Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Operation Yard Work

While Kev was in ATL for a work, my sweet momma came to spend a few days with me. With everything that has been going on with both of my grandmothers, you can say we needed it in a really big way.

First things first - we sent momma to the spa Monday morning for six hours of pampering. Kev had purchased her the princes package at a local spa that included a massage, facial, pedi, mani, hair cut, blow out and style, lunch and makeup application. She never does things like this for herself. She was like a kid in the candy shop and I am so glad we were able to provide that experience for her.

We then worked our tails off in my yard. When I say work, I mean work.
Yard work is hard y'all! Especially in the July humidity in Kentucky.
All of this needed to be done back in the spring, but with all the crazzzzziness with the grannies it had been postponed.

Holy Flowers!

I was really proud of my hedger that I have been needing for far too long.
Baby bro gave me a lesson in hedging and I have conquered my boxwood hedges .... piece of cake.

We worked for two days - non stop. I had even taken a day off from work to get it all done.
One day we were in Lowe's by 730 and were outside till dark,(at least 10pm) with only a 45 min break for lunch the entire day.
It was worth every second and I loved being able to spend time with my momma who has quite the green thumb. I was so happy to learn from her.

20 hostas
2 rose bush transplants
2 hydrangea bushes
8 ornamental grasses
10 plus potted plants (zinnias, petunias, vincas)
3 hanging flower boxes for the fence and
1 herb box   later.................

we did it!

Thanks to my sweet momma, I have found a new love for digging in the dirt.


Eesh said...

So beautiful! Gardening can be quite therapeutic as well. Too bad I don't have a green thumb in my body...at least not yet!

It was so sweet of you guys to have your mom pampered like that. They're so busy taking care of everyone else, they forget to take care of themselves. And don't you just love momma and babygirl time? I always look forward to it!


Jordon said...

Ahh everything looks soo good! Doing that for your mom is the sweetest ever!

Brittany said...

I love your new design!!

Jill said...

I was really thinking you'd show us your sunburn picture. Bad girl!!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

what a fun activity for your mom and you to do together! nothing like making your yard look more beautiful. i love the flowers you picked.

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