Thursday, July 19, 2012

Better Late the Never

I have been so crazy busy this summer with weddings, my own wedding planning and work that my lil bloggy has took a back seat. I have so many fun things to share from mine and kev's summer, but they haven't made it on the world wide web yet.

One of my favorite memories of the summer was our trip to Lake Cumberland for Memorial Weekend. It was the perfect 4 day weekend/getaway.
Kevin Rex's buddies Gene and Cliff do an annual trip to the lake ever memorial weekend and we were so tickeled to be invited to tag along.

We set sail on our vessel out of Conely Bottom dock.

KR and our close friend Ron. Ron is always guaranteed entertainment and fun.

Half of the group ready to set sail waiting on our safety lesson.

Our Captain Geno

I seriously LOVE the lake more than I probably love the ocean. I grew up on a lake and always vacationed there with friends during high school and college summers.
There is just something about floating on the water, laying out on a boat, a cool drink, sunglasses and country music that makes my heart smile.

Me, Tara and LJ. I had never met lil LJ till this trip and she was such a doll! I am so upset she is moving out of KY to the big apple (NYC) with her beau.

Love my Ronnie

Geno in his place of peace...away from all us yappie girls.

We drove to our lil cove and tied up (quite the fiasco)  for the weekend.
Geno gave us orders

While Ronnie decided to play bartender

and i broke out the skinnygirl

 and immediately got those bikinis on and jumped into the water with beverages and floats.

Later that night miss Brooke and Monica finally made it to the boat.
Not all of us had friday off :-)
I so enjoyed getting to know both of them better. They are absolute sweethearts!

The gals.
I had only met 3 of the gals once or twice before the trip. Sometimes it is intimidating to go on a weekend trip with a bunch of gals who have a long history together. These gals have been bffs since college and some even before that. I must say they were all the sweetest, nicest and most welcoming group of gals I have ever met. I had such a good time with them and felt like I made real friendships that trip and now see them out in Lexington on occasion. They were so much fun! The lake crew has rendezvoused a time or two in lex since the lake trip. Makes me happy.

Dwayne and Kaitlyn were our official boat drives most of the weekend.
We cruised, tubed and maybe even had a lil dance party to Call Me Maybe

ahh....perfect type of summer weekend

And sometimes we needed naps...right ronnie?

Group Shot of the entire gang after a rousing game of cranium where we learned that some people are really competitive or sore losers....haha. some of us laughed so hard we almost peed our pants ...others just wanted to strangle each other. we also witnessed some mad humming skills by ron, crazy break dancing and puppet moves by LJ and Cliff.... It was priceless

Things we discovered on our trip:

We ate like pigs the entire weekend.
Learned Kaitlyn had impeccable whistling skills
Realized Geno still asks permission from his mother and is a nut about his vitamins
Watched Ron demonstrate has amazing yoga skills on the tube
Got a lesson in jean/gene jamming
chess pie, taco dip, vanilla oreos, and my mom's pickle relish were the bomb dot com
sang some Randy Travis
may or may not have to take out toilet paper out in plastic bags to a dumpster on the back of the boat after every bathroom trip (yeah we got up close and persona)
and the list could go on and on.

Outside of all the hilarious inside jokes we now have from the trip, we also had such a fun time with new and old friends.
I think I could live on a houseboat...well maybe just in the summer months.
Can't wait for next year!!!


Erin said...

Okay where was my invite girl!?!? ;) Nothing I love better than being out on the lake!! I've never been to Lake Cumberland but we're actually talking about going for Labor Day weekend!!

Ashley said...

this looks like such a fun Memorial Day weekend! My home town is all about boating so this post makes me miss it - love being on the water!

Meg {henninglove} said...

looks like a great trip! i want a friend who has a boat and we can all hang out in our bikinis, lounge around have a great time. hows the wedding planning missy??

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