Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wedding Shower in Lexington

Hey Y'all!

I am still playing catch up with all the things my lil bloggy has missed out on.
During my lil blog hiatus so much has happened that I want to share.
Catching up on posts has allowed me to reflect on wedding planning and all the festivities surrounding it. All those little things that I might not have been able to take the time to appreciate in that particular moment.
I tried so hard to be present through the whole process, but some of it was just a whirlwind. 
Hey ...sissy here was busy being a lil bride to be and had a lot on her mind :-)  
One thing is for sure, I absolutely loved planning my wedding. It was such a positive and memorable experience for me.
I still kinda have withdrawals.

September 9th, 2012

One of my favorite events leading up to the wedding was the wedding shower my bridal party threw in LexVegas. 
My besties/MOHs lead the charge in throwing me the most adorable, country-girl shower. 

Down to the last detail, the day was filled with thought and love. 

It was a small-intimate shower of my closest gal pals that was held at Miss Megan's house. Her mother and her worked their lil tales off to make it such a special occasion. Megan's mom, Donna, was a godsend through all things wedding. I don't think my mom and I could have done it without her.
And Megan - I probably owe her my first born child. She was my rock and sanity during those bridezilla meltdowns every step of the way. 

Momma and Granny B made the trip to Lex.
My lil 88 year old Granny does not miss an opportunity to come to the "big city"

I know, they are pretty darn cute! 

The spread: complements of Meg and her momma 

It's so hard to believe this cutie-patootie will be 89 next month.
I am so blessed that she was able to be so involved with the wedding and all things leading up to it. 

Baskets, quilts, mason jars and wine glasses. 
What more could you need :-) ???

Invitation and balloon hanging on Meg's door. 

We sipped sangria, water and of course sweet tea 

They used quilts as table lines. It was the perfect country/rustic touch! 

Homemade red velvet and carrot cake by Meg's momma. I am pretty sure that day did not agree with the wedding dress diet. And that was fine by me. 

Miss Sara made the trip to Lex for all the fun.

Meg's hubby, Justin, handmade this adorable sign for the shower.
I told her that he was a keeper. 

We mixed, mingled, sipped and nibbled

There were soooo many thoughtful presents. I was overwhelmed by the sincere gifts Kev and I received that day. It was so humbling.

And of course a gal can never have too much Kate Spade ;-)

Caitlin was sweet enough to make my rehearsal bouquet with all the ribbons and bows. I actually kept up with the thing and I am proud to say it did make it to our rehearsal. 

Katie!!! I know you are reading this...and why in the h*ll do we not have a pic together from this date.
I seriously have such a big girl crush on this pretty girl. 
She brought her A-game to the bachelorette party....don't you worry, that post is yet to come. 

Sweet Lucy and Caitlin 

Katrina (MOH) and her sister April drove from our hometown to celebrate with me.

My momma sure is purrrrrrddddy.

It was a great Sunday afternoon.
I realized how lucky I am to be surrounded by such an amazing group of women. Each from a different walk of my life. It was such a warm feeling to have them all together to celebrate me marrying Kev. I was overwhelmed with the joy each of them have for me. 

My bridesmaids out did themselves. I could not have asked for a better group of gals to stand beside me on my wedding day.  

(all the gals minus Shauna and Cati)

Happy Hump Day!

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Pamela said...

Awww! What a perfect wedding shower!! Love it! Love the details! He did s great job on the banner!

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