Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 Rewind

Hey y'all!
Remember me?
Life got busy on me and boy have I missed blogging!!
You see there was this thing called....ahem ahem...a wedding that I sorta kinda got swept up in.
It was everything I dreamed it to be and more, but more on that in the next week or so when I have all my amazing photos in hand.
(if you want a tease...go check out my instagram account)  :-)

What better way to get back in the blog grind than to recap our year in 2012. It was a BIG year for us. It's one I will cherish forever!! 

Sooo...let's catch up. Shall we?

January 2012

We rang in 2012 with my bestie, Megan, and her hubby. We ate a nice dinner at one of fave Lexington restaurants - Sal's.  We over indulged and we came home and slipped into our sexy sweat pants. I may or may not have fell asleep before the ball dropped. 

We did a lot of staying in with the doggies in January. We like to call it hibernating. We enjoyed cooking meals, making fires and winding down from the holidays. 

We had a Superbowl party for two
Kev did most of the cooking. I was in heaven 

We bought a new kitchenette table for the breakfast area and had our first meal and prayer at that table.
It's something we strive to do on a regular basis  - meals at the table and prayer time aloud/together. 

February 2012

February 11th, 2012 - KR popped the question.
Of course I said yes!

We worked on our memory wall.
Don't judge me if I confessed that we still have empty frames...oopsie

We took a trip to Grandpa's to celebrate the engagement and kicked wedding planning into high gear 
I bought "the oracle" that trip and it sure came in handy. 

KR got his engagement present
Yay Ipad! 

I started my hunt for theeee Dress! 

In February I also gave up my apt and moved in with Kev. 
Living in sin never felt so good this time

My momma and I said yes to the dress in Cincinnati at Wendy's bridal.

and the bridesmaid dress too. 

Pinned Image

Miranda Lambert came to town and the day before I did a major boo boo. I decided I wanted my hair to be darker and it may have turned black/navy blue and was a near disaster. 
My hair dresser has magic in her fingers and was able to fix it. 

March 2012
We traveled to Viva Las Vegas with my parents to celebrate my brother's 21st birthday 

Our sweet bailey turned 6 years old. 

March Madness kicked into high speed and we traveled to Louisville to watch the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament to cheer on our Cats.
Go big blue!!!

My amazing gal pals through me an engagement brunch.
It was so special!

We continued to watch our Cats kick some booty in the NCAA tournament.
We used every game as an excuse to meet up with friends for drinks and food. 

We hosted a small UK get-together at our house for the NCAA championship basketball game

And watched our CATS win the #8 title!!

APRIL 2012
My gal pals came to town and we had an amazing weekend full of wine, Sex and the City re-runs and Chinese food. 

We celebrated Easter Sunday at our house with both of our families

It was the first time our families had all been together at once.
It was a very sentimental weekend 

That weekend I watched the man of my dreams get baptized.
It still makes my heart flutter when I think about that day.
I have never been so proud of him 

I caught up with two special ladies in my life. One who came to visit all the way from Mexico. We are so happy to have her back in the states. Watch out Austin, Texas. Kev and I are coming for ya!

We made it out to Keeneland to bet on the ponies for the Spring meet.

Eric Church and Brantley Gilbert came to Rupp Arena and of course we were there.

May 2012 

We had our engagement pics took by the fabulous Amy Campbell formerly of AAP
She is amazeballs!!
I got all dolled up by the fabulous Ana Crane. I can't recommend the both of them enough.

The results blew my mind

In May we also kicked off our 1st Toy Chest fund raising event.

We spent Memorial Weekend at Lake Cumberland having an amazing time with new and old friends

June 2012 
Summer continued with wedding festivities and bachelorette parties.
We celebrated the gorgeous Agray's last fling in Lexington.

We then traveled to Louisville to watch her tie the knot

There is always at least a week long celebration in June called my birthday.
Kev organized a dinner at my fave Lexington restaurant, Dudley's. We spent the rest of the night out with friends celebrating.

My family also came to town to celebrate.
We may have turned my birthday into a two week celebration this year. And that is OK by me.

July 2012 

We drove down and spent the weekend with Kev's parents to celebrate his nephew's wedding.

I took the opportunity to spend more time with my family while KR spent a weekend working. I try to never miss a trip to Grandpa's.

Sweet Uggie Sue turned 5 on July 3rd.

Kev and I went to the KY Horse Park for the bluegrass festival. We met our wedding band for the first time that night. We were instantly hooked on them.
What I thought was just a trip to get my oil changed for my SUV turned into KR buying a brand spanking new truck. Something he has wanted for a long time

August 2012

I started getting used to packages arriving at our house on the regular. I swear it was like Christmas from August on. Not gonna lie, I loved getting wedding presents delivered to our house.

We all made a trip to watch baby bro's girlfriend's soccer game.

In August, KR and I choose to go toward a more Vegiteratian lifestyle.
We have not had pork, beef or chicken since August.
It's something that we choose to do togegether and are still going strong.
More posts to come on the deetz.

September 2012 

Wedding festivities kicked into over drive.
I loved every second of it.
My bridesmaids threw my first shower in Lexington.

September is always fun because all the men in my life share their birthdays in the same week.
We usually make it a joint celebration.

I organized Kev a surprise birthday dinner at Rossi's.
He had no idea!

That morning I also surprised him with a trip to Woodford Reserve and lunch on their big back porch.
KR loves his bourbon.

We had an assembly line, aka wedding grand central station, to get those invitations mailed out.
We even got my Granny and Dad involved. Now that is some serious family love.

KR and I traveled to Eastern Tennessee to watch my hometown friends get married.

My mother also hosted a shower for us in my hometown.
It was so sweet, down to the last detail.

October 2012

October and November were by far the best months of 2012. So much excitement and festivities surrounding our wedding made for memories that I will hold tight to forever. I plan to post more on the details of showers, bachey parties, wedding day, etc. But here is a sneak peak for now.

Kev got his bachelor party on with his groomsmen.
They went on a good leg of the bourbon trail followed by many stops in the brewery district.
They also enjoyed dinner at Nick Ryan's saloon followed by a night on the town.

We watched another dear friend marry the love of his life here in Lexington.

These two gals came up to kick of my bachelorette weekend.
We had a fun day planned at Keeneland for the fall meet.
We may have tailgated in our car and never made it in to the track.
We just wont tell anybody that part.

The morning of my bachey party, these two ran in the Tough Mudder.
Kev came home with electrical burns on his face. Let's keep in mind this was 3 weeks before our wedding. More on that in a later post.

I had the picture perfect bachelorette party with the most amazing gals.
I got so lucky in the friendship department.

The showers continued in October, with one thrown by my sweet co-workers.

KR and I attended Union College's homecoming to celebrate him receiving the Rising Star Award.
You know I was so proud of him!

Momma and I made several trips to Cincy for the last few wedding dress fittings.

November 2012 - aka the wedding month

We put the final touches on our big day the first two weeks of the month. Before you knew it, the weeding weekend had arrived.

We had a casual rehearsal Nov 17th during the afternoon

Followed by our Rehearsal Dinner that evening.

We went with our country theme and had a nice home cooked meal at Ramsey's diner.
I am talking some serious soul food including fried chicken, corn bread, fried catfish, KY hot browns just to name a few.
No stuffy/up tight dinner for this couple.

Though the rehearsal dinner was super casual where jeans were encouraged, I still rocked my Vera Wang dress. We have grown to call the thing "swan lake" due to the over-the-top-ness.
Hey - I am the bride here!!

And there may have been karaoke afterwards involving a Coolio classic - Gangsta's Paradise.
Rehearsal Dinner will get it's own post.
It was to much fun not to share!

November 18th, 2012 - we got married!!!!!!

I wrote the last check the morning of the wedding - that thing was paid in full before I walked down the aisle. We didn't charge a single thing!

I promise to post many more photos of our wedding day....down to the last detail.
Here are a few compliments of the AHHHMazing Amy Campbell formerly of AAP

It was truly the country/rustic wedding I had always dreamed of. I wouldn't change a thing!

We then spent a week in paradise aka St. Lucia.

We were there over thanksgiving....the best thanksgiving yet :-)

December 2012

We jumped back into Toy Chest mode and participated in the wrap party for our big Christmas in Appalachia event. We wrapped over 600 presents that weekend.

The following weekend we traveled to Eastern Kentucky to bless over 100 kids with Christmas gifts via The Toy Chest's Christmas In Appalachia.
A very humbling experience!

We traveled to both of our parents' homes to celebrate Christmas
Our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs.

I got the best gift :-)

We rang in 2013 together with our sweet friends. We shared dinner downtown followed by drinks at some of our favorite Lexington spots.
We were surrounded by love and friendship and are reminded daily of how blessed we are.

We ran into the fabulous Allison on NYE. I seriously adore her!!!

Cheers to 2012!
It was one heck of a year!

 Looking forward to all the exciting things 2013 is going to hold for us.


Pamela said...

Aww love this!! I have missed you on here! Absolutely LOVE the picture of you two from your rehearsal dinner!! GORGEOUS wedding! Can't wait to hear/see more about it!

Brooke said...

Looks like you and Rex had a fabulous year. Miss you and hope to see you lots in 2013!

Allyson Butler said...

What a big year! I'm glad you're getting back into the swing of things, and I can't wait to keep reading!

Katie said...

You seriously look like you had the BEST year! What a beautiful year for you two. I am so excited to see what to is come for you both!

Life After the Aisle said...

you had such an incredible year!!! It is so easy to get swept up in the wedding thing - I know I was CRAZY busy during all of it. Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for you and your new husband!

Married...with a Pup said...

Hey there pretty lady! Your 2012 looked like a memorable year. So happy for you guys!

Brooke Houston said...

Ah I just found your blog through instagram, and am loving it! Your year recap was a perfect post to start on. I can't wait to read more about your wedding. Mine is just 3 short months away!! Congrats!

Brittany said...

Welcome back!! It was fun seeing your year in review. You had so many great times. Hopefully 2013 is just a great :)

Saeed Zia said...

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