all that money on nice furniture for it to collect dust in the front room of your house?!? I would rather make that a functional room.
That is just what we did.
We knew we wanted the office furniture to be big, dark and nice. It is one of the first things you see from the front entrance of our home. Thank goodness Kev is super neat and tidy and his office space is more organized than any room in the house....otherwise it wouldn't work.
Kev really wanted to have his office be more of a reading room, as the man LOVES to read and write. He has some big plans in the future that I can't wait to share with you all as they unfold. Very exciting stuff!

First order of business with the office was paint. We were so tired of the off white walls, or as my girl Kate put it....builder beige.
Now I think builder beige works, but I just don't like it in every single room of this hizzzouse.
So our first priority was to paint the office. We wanted to keep a neutral color and didn't want to much of a drastic change. We opted for a very light slate color with brown undertones to add just a bit of color and richness to the walls of the office. I believe the actual color was Timber Dust by Valspar.
Kev did all the painting himself. He's actually a darn good painter.
We then wanted to add a "reading chair," side table with lamp and also a curtain rod/valance. Kev loves the natural light from the front window and we didn't want to add curtains to cover that up.
We ordered an oversize chaise lounge chair that came in this weekend. Yay!
I then spent many a trips to hobby lobby, pier one and home goods to pick up little accent pieces to add here and there.
I just need to add a wedding photo or two in our empty frames and we are good to go
Here is our final product......

I love the rich feel of the office. I love even more that this area is such a used and functional space in our home.


Married...with a Pup said...

I completely agree it looks so lux! Love it. I think the chair definitely completes the room. Awesome job. I completely know how it feels to be overwhelmed with finishing each room. I feel like we don't have one room done in our whole house! There's always something to do as a home owner.

Pamela said...

Soo pretty!! Love Kev relaxing!

Ashley Barnhill said...

This looks incredible! Like it should be in a magazine!! This is exactly what I want our future office to look like. Y'all did a great job!

Brooke said...

Loving that rustic lounge chair!

Your newest follower,



Regus US said...

Your office revamp deserves a star because it has a tandem of class and comfort. The leather seat is the perfect spot to relax after a long day at work.

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