Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Invitation Preview

Our wedding invitations came in the mail yesterday and I was ECSTATIC!
This was round 2 of ordering my invitations. The first round resulted in me needing 3 d glasses to read the invites. Not really, but they were so blurry that it is how is appeared.
To say I had a bridezilla moment would be an understatement. I let the customer service lady have it. Not that it was her fault, but all they wanted to give me was store credit and I demanded a refund. And that is just what this gal got. They asked me to mail the effed up invites backt o them to "help them correct future issues." I told them they could walk their hineeeys to 1234 Sunshine Ave in Lexington, KY and the darn things would be on my doorstep.
True Story.
And no that is not my real address.

I got my refund and re-ordered my invites and they were so worth the wait.

The Fed Ex man made me so happy this afternoon.

I feel like they match our lil barn/country wedding to a tee.
In person they look just like they are on burlap.
Me loves.

Less than 4 months.
Who's excited? This gal is.
Can't wait to marry this man

Pause for the old school photo circa summer 2009.

Yep, KR rocked a mowhawk when i first met him.
I always thought it was so sexy.
Mowhawk, tattoos and harley....with a heart the size of the moon.
What wasn't to love about him?

Happy hump day friends

1 comment:

The Pink Growl said...

Such a cute old school pic of you guys!!

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