Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Bachelorette Party

I hope you all are enjoying me recapping wedding highlights as much as I am.
Next on the list: the Bachelorette Party!

October 19th, 2012

I of course managed to turn the thing into an all weekend event
My girlfriends, Sara and Anne, came up to get the party started with a girls only trip to Keeneland to watch those ponies run.

However, the weather man did not cooperate with out plans. It rained alllll day.
That didn't stop us! We still had our own version of Keenland tailgating. It just may or may not have been in my SUV.
Hey a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do.
We ate panera sammies and sipped skinnygirl while the rain came pouring down.
We kept saying "we are gonna go into the track in 30 minutes"
Well....thirty mins turned into 2 hours. At the point we thought that happy hour might be calling our names.

We made it to Harry's, one of my favorite Lexington restaurant/bar for sushi and wine.
Miss Katie met us after work to join in on the fun.

Kev was a trooper and drove to the other side of town to pick us up and bring us home
He even picked us up pizzas for late night snacks.
We spent the rest of the night in our sweats on the couch watching old movies.
Great way to kick off the weekend!

The Big Bachelorette night
October 20th,2012

My MOHs, Katrin and Megan planned the perfect girls night out.
Kev and baby brother were out of town together to run the Tough Mudder.
That lil fact comes back up later.....
We started the night off with some cocktails at our house before headed downtown

I felt if very appropriate to wear my cowboy boots on my last fling before the ring.

I love these two to pieces. I was so glad Agray made the drive from Indy to celebrate. And of course, my bachelorette party could have not been completed without my girl, Katie.

Katrina and Meg had it all planned out for the gals to wear black and me be the only gal in white.

My Lexington Sex and The City group.
Don't know what I would do without them

Katrina brought all the bachey accessories to draw even more attention to our night out.
If I said i hated it.....I would so by lying through my teeth.
shhhh we won't tell

My Bridesmaid, Amber, didn't miss a beat that night.
Even if she does have a lil bun in the oven!
We are starting baby Emma out early :-)

It was a must to get an old school sorority pose at this occasion.
Go Chi-O!

This pic could be worth a thousand words.
The "kissey face" was mine and Angie's signature photo in college.
I don't necessarily think that is something to be proud of. oops!
We had to get one in....for old time's sake and all.

Majority of the girls minus a few that met us downtown.
I am so blessed in the friendship department...truly I am.

Megan and Katrina made us reservations for a private room at the Vue that is located on the top of the Chase Bank building in Lexington. It has such a pretty view of downtown at night.
We chowed down on Sushi, crab cakes and baked mac and cheese to name a few.....
and probably gave our poor waiter a headache taking care of 15 gals.
Once upon a time...i lived with these three gals (plus TWO More).
That's right 6 girls in one house.
Oh the memories....

My bridesmaids, minus Cati, who was stuck in Texas and couldn't make the trip.
We had a moment or two, or three for her.

After dinner and drinks at the Vue, the girls had booked a limo to take us around Lexington to shake our tail feathers.

Poppin bottles in the limo....

We made several pit stops at our favorite downtown lexington hot-spots.
I think some of the photos will simply stay forever on my memory card, but just to give you a lil glimpse into our ya go.
Don't worry, we kept in classy....for the most part!

My favorite part was riding around in the limo...sippinc chamgpange and singing fun songs like "Call Me Maybe" and "Can I get a What What" by Jay Z.  Not gonna lie....It was so darn fun acting like 17 year olds. Just all of us, together, crammed in the back of the girl time!
I will never forget Miss Katie showing her true hip-hop skills that night.
Girlfran can RAP!

I woke up the next morning and called my Momma.
She asked me how the night went. I told her that it was one of the most fun nights I had ever had with my girlfriends. When I would think about my bachelorette party leading up to that was everything I thought it would be and more.
How many times do you get to wear sashes, veils, and glow in the dark/flashing diamond rings and be surrounded by the friends you love most?
It was the bachelorette party I had always wanted.

Thank you ladies for making my last night out as a single lady one for the memory books.
You all rocked my socks off!!

One more thing....That night Kev came home from his tough mudder run with my brother with ELECTRICAL BURNS to his face. Can we please keep in mind that we were just a couple weeks away from our wedding.
Probably not their smartest idea to engage in such a grueling obstacle course and race.
After I realized he was ok, I wanted to give him a lil kick in the booty.
Here's the proof. (check out the corner of his mouth)

oh yes...that did happen!


Kate said...

Even though this feels like forever ago, I'm so glad that you recapped it on the blog for all of us... You look insanely happy surrounded by all your girls. So glad you had a night like that and giiiiirl, don't let that be your last big girls night out! Keep em comin', just with less bling, haha!!! Poor Kev... I would have killed Bryan!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i am so glad to see you posting about your wedding all the fun leading up to the big day!! you look gorgeous, love the dress you wore and of course the boots. all of your girlfriends are beautiful!

Tess @ AModernSuburbanitesLife said...

so cute! bach parties are the best!

Pamela said...

Gorrrgeous!! Looks like yall had fun!

Earnestine Novick said...

What a way to spend your "last fling before the ring" night! Bachelorette parties are really the best time to get a bit wild without people raising their eyebrows at you. It’s even more fun to get crazy inside the limo `cause no one’s looking at you. Anyway, a belated congratulations to your wedding!

Earnestine Novick

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