Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Run Down

Hey y'all!
So Kev and I have been sort of hibernating the past couple of weeks due to the recent surgery of our sweet fur baby, Bailey boy.
He is recovering just fine.
We have been spending  A LOT of time in the house with him. 
So this was our first weekend getting back into the swing of things and spending time away from our nest
Kev and I live to go out for drinks and dinner on the weekend. 

Friday night we had date night.
We started off at The Pub for some brewskis. I had the largest fried fish sammy of my life. I  bet that things was 3000 calories! It was HUGE. This gal had no remorse, it was friday for pete's sake.  
After dinner we caught a movie. We had been dying to see Zero Dark Thirty.

Boy did it not disappoint.
I tweeted how it was the most intense movie experience of my life. Even though I knew the ending, I swear it gave me heart palpitations. My blood pressure had to be sky high.  We both really enjoyed it. It was intense, dramatic and educational.  Go see it!

Saturday -  I went to this lil love muffins baby shower.
You may recognize Miss Amber from some of the instagram photos I have been sharing. She was one of my bridesmaids.

Baby Emma is due early March and I can't wait to spoil her rotten!
Baby Emma's shower was so adorable. Everything was pink, girly and just plain precious!

Girlfran racked up on gifts for baby girl.

 Saturday night Kev and I took it easy on the couch our adult pallet. Yes, we are still sleeping on a mattress in the living room so we can be with Bailey.

Sunday - we went to church. I broke my wedding boots out. Only the 2nd time I have worn them. I seriously love the lace stitching on them.
Bailey Boy got his pen upgraded and enlarged so he could have a lil more room.
He is starting to put full weight through his surgical leg....YAY!

Bottom right - that would be our sweet uggie who may be the laziest lil bullie I have ever met....and we love her for it.

Kev and I have today off...a three day weekend for us is just what the doctor ordered!


Brooke Houston said...

We saw Zero Dark Thirty this weekend too, and ah it was soooo good! I loved it as well. I love how they didn't make it about the presidency or anything. I thought it was very educational.

Jordon said...

I have been dying to see Zero Dark Thirty! Love the lacy boots & enjoy your day off!!

Pamela said...

Zero Dark Thirty was really good!! LOVE the baby blanket! So cute!

Helene said...

what a fun shower!! and I can't wait to see that movie!! looks so good!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ahh your fur baby i hope he heals up fast! I always hate seeing my dogs sick or feeling under the weather I can't imagine if something was ever seriously wrong with them, I would be a wreck. Your pregnant friend is so sweet her shower looks great

Jessica Nicole said...

I am so obsessed with those boots! And also sooo glad your little fur baby is starting to feel better!

Brittany said...

Just your description of the movie makes me want to see it!! I love those kind of movies.

The Sweetest Thing said...

Well you look absolutely adorable!!

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