Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: my etsy obsession did anyone plan a wedding before etsy?
Etsy has been my one stop shopping for so many of the little details.
Lately the mail man has brought me a lil package almost every day and it makes me smile ear to ear.
Here are some of my favorite things I have ordered to add to our special day this fall.
There are sooo many other things I want to share, but they are surprises so you all will just have to wait and see :-)

My dress hanger

These lil chalkboard that the doggies wore for our engagement photos.
I plan to use them for the guest book and have "please" and "sign" written on them.
They are too stinkin cute not to use.

Straws for the mason neutral colors of course.
There are flags to go with them that have yet to be assembled.

A lil burlap action that will hang in the entry way of the barn

Signs for the back of mine and Kev's chairs at the reception

Signs on sticks for wedding props.

4 more months...i may or may not have had a lil anxiety/excitement attack today...woopsie. It's all cause I am so dang excited!!! 


Anonymous said...

I seriously cannot wait to see how your big day turns out! These decorations and ideas are gorgeous Whit!!

Cat Simmonds said...

Love it all!

Steph said...

All your details are SO cute! I am now less than 2 months out and still don't have my little details done! I am so excited for you too!

wedding planning education said...

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Kate said...

Adorable!! You're wedding is going to be gorgeous - can't wait to see the pictures!

Erin said...

I tell you what, I always get mad that Pinterest wasn't around yet and Etsy was still kinda' new to me while I planned my wedding, lol! Coulda' been so much cuter ;)

Loving all your details so far!!! Your wedding is going to be picture perfect!

Pamela said...

Oh my goodness, LOVE it all!! So exciting!!

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