Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dinning Room Upgrade

So the dinning room has needed a little spicin' up

I have hated the shelving
hated the curtains
needed a runner

So i finally got my booty in gear in the home decor department and we went from this......

to this!

What we did:

added these chairs from pier 1 that i have been obsessed with since spring
and dang it they are now on sale! arrrgh

added this bar accent piece to display what else but Kev's Kentucky bourbon and our nice glassware/bar ware we received via wedding gifts. Obsessed with our ralph lauren and lenox glasses.
Oh you fancy huh?!? Not really ha..

added this vase that Kev picked out all on his own at pier1
this runner via pottery barn

and with the help of miss Jill - i DIYed these prints with some frames from pier1 and burlap and chevron prints from a local fabric store.
(no joke - jill talked me through three stores that day via text. she's got all kinds of DIY up her sleeves)
It tied the blue accents in perfectly.
(that's my cute momma on the right!)
Still waiting on the right curtains to tickle my fancy. I have an off white linen/cotton blend up currently, but not completely satisfied.

I love the nice, crisp and clean lines in the room.
It's exactly what we had envisioned.
and I be loving my cute Kate Spade dishes and serving ware overflowing the hutch that we just got out of the closet 8 months post wedding.
I have no excuse.

 Officeand Dinning room ....check!

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Pamela said...

eeeek! Love it!! Love your new blog layout too :)

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